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Such A Perfect Day
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Such A Perfect Day

Tuesday 31st January 2012 probably won't go down as any sort of momentous moment in the Everton history books but for me it was just one of those days when just about everything was spot on, and I'd like to thank all of the people who made it possible.

1. The Whole Team. Thank you for putting on the sort of performance that Evertonians love to watch. Most fans, myself included, would have looked at our line up, compared it to the Mancs, and feared the worst. The match started and once again we showed that with 100% commitment, and no fear of our opponents, Everton are a match for most teams and can beat the league leaders no matter how much their squad cost.

2. David Moyes. Thank you for selecting that team. So many times you've been criticised for selection and tactics this season that it's right and fair to acknowledge when you've got it exactly right. Last night you did. Much as I love Hibbo I feared for him at centre back against Dzeko and Aguero but he was superb and you deserve great credit for putting him in there.

3. The Imposter In The Number 11 Shirt. When we signed Denis I watched all of the Youtube clips and thought we might have a decent player on our hands. Then he appeared on the pitch and that all changed. I thought we'd been conned into buying Diego Maradona's nephew, a bit like Souness when he bought George Weah's cousin only to find he'd never played a match in his life. I realise that sometimes foreign players take time to acclimatize to the pace of the Premiership but I challenge anyone who saw his early games to tell me they knew Denis had a performance like that in him. He showed more commitment in the first five minutes than the dear departed King Louis had shown all season. Then he carried that on until eventually the fourth official took mercy on him and raised the board with his number on so that he could virtually stagger off to a well deserved standing ovation.   Superb Stracquarlursi.

4. David Moyes (again) and Bill Kenwright. While other managers and chairmen have been constantly appearing on Sky Sports News or in the papers telling us all who they were going to buy there was silence from Goodison. Despite the moans from certain quarters that we weren't doing anything and we should be getting involved in all of the speculation I'd like to thank Moysie and Blue Bill for doing things the Everton way. Keep all of your dealings discreet until you've actually got the player(s) you want then shout about it from the rooftops. If nothing else at least it stops people like Harry Redknapp jumping in with a bid for every player our scouting system identifies. Without getting carried away I think the transfer window has been good for us, and the Deadline Day acquisitions of Jelavic and Peanuts could be just what we needed. Even without either of them kicking a ball for us yet you can sense a feeling of optimism amongst the fans, and that's been echoed by the tweets of Captain Phil and the rest of our squad. Special thanks to Bill for staying in London last night to make sure the Pienaar deal went through, and having to miss a great Goodison night, (and yes, before you start, I know it's his job but where would you have rather been ?).

5. Match Of The Day. Every week I have to put up with complaints from my mum that "Bastard Lineker" has put us on last again and only shown 1 minute and 50 seconds of our match just before the final credits roll. Unbelievably last night Big Ears and his mates put us on first. Not a great highlight of the season but at least it would stop my mum moaning. At least it did until that "Bastard Hansen" insisted that we were lucky not to have conceded at least 2 stonewall penalties. "Liverpudlian Bastard".

6. My Neighbours. This is a strange and personal one but I'd like to thank each and every one of them for not calling the police last night. Apparently a "slightly" overweight drunken 50 year old man was seen running around my garden, shirt pulled up over his head, doing the Cahill boxing celebration with an apple tree while singing "Manchester Is Full Of Shite". You would think someone of that age would have more respect for his neighbours and would spare them that sort of horror show, after all, it was only a 1 nil win in a league match. In his defence I will say that with so many low points already this season I believe that each and every success should be celebrated to the full. My neighbours are hoping we don't have a good cup run.

Tuesday 31st January 2012 - Thank You For The Day

Comments about Such A Perfect Day
Gio, I agree with every sentiment - the 50yr old man reminded me so much of myself - it was a fantastic day to be a blue for so many reasons..And I agree with your Mum, but let's be honest, the only reason the Biased Broadcasting Corporation put us on first was because of who we were playing..
Big H, Birkenhead, 7:01 AM 3/02/2012
Here here - well said!! Especially the section on Moyes. What a good decision it was tp throw "Tony Tony" in at centre half against Man C of all teams. Couldn't be happier for the manager after all of the divvies getting on his case the last few weeks, he rightfully showed what a good manager he is. Let's back it up now with a good result at Wigan otherwise all the good of tuesday night will be a waste of time! COYB
Drew, Childwall, 6:15 PM 2/02/2012
Gio - spot on my man...as always, being a blue is a royal rollercoaster of a ride. However, days like Tuesday remind me why I'm a blue and make so proud of the team. great post mate.
Goat, brighton, 6:14 PM 2/02/2012
Married to a City fan - but didnt stop the same celebration [Unfortunatley no apple trees] and a long night on the sofa - but worth it. Hibbo is hero COYB
Dave, Bristol, 5:41 PM 2/02/2012
Haha Great little article Gio. Captured everything perfectly. I still run round the house like a mad man at 6am in the morning over here when we score. Credit to all the lads and to BK who stepped it up this week.
Dave, Portland, OR, USA, 5:18 PM 2/02/2012
Paul (comment 1), I know Gio very well. He probably wasn't
Azzurro, Wirral, 3:31 PM 2/02/2012
Is right. Well said sir!
This train, Is bound for glory, 1:51 PM 2/02/2012
I watched the match in a Mexican bar at Cancun airport the telly was on silent but i was not bothered and just sat there nice and quiet with a cold Corona and a burger waiting for our flight to called that was untill the goal went in and i just jumped up and shouted at the top of my voice "Get in there" my wife and everyone else just looked at me in amazment and shock wondering what was going on my wife then said "will you please sit down people are looking at you as if your mad" then joy of joys there was a city fan sat a few tables away who just groaned and said "good goal Toffee" what an excellent way to finish off the holiday. COWB
Phil@Mull, Warrington, 1:37 PM 2/02/2012
Spot on Gio It was a feel good Tuesday to follow a proud Monday night. A team who fought for each other on the pitch each playing their part in an unexpected win. Blue Bill I think knew he had to pull something out the hat and all credit for bringing nuts back where as a God fearing lad I hope he now realises is his spiritual home. I just love Moyesy and it was great to see the contrast in the managers at the press conference Moyesy absolutely beaming and Mancini inconsolable ----more please.COYB
Mark, Falkirk, 1:08 PM 2/02/2012
Totally Agree . . . all the horrors of previous deadline days were banished and the fact that almost every Evertonian went to bed with a massive smile on their face says it all. We know there are still issues and problems within the club as we are by no means perfect but lets give credit where it is due . . . Moyes, the board, BK and the fans got it absolutely right for once . . . amazing what you can acheive if we all pull in the same direction . . . !!!
Seymok, Kirkby, 12:24 PM 2/02/2012
I agree 100% with the above and I feel exactly the same. I know it's only one win but the whole day was fantastic and the capture of peanuts was a real boost when I heard aout it the next day. There will be dark days ahead but the 31st Jan was a day to remember. COYB!!!
Billy The Blue, Bristol, 11:48 AM 2/02/2012
LMAO!!! haha great article and don't worry mate I'm sure there was a few more Blue noses doing the same thing outside somewhere! yeah it was a great day for us and I hope we can get the best from Jelavic and watch Peanuts and Bainesy link up like they used to, Straqc's already won us over so i hope he can continue with that energy and score some more! Intresting times afoot.
Macey, liverpool, 11:43 AM 2/02/2012
Gio, loved point 6. I hope you were wearing more than just a shirt! :o)
Paul, Warrington, 11:28 AM 2/02/2012
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