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What an extraordinary week for Everton and their fans!

Last Sunday was that amazing day out in HA9. Don't think that works or ever will as well as SW19.....ok 'our day out at Wembley'. For those concerned with my indecisiveness whilst in charge of a motor vehicle.... I have driven the equivalent of twice around the earth without points or causing collisions but you will be happy in the knowledge that I was working locally and therefore took the train!

An amazing day, right up there with my wedding in terms of emotions! My first beer was opened around 9.30am, though I had decided from the outset that I wasn't going to miss this game by being pissed. Plenty of banter on the train, though I have to say there was only a handful of gobby Mancs on it. We arrived at Euston around midday and headed for 'The Rocket' full of blues with a huge flag on a fishing rod outside....the sun was shining, happy days. There seemed to be a never ending wail of sirens, am not sure if this was due to it being the Capital or the fact that there was thousands of pissed supporters everywhere.

We headed out towards Wembley on the tube chatting to everyone in blue who seemed to be making the most of it and certainly the happier and more lively of the supporters. On exiting the station I saw what has now been described by so many people and will remain the saying of the day 'the sea of blue and white'. We seemed to outnumber the Mancs threefold not just in noise but colour wise, it was a great walk up Wembley way, barring the strategically positioned coppers who stood like bollards waiting for someone to either barge into them or leap-frog them!

Eventually we made it to the stadium....block K. I noticed a grown man crying outside, he'd had his ticket snatched right out of his hand. How low, how can fellow blues live with themselves after doing that? Once inside we headed for the escalator only to be told it was broken........being in the gods we then had a million steps to climb, it was worth it.

I'd heard there was no bad views in Wembley, I believe it to be true. What an incredible stadium, quite breathtaking or was that all those steps? Hated the fact that all the seats were red but you really couldn't notice that in the Everton end.....that 'sea of blue and white'. The noise throughout and after the game was deafening, especially when z cars came on at the end!

You know the rest. Suffice to say when we lost the toss on the penalties and then Tiny missed I really thought that was it......oh I was hugging and kissing everyone and anyone, crying, laughing, screaming, singing....euphoric!

The steps back down were nothing after a few renditions of 'tell me Ma to put the champagne on ice'
Headed back to Euston via the off licence, cans stuffed into pockets. We sat outside the station to watch the proceedings and try to drink everything we'd bought after learning that the trains were dry! Hopefully the man outside Euston with his sons who opened a bottle of bubbly only for the cork to hit him in the eye, is ok. He covered his eye with a patch and I hope it wasn't too serious.

I slept most of the way back on the train, a long day and a heavy Saturday night saw to that. I got home around 12.30am and after a quick call headed into Liverpool to continue the celebrations....well it was a win at Wembley.

The boys once again did us proud against Chelski on the Wednesday. 120 minutes on the Sunday giving it their all must have taken its toll but they did good and we gained another point.

Saturday began as a beautiful day but soon clouded over. For our small tired squad it was one game too many. I have no idea why we waited until we were two goals down before making the substitutions or why Osman remained on the pitch but hey ho that's why I work in IT and not football management! Then the cruellest blow was to befall both Jags and the fans. You knew it was serious, instantly, he doesn't go down. The guy who scored the winning penalty less than a week beforehand is now denied a place in the final. Not only have we gone through most of the season without our top striker, one of the best midfielders in the premiership, we now have the misfortune of ending the season without arguably one of the best defenders in the premiership but still will finish in the top six.....fantastic achievement!

Now today we hear that due to our allocation of just over a quarter of the Wembley seats from the FA, not all season ticket holders are guaranteed tickets. Seemed pretty clear to me on the official site what was happening. Season ticket holders and Half STH's with 3 credits and more will get a ticket, they even listed the applicable games that related to the credits, which didn't include the semi. The ticket office was then bombarded with phone calls and supporters were being told that the credits did include the semi.....ooops! Basically, I believe that if we had an allocation of 40000 tickets we'd satisfy most, so it ain't all Everton's fault....but they just never manage to get things right.

I'm alright Jack, I have enough credits however, imagine If had paid £500 last April and only managed 2 FA cup games and Wembley....I'd have to wait for the ballot BUT someone who pays £200 for a half season ticket in December then goes to 3 home cup ties is guaranteed a final ticket.....I'd be seriously pissed off!!

Anyway I'm off to book my accommodation in London for the final.....now should I take the train or drive? Blue Liver Bird x

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