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Be Careful What You Wish For
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When it comes to brand names they don't come much bigger than Nike. The "Swoosh" can be seen everywhere from superstar advertising to baby's first trainers. To have your kit provided by Nike is seen by some as the pinnacle for a football club, and so there has been understandable excitement amongst our fans since Everton announced their new link up with the world famous firm.



With no disrespect to the likes of Puma and Le Coq Sportif, a lot of Evertonians born after the 80's would have barely heard of them, let alone bought their products, until they started producing our kit. Even then they would question why we were going with those firms and look enviously at other teams wearing the better known and more popular Adidas and Nike kits.


I suspect there were long negotiations between the club and Nike with massive financial implications for both parties, and it must have been seen as a sign of success that we had finally achieved what the fans had craved for. Let's be honest, having Nike provide your kit does add a certain amount of prestige to the club.


The black kit was their first offering to arrive in a blaze of publicity and, as kits go, it wasn't too bad. Despite the new fangled fabrics that claim to stop you sweating, make you run faster etc., it was basically a traditional shirt that went down well with the fans judging by the queues at the launch. Quite a good start with good use of the yellow trim, even giving a slight nod back to our previous use of amber.


Then came the home kit. What a disappointment. Perfect blue spoiled by the thick white "cuffs" that make every player look like he's wearing two captain's armbands. Why?


Quite simply it seems that Nike employ just one designer and when he decides which pattern he likes they set up their machines and produce the same kit for each team, albeit in their own colours, (check out the new Brazil kits and you'll see what I mean).

This isn't the first time this has happened. Most Nike kits in the last World Cup were alarmingly alike in everything but colour, and the ridiculously massive circular badge appeared on every goalie's shirt at the recent Euro's, (which has now been added to ours).


What Nike have failed to recognise is that Evertonians are unique. We don't want copies of shirts from other teams, we want our own individual design royal blue shirt. As far as I'm concerned you can keep your oversized white cuffs and your ridiculous blue stripe on the shorts. We want a royal blue shirt with white "trim", white shorts and white socks, all emblazoned by your iconic "Swoosh".


Boring, Stuck In The Mud, Traditionalist, Opposed To Change, I plead guilty to all of the above. When I started watching Everton it was blue at home and amber away, and I still can't see any reason why that needed changing.


I'm not angry with Nike or the club, but I can't remember being so disappointed in a new home shirt since the days of the white bib and the light blue  kit's that were forced upon us.


The Everton website has been building up to the launch of this kit and hailing our partnership with Nike as "The New Era". After seeing this kit I think they meant "Error".





Comments about Be Careful What You Wish For
Whilst I think that the black kit is elegant and tasteful, frankly, I am very disappointed that Nike didn't give us last year's Juventus away. That kit is the dog's bollocks. Also, what has happened to Goat of Brighton? His wisdom and sagacity are sadly missed on these pages.
Azzurro, Wirral, 4:16 PM 14/07/2012
Kit seems to stop at 3xl so everton only want thin fans then? plus £50 quid is a bit steep for something that will be selling for £20 in 6 months time. I will have to stick with last years kit then.
Chris Simpson, Liverpool, 1:50 AM 14/07/2012
Darling, stop fussing ......... just buy the girls' kit again - last season's was so you, Gio, really showed off your curves x
Gok, Bramhall, 4:33 PM 13/07/2012
Check ut the new FC Twente shit. It's virtually identical! I do like the long sleeve version though.
Matt, Wirral, 1:07 PM 13/07/2012
I agree, the home kit is a real disappointment. It reminds me of an air hostess's tunic with the stupid white cuffs. And as for the price? £50 -£55 at a time of high unemployment, recession, public sector pay cuts and paying more for your pension. You have to be joking! I also agree with the comments about originality. Our club is unique, we don't want a general design; I always liked the Umbro touch when they printed on the inside of their shirts: "A grand old team to play for." Nike, it is your privelege to sponsor our club; Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum please!
Timmo, A in M, 7:36 AM 13/07/2012
The long sleeve is the better option, looks quite retro
Anne, Stockbridge Village, 10:25 PM 12/07/2012
Its decent havin Nike as our kit supplier but when you realise that we only get about £3.5 million per season from the joint Kitbag/Nike to run the retail and supply the kits that's pretty poor that!!
Jordan Maloney, Liverpool, 9:19 PM 12/07/2012
Can you all please get a grip. Look at what other sides will be parading in this season. Ours is quality compared. Shite wearing Pri marni rejected design, United wearing a tablecloth or your nans curtains. I have waited a long time for the likes of Nike to join our happy band, so I will probably buy the kit for my offspring, as they don't do shirts for middle aged men carrying 24 packs rather than 6 packs.
pierre, netherton on sea, 8:18 PM 12/07/2012
Couple of points to make. 1. It royal blue and displays the everton badge....thats good enough. 2. Cant believe I've sat here and read an article from a fully grown male 'moaning' about an everton kit. sorry but point 1 springs to mind. 3. its not red, atleast nike have kept to our principles, we where blue and thats it. 4. If you dont like the white sleeves.... simple fold them in, or take the shirt to a taylor.
Kenny, Swindon, 7:08 PM 12/07/2012
I think you'll find the commercial deal was with Kitbag, not Everton themselves...conservative estimates suggest we net around £650,000 per season, that's peanuts for Nike. A poor deal in all, looks like Kitbag have stitched us up.
Steve Logan, Chester, 7:07 PM 12/07/2012
Awful design, was expecting a lot better from Nike and they have disappointed. Think I'll buy the training top which looks much better unless they pull it out of the bag with the 3rd kit!
Robbie Davies, Prenton, 7:03 PM 12/07/2012
Couldn't give a shit who makes the kit. Can't stand ale house fashionistas who whine about kits either. Get a fuckin life will you.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 6:46 PM 12/07/2012
I haven't liked a kit since umbro really. I still wear my 04/05 shirt! I liked last seasons and wished we'd have just kept that for another season... I still haven't decided if I like the blue socks? But its only for a year... If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you do.. wait untill the end of the season and buy it for a tenner ;)
Neil, Crosby, 6:44 PM 12/07/2012
Partly agree with Adam (No.3) that if it has our crest on then it is Everton and that is the main thing. But also to add to that, as I said in the other article about the kit with Heitinga's opinion on it...at least we aren't having a Cardiff moment and aren't devastated seeing some idiotic owners moving in and making us change to red!!! Things could be worse! COY...BLUES! Thankfully that will always be the same!
Rick, Merseyside, 6:23 PM 12/07/2012
It's our kit. Buy it and wear it with pride!
Mark, Exmouth, 6:20 PM 12/07/2012
I see once again there is no kit provided for under 3's! My lad and tons of young blues miss out just like with the away kit . The revenue Everton will lose will be quite a bit! I hate to say it but it's typical of our club this, muppets!
Ad, Garston, 5:21 PM 12/07/2012
I love the kit and would buy it but for pie eating problem!!
Richard, Essex, 5:11 PM 12/07/2012
Simple solution for the white sleeves. fold it under so you dont seem them. the sleeves are long enough!!!!! Stop moaning over a design of a kit.... aslong as its royal blue amd carries the everton badge, it will do.
kenny, swindon, 5:10 PM 12/07/2012
I am not a big fan of the cuffs that cheapen the overall look of what is an otherwise smart kit! I have waited years for us to win a deal with Nike or even Adidas so I think we need to do what we Evertonians do best, pass our feedback to the Club and generally they will try and do what they can. I do know however, Nike are paying for the privalige to supply our kit and they have a global corporate identity Everton won't be able to change! Oh and no fabric will ever 'stop' sweating, the tech in the fabric design will take the sweat away from the body to ensure comfort.
Craig Harper, Chester , 5:04 PM 12/07/2012
Just buy the long sleeve shirt then and stop moaning
Robbie, Liverpool, 3:43 PM 12/07/2012
Quite simply its among one of the poorest designs
Brian, Waterloo, 3:40 PM 12/07/2012
You are so right. Never been disappointed with a kit for years. How about the terrible kit from a couple of years ago that was a rip off of the 85 kit. Kits, the same as clothes are subjective, and I can not believe you have spent this amount of time writing this article. More important is the fact that I went in the club shop last weekend for the black kit for my son and they had run out of socks. Interesting they order more kits than socks and also the fact that there is not a Nike replica kit for under 3's. I love the new home kit and am looking forward to seeing my eldest lad in it(as I am over 18 I think without being a pro footballer I am too old to wear it). Right i'm off my soap box now.
Scott, home, 3:21 PM 12/07/2012
I actually like the home top- reminds me of the kits from the 60's. Shorts are a bit different, but I don't mind it as much.
Alex, Boston, 3:12 PM 12/07/2012
I love the home kit. What frustrates me more is that they only last one season. I could justify the £50 a shirt price tag if it was for two seasons. But we've change all our kits each year for the last 10 years. There's only so much you can do with a blue and white shirt before all the kits look the same. What Nike have acheived here is that our kit does look unique. Apart from Brazil, whose kit looks like ours? And if our kits are like Brazils, who have had some the greatest footy shirts (remember '98 world cup) then its a comparison I'm happy with
John, Walton, 3:12 PM 12/07/2012
It isn't that they've only employed one boring designer with only one idea. It's much cleverer than that. The 'rules' insist that any logo has a maximum size and you can't splash it all over the kit. By putting circles around badges and wide strips on the sleeves on all of their (our) kits, nikki have come up with a system which enables them to put their sub-logos all over their (our) kits so that we don't just recognise the tick/sploosh or whatever they call it, we now have the subliminal logos we are getting to know and they are getting around the 'rules'. More brown envelopes being passed around FIFA? Surely not!
Paul Twist, UK, 3:03 PM 12/07/2012
The kit is always going cause divided opinion between fans, and to be honest I dont mind the kit as it features the Everton crest I will always love it. However the fact that under 3's and women will have no chance to purchase a kit of their own is just a disgrace.
Adam Hardaker, Liverpool, 2:54 PM 12/07/2012
I like the home shirt. Better than the plain blue we normally have.
Pablobrown, Liverpool, 2:53 PM 12/07/2012
Sorry can't agree here. I like the new kit and shall wear it with pride.....
G7, Retford, 2:48 PM 12/07/2012
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