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Won't Get Fooled Again
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If you're taking the time to read this article then, like me, Everton Football Club is close to your heart. To most of us it comes third in our life priorities behind our families and friends, although I'm sure there are plenty of you who put the club before even them.

As Evertonians we think of ourselves as special. We care for and even love the club, defending it against all detractors, and finding it difficult to understand why anyone would not want to be part of Everton, or would ever consider leaving this great club. No matter what statistics or facts other people produce we know that we are the biggest and best club in the world. It's what we believe, it doesn't matter what other people say.


You hear from many ex players that once Everton has touched you it never leaves you. Obviously players and managers come and go, and then many come back again, but they are not what makes Everton Football Club. We are.


That's why the last month in particular has been so hard for me to take.


We fool ourselves into thinking that our love for the club counts for something, is appreciated, and will be reciprocated by the hierarchy in some tangible form. The closest we got this year was when the club put on an open training session for the fans to watch. A nice idea, even though some other clubs have been doing it for a while, and an enjoyable event, especially for the younger fans who may not always get the chance to see the inside of Goodison, never mind close up views of their heroes.


Then, and I'm sure this is where some of you will stop reading, a lot of the good is undone by people who should know better when they introduce a new club logo to replace the crest so beloved by the vast majority of our fans. Some of you think that complaining about this is petty, pathetic, and there are more important things to worry about, (no doubt the same people who had a go at me when I dared to express my dislike of the awful white cuffs on last year's Nike home kit). Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion, but so am I.


I'm old enough not just to remember a time when all that was on our shirt were the letters EFC, but even earlier than that when no badge or lettering at all appeared on our proud Royal Blue jerseys with white trimmed round neck collars. This means I've witnessed the changes and the so called evolution of the club crest, and never found reason to complain. The club eventually came up with a crest to be proud of, a coat of arms if you like, and it looks down on you from the side of the stand as you approach your spiritual home, Goodison. Nobody complained about it, everybody seemed happy with it, and countless arms, legs, and other body parts have been, and are continuing to be, tattooed with this iconic crest.


Along come Nike, Kitbag, a Fans' Forum (whoever they are) and, most disappointingly, Mr.Elstone, who decide it's their job to "evolve" this crest.

Why ?


Nike and Kitbag I can understand. They have no love for the club or its traditions, and no loyalty to the fans. They are in it strictly for themselves, to see how much money they can make from us, (however much that is I guarantee it would have been more if you had left the crest alone). Despite his relatively short time with us I genuinely thought that Mr.Elstone had immersed himself in the Evertonian culture. He had been saying all the right things and seemed to be on the side of the fans. As for the Fans' Forum and the club insiders who thought the change was a good idea, I think it would be nice to hear who they are and what exactly it was that they liked about the new design.


As you've probably guessed I don't like the new "brand", or "logo", or whatever other American word you want to use to describe it. Suddenly we've become a club that needs yellow trim adding to our royal blue and white kit, and, as Latin is a dead language anyway, we might as well get rid of that motto as well seeing as none of the Americans know what it means. Also, as someone who lived the first 10 years of his life just a goal kick away from the real life tower it's possible my memory has totally faded, but I don't remember it looking like the childish drawing we are now being offered.


The thing that disappoints me most about this new design is the way the club tried to launch it almost under the radar. We're in the process of looking for a manager, with new rumours starting every day, and on the day of the biggest club match in Europe when the eyes of the footballing world are on Wembley, we announce this design as if it's just been thought of, instead of when it was decided upon months ago, enabling the start of merchandise production in time for next season.


Then, after a massive protest petition was presented to the club they came out with the most pathetic, half hearted, sycophantic apology I've ever heard. I swear I could smell the bullshit through my computer screen. Phrases were used like "not enough consultation", "too late to change it for this season", "it's only for one year", and I think there might have been the odd sorry in there but I'm not sure. Don't believe a word of it.


I'm not sure who is ultimately responsible for this, but after that petition the club showed they had no sense of what the majority of fans wanted and must have been shitting themselves that they were going to be left with millions of pounds worth of stock that nobody wanted. For not thinking of us, the heart of the club, that's probably what should happen, but it won't.


I've read many suggestions, from boycotting all items bearing the logo, to people saying they will buy a shirt as it will become a collector's item because it's only for one season. Others insist we should buy merchandise from the club, no matter how crap it is, just to prove we are real Evertonians and it will only harm the club if we don't. Many different opinions, each with differing levels of merit. However the club, (along with Nike and Kitbag), don't need to worry because by the time the season starts the club shops will once again be running out of stock as kids talk their parents into buying them the new kit, wives buy them for their husbands, (as long as they are not bigger than XXL), but boyfriends probably won't be buying them for their girlfriends, (as there supposedly isn't enough demand for female shirts to be produced).


The club will go on making money from it's new merchandise as people believe that next year will be better, they're genuinely sorry, we'll all have an input into next year's "logo", and basically every other platitude they can throw at us.


I hope next year you can all look back at this article and call me a cynical old bastard, (if you're not typing that back to me already), because Nike, Kitbag, the Fans' Forum, and particularly Mr.Elstone have delivered on all the promises they have made, but I doubt it.


To Mr.Elstone et al, we are the fans, we love this club, we ARE this club, you are just the custodians. Show us some respect and never, ever underestimate Evertonians.


Comments about Won't Get Fooled Again
Didn't realise I was on toffeeweb.......
typo, wrong site, 6:48 PM 7/06/2013
Tony @no. 25: You've obviously not met my Judy. I'll take the "taking the dog for a walk 'round the Albert Dock, whilst hugging every tree that the dog doesn't piss on" option instead!
Chizzy, Chatteris, 12:53 PM 7/06/2013
Oh for fuck's sake are some people still going on about this? It's Summer, lighten up, get out in the sun, smile, tell a joke, hug a tree, take the dog for a walk, visit Albert Dock, even kiss the missus. Do anything, just STOP FUCKING MOANING.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 11:56 AM 7/06/2013
I'm gutted the new clip art thing is utter wank, I'm in the army and take my shirts everywhere with me. no new merch next season which is a shame as i love showing my colours where ever i go. all well said by Gio. and if that makes me a cynical bastard too (cant be an old one I'm only 25) then so be it. your a fool who doesn't care about this clubs great history if you are buying anything worth that bag of bollocks on it.
Gilly1878, Everywhere, 10:45 PM 6/06/2013
I can only assume the guy who wrote this pile of sour crap had just drunk a bad pint or saw his holiday company go bankrupt. They got the badge badly wrong. They said sorry. In a years time we'll have a new one. Sounds to me like you need to lie down in a darkened room.
Spectator, Crosby, 2:41 PM 6/06/2013
No.19 -hahaha! get in la!
Lettuce, Getonwithit, 1:24 PM 6/06/2013
Everton FC make pennies on any merchandise sold due to our deal with Kitbag where they pay a flat fee and take the vast majority of profits.... Doesn't matter if you boycott club merchandise - doesnt effect EFC
Colm Sharkey, Belfast, 12:15 PM 6/06/2013
Do all you moaners agree with each other that every new kit - year on year - has been better than the previous one. Definitely not because frankly some new designs have been mediocre at best - and I didn't hear all the whinging then. You just got out, spent your dosh and got behind the club. Modernising is modernising and that is what this badge attempts to do. Every one does it....Seen the new radiator grill on Fords? Remember the old BP shield? Pepsi?...Just get on with it and get behind our great club.
KimV, Twells Kent, 11:06 AM 6/06/2013
You'd argue the colour of shite some of you. I'm going to buy everything with the new badge on. Shove that up your minging arseholes.
Evertonian, Goodison Road, 11:13 PM 5/06/2013
Completely agree I will not buy anything with this piece of garbage badge on it who ever had any part in this hang yourheads in shame. The apology was nothing short of pathetic and if we must put up with this for a year then next year the old badge should be reinstated not changed again. Mr Elstone et al we did not want this changed in the first place put it back the way it was.
chris, jersey, 10:51 PM 5/06/2013
This is the best article I've read on Blue Kipper. Well said Geo, now come on those responsible give us our crest back. In a short time it has become part of our heritage.
paddy, l11 0de, 6:42 PM 5/06/2013
Good article mate. I've just been on holiday for a week and thought the new badge might grow on me. Well, it fckin hasn't! I am gutted and embarrassed by it. Each time I look at the club website it looks like someone stuck it on the webpage as a piss take. AAAGGGGHHH!!!!
dogger, stanley park, 4:35 PM 5/06/2013
Dead right. I just cant trust our board anymore over anything they do or say .
kenny, liverpool , 4:27 PM 5/06/2013
It's not that bad. I, like many on here was immediately pissed off but had it jump out of a page at me when I was not looking for it and I thought "...hey - maybe that's not so bad...". It's actually quite a strong image in its simplicity and I reckon most people will embrace it before it is "scheduled" to be changed. Expect little or no modification at the end of the season guys... I do however, sincerely hope that NSNO is incorporated into the kit - on the collar (front lapels or rear), or whatever - how about under the number on the back of the shirt? (FA rules permitting!) If not I will be disappointed. Also - It's not just about selling more kit because everyone that buys a new kit year on year will buy it anyway - with or without a new image. I fully understand the commercial motives for every club to bring out a new kit but if we're going to be cynical what the f**k is wrong with keeping a good home and/or away kit for more than one or a couple of seasons. If you've got a couple of kids the year on year cost is pretty high once they are all kitted out (no matter who they support). Anyway, GIO, - I'm not calling you a COB 'cos everyone is entitled to they're opinion, but see what happens. Myself? -I'm not beating myself up over it but to be honest - some of the alternatives I have seen are dreadful. It's Everton so it's got my support even if I don't like it. Let's just Martinez in, try and bring McManaman over, get on with the kit and look forward to what's to come (hopefully).
KimV, TWells Kent, 3:28 PM 5/06/2013
Couldn't of put it better myself. This is been the worst month in Everton's last decade. Moyes gone, badge decimated and now we are on the verge of signing a manger who's club have just been relegated, with a win ratio of 25% and a guaranteed summer of our best players being sold off and Bill pocketing the money while speculation linking us with every player under the sun takes place but as usual nothing materializes. Disrespect isn't the word. I don't know a blue who wants Martinez, and they are in the final stages of his contract negotiations, but not to worry Bill will listen to the fans...............
David Ando, Tuebrook, 1:40 PM 5/06/2013
A good summation of the problem the 'suits' caused with the introduction of this inferior product. I wish that the old crest i.e tall tower with laurels and latin inscription is retained.I,m not bothered about the date being included or the club's name either,after all everyone who matters knows who we are. But as for what goes on the shirts and other like merchandise it is,perhaps, time to reassess what is used and I for one wouldn't mind just plain EFC,after all it says everything needed.
R Gordon, Weatherfield, 1:36 PM 5/06/2013
Gio, if you are a cynical old bastard mate, then so am I and thousands of others. Whoever made/sanctioned this decision and then lied once they seen the fans reaction, should not be a part of our club
Kevin, Waterloo, 1:25 PM 5/06/2013
I agree with almost everything said in this article. The only disagreement is, my wife will not be buying me this shirt or anything else with this crest. If that hurts the club, I am truley sorry, but that is Mr Elstone, Nike and Kitbags fault. I already have the traditional badge ready to stick over whatever they put on my season ticket this year. No-ne should accept this "its too late" excuse and "it's only for one year". Evertonians should stand firm and the club should recognise we will only accept "our" crest.
SteveH, Manchester, 1:02 PM 5/06/2013
If you look at all the other badges in the international tournament we are playing in the states, every badge has their name within the crest, so maybe the new badge was a marketing idea just for that tourament? To try and boost our appeal in the states? Still a poor design though.
Sack the Juggler, St Petersberg, 1:01 PM 5/06/2013
Our badge is inextricably linked and intrinsically part of our history. Evertonians ARE this club and any decision to change should, in part, start with a consultation period with the fans. I, for one, don't agree with this unhealthy, outside influence meddling with our heritage.
Joe 90, Liverpool, 12:52 PM 5/06/2013
So, are we going to boycott this season's merchandise? I for one won't be buying anything with that shite on it. Not that I'm a big spender, like. But I will request that my family, who usually buy me Everton stuff for Christmas and my birthday, don't put any more money into the ridiculous regime that currently "run" OUR club...
Pablo, Wallasey, 12:44 PM 5/06/2013
Nathan,It's NOT only Thailand where one can buy copies !!! You get far INFERIOR Copies in Turkey
Alan Brown...., Thailand, 12:38 PM 5/06/2013
I agree with pretty much all of this article and have taken a copy of Robert Elstone's apology so that I have it for reference this time next year when I might have to complain again. The saturday the announcement wa made I picked up my son (he's 21) at the station after him travelling home from uni and the first thing he said to me was "have you seen the new crest?". He was gutted and if he'd been 10 years younger he'd have cried. Says it all for me.
Neil, Chesterfield, 12:34 PM 5/06/2013
No discussion required for next season. We are a club of great and long-standing tradition. Just use THE Club Crest that everybody is happy with. We don't need any more gimmicks. ONWARD EVERTONIANS!
Ant, Sefton, 12:22 PM 5/06/2013
I wholeheartedly agree. The creent badge is (was) IMO the best onee we've ever had and a badge to be proud of. The new one is just totally crap.
Gary Healey, Dover, 12:20 PM 5/06/2013
Too many kopites working for OUR club. As for Elstone. He isnt fit for the job. NSNO
Joe, Liverpool, 12:13 PM 5/06/2013
Well, at least it makes it easier to make rip-offs in Thailand or whatever. Seriously, the major thing this club has it's history, surely that tradition is what needs to be sold, not swept away. Odd.
Nathan, Madrid, 12:06 PM 5/06/2013
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