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Azzurri Gio

Everton Fan Gio Gives His Views On Everything Everton With Common Sense And Swearing

If you're taking the time to read this article then, like me, Everton Football Club is close to your heart. To most of us it comes third in our life priorities behind our families and...Read More
Johnny Be Good (06-Feb-2013)
Season 2011/2012 was a big one for Johnny Heitinga. Having already made a positive impression with his attitude and commitment he also established himself as a vital part of the squad...Read More
Flawed Fellaini (17-Dec-2012)
It's Sunday afternoon and I've just sat through Match Of The Day, Sunday Supplement, and Goals On Sunday, where the biggest talking point has been the behaviour of Marouane Fellaini. I...Read More
For a long time now David Moyes has been saying that his time at Everton will only be deemed a success if he wins us a trophy. For a day and a half before the Leeds game I watched the Steve Ro...Read More
When it comes to brand names they don't come much ...Read More
The Friendly Derby (10-Apr-2012)
I used to love going to derby matches, now you couldn't get me there if you paid me and gave me a free ticket. I've been through the fantastic highs of the King and Sharp winning goals to the...Read More
The Power Of One (08-Mar-2012)
They say you should never meet your heroes but at a recent charity event I had the chance to meet my biggest footballing hero of all time, and didn't. Instead I sat for most of the evening no...Read More
The Domino Effect (10-Feb-2012)
The Domino Effect Two major football stories breaking on the same day is a rarity, but to have two stories that dominate both the front and back pages ...Read More
Such A Perfect Day (02-Feb-2012)
Such A Perfect Day Tuesday 31st January 2012 probably won't go down as any sort of momentous moment in the Everton history books but for me it was just one of ...Read More
Moyesys Gamble (15-Jan-2012)
Whenever we get linked with a player that I don't know much about I try and check him out. First stop is usually a quick peek at Wikipedia, followed by a look at Youtube, then, more i...Read More
The 31 days of madness are about to descend upon us when the only thing Evertonians usually have to look forward to are the final few hours of it as Jim White's head threatens to explode live on Sky Sports News. ...Read More
Right To Reply (15-Dec-2011)
Right To Reply Recent incidents have put me in the horrible position of agreeing with the likes of Neil Warnock and, even worse, Kenny Dogleash. ...Read More
Cheer Up Moysie (01-Dec-2011)
Cheer Up Moysie By Azzurri Gio  When talking about our manager, usually as a future United or Spurs boss, a lot of journalists ...Read More
Fickle Fans (08-Nov-2011)
A Warm Welcome To Blue Kipper's New Columnist "Azzurri Gio" "Football fans are fickle" is a phrase that is overused almost as m...Read More