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The Domino Effect
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The Domino Effect

Two major football stories breaking on the same day is a rarity, but to have two stories that dominate both the front and back pages is even rarer. "Harry is Innocent" and "Fabio Quits", big national news, but hardly stories that would have Evertonians racing to the newsagents or their teletext buttons, but I have a nasty feeling that somewhere down the line they are going to have an impact on our club.

Let's talk about Fabio first. Whatever you think about him as a manager he was appointed to do three things, select squads, qualify for tournaments, try and win those tournaments. Apart from the last part he's actually done the rest of his job pretty well, and his stats stand up against any former England boss. Now, just as he was preparing for his final tournament in charge a 40 man committee made up of has beens and never have beens decide that they know better than the manager who the captain should be. They don't consult with Fabio, they simply inform him of their decision. When questioned about this he doesn't react well and admits he doesn't agree with it, (can you imagine the reaction of Moysie if the Everton board started telling him who should captain the team ?). After a meeting with his employers Capello informs them that he no longer wishes to work for them and walks away from the job. Like him or not, in my book that makes him a man of principle. Without getting into the ins and outs of the Terry affair, and what might or might not happen when it eventually gets to court, Capello had his authority taken away from him and left the job with a lot more dignity than I would have shown.

Then let's look at the next England manager, Harry Redknapp. After a tax evasion case which dragged on for 5 years he finally walks away from court an innocent man. During the trial he admits he can't write legibly or keep count of how much money he has earned, spent, invested or lost, and is immediately installed as the odds on favourite to take over from Capello. (As a former tipster in The Racing Post it would be interesting to find out who Harry advises the punters to put their money on for the job).

I've always liked Harry. Most of his teams have played good football, his press conferences are always worth watching, and he seems to have an eye for a player, (even if sometimes it's meant buying 6 or 7 at the same time just to discover that one jewel amongst them). He's already the people's choice, the choice of most of the press and, although they'd never admit it, probably the choice of the FA as well. Much to the disappointment of Spurs fans it looks like whether it's now, in May, or next season, Harry is nailed on to take the job.

This is where things could impact on Everton.

When Harry leaves, Spurs will obviously start their search for a new manager. Whilst the fans may want a high profile boss like Mourinho or Guardiola it's unlikely that the transfer funds demanded by these sort of bosses would be made available by a club as well run and well budgeted as Spurs. I think Mr.Levy will be lowering his aim slightly and looking at the likes of Martin O'Neill or our own David Moyes, managers who have already worked well under budget restrictions, know the Premiership and it's players well, and who could slot into the gap left by Harry quite seamlessly. I have read that not all Spurs fans fancy Moysie and fear he may be a bit negative but, while he can sometimes be accused of that with our team, I think the squad at Spurs demands that you play expansive attacking football, and I'm sure that's what he'd do.

The saddest thing for me is that if Spurs do come calling I couldn't really blame Moysie for going. A stronger squad, a much bigger transfer budget, European football, and with a slowly growing minority of disgruntled Evertonians ready to turn on him at every opportunity it's difficult to make a compelling argument as to why he should stay. No doubt loyalty will be brought up but I think he's shown tremendous loyalty to us throughout the years, as most of us have to him, but sometimes an opportunity to possibly step up a level and better yourself comes along, and that can be a really tough thing to turn down.

If the worst happens and Moysie does leave, the worrying question is who could we possibly get to replace him? No doubt the dreamers who wanted Kaka and Sneijder in the transfer window will want us to approach the Spurs fans' targets of Mourinho, Guardiola and Hiddink. Everyone should have a dream, but none of those, or any other top European coach, will look at us. No massive transfer budget to transform the playing squad and no European football will have them looking elsewhere for their next employment.

Now, say we manage to finish 8th in the league, that means there are only 7 better Premiership managers than Moysie, and I can't see any reason why any of them would go to a club that finished lower than them, has no money, and desperately needs a new ground. That leaves us looking at the lower half of the Premiership and the top half of the Championship. Here's a few names that may crop up :-

Owen Coyle - A much talked about up and coming young manager who's been through a bit of a rough time at Bolton after beinh hailed as a God at Burnley.

Paul Lambert - Similar to Coyle, successful at lower levels, very well thought of, and putting on a really good show with Norwich in their first year back in the Premiership.

Nigel Adkins - Doing a great job at Southampton but untried at the top level, (although that didn't stop us gambling on Moysie).

Allardyce - Dear God, NO. Please, whatever we do, never ever let this big headed, one dimensional, awful manager get anywhere near our club.

Let's face it, whoever comes in has to hit the ground running, with little or no money to spend, no promise of any major investment in the near future, and with a crowd desperate for success. Moysie's record of continued over achievement will be a hard one to follow.

Of course this is all pessimistic conjecture on my part, and hopefully will never happen.

We "might not" need a new manager because Moysie "might not" go to Spurs, because they "might not" need a new manager because Harry "might not" take the England job, because they "might not" need a new manager because Fabio "might not" resign.

Oh wait, Fabio's already resigned, let's hope that wasn't him pushing the first domino. Azzurri Gio

Comments about The Domino Effect
its a myth hes had no money 11 million for yac 15 million fellini 10 for bilyale dinov 10 johnson 5 jags 5 baines hietinga
tom, liverpool, 3:14 PM 10/03/2012
Fat Sam ............. just to annoy Gio
Rose, Fuengirola, 5:36 PM 13/02/2012
Nobody because Moyes is going nowhere. If he does then we are in the shit. No other manager could do what Moyes has done with no money. I know there is a few idiots on here who want Moyes out but they have not got a clue.
Mike, Runcorn, 5:25 PM 10/02/2012
If a manager in the Prem moves on there's always a possibility of position shuffling by everyone else. If Redknapp moves on I reckon Spurs will appoint a foreign manager not Moyesie.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 1:46 PM 10/02/2012
Am I the only person who would be more than happy with Ian Holloway?? His management style would allow us to play the attractive football we've all been asking for!
Mark, Wirral, 1:35 PM 10/02/2012
What about Gus Poyet? Doing a great job at Brighton.
DAVE, MACCLESFIELD, 1:10 PM 10/02/2012
4 or 5 years ago it would have been unthinkable of Everton without Moyes but if am honest i would not be to bothered to see the back of him. Yes hes done a fantastic job for us but like his favourites he picks week in week out hes not the same no more. The last couple of years he's done exactly what was expected of him in terms of final league postion but in that time he's lost his bottle to win games and has been producing some of the worst football i've ever seen at Goodison. The likes of Spurs and Man U will never come in for Moyes because of his style of play. If he did go then Lambert and Rodgers would be top of my list. If we cant compete at the top no more at least these two would entertain us.
Paul, Aigburth, 12:29 PM 10/02/2012
Be interesting to see how the Moyes haters react if and when he leaves. They'll have to find someone else to hate then :-)
Paul, Warrington, 12:28 PM 10/02/2012
Pure conjecture IMO. He and his family have lived in the same house since he first went to Preston. They are obvioulsy very settled where they live / schools. Would he he up root his family to live in the smoke or would he spend all week in London, coming home for the night on Saturdays ?. Would he get paid much more than we pay him ?. Would he have the same relationship with the Spurs board that he has with ours ?. I think the answer to most of these questions is no. Also factor in that he obviously has a very good relationship with Sir Whisky Nose and potentially could be in the running for the Manure job, when the day comes for Fergie to retire. Also his style of football is not played " the Spurs way ". Everton suits Moyes for all of the above reasons. The grass is not always greener.
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 12:02 PM 10/02/2012
Lee Clarke at Huddersfield looks like he could be the new Moyes.
Les, Allerton, 11:59 AM 10/02/2012
How about Malky McKay? A Good manager who has his teams playing good football?
Count Shabbs, Walton , 11:58 AM 10/02/2012
I can't see Moyes going to Spurs. He's worked wonders with us on very limited resources but he's going to have to completely alter his footballing principles if he has any chance of succeeding at Spurs. For one, 'tactical' substitutions like the Neville for Cahill fiasco last week at Wigan wouldn't be tolerated.
Chris, Crosby, 11:49 AM 10/02/2012
Very good and thoughtful article...a lot of the up and coming, inexperienced - but showing potential managers that you have suggested remind me of how Mike Walker was perceived prior taking over at Everton 15+ years ago...
Goat, Brighton, 11:47 AM 10/02/2012
I'd be gutted...gutted.
Marty Slevin, Dublin, 11:14 AM 10/02/2012
Id quite like Billic but I could see us getting Bruce
Barry, Speke, 11:04 AM 10/02/2012
On 5Live about six months ago, a journalist was on who said that it was his understanding that David Moyes was the only name on Spurs shortlist to replace Redknapp if he left for the England job.
Tom, Liverpool, 11:00 AM 10/02/2012
Brendan Rodgers?? His style of football would be very welcome at Goodison...
Ciaran, Dublin, 10:16 AM 10/02/2012
Brendan Rogers?
CrumlinT, Co Antrim, 10:10 AM 10/02/2012
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