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Moyesys Gamble
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Whenever we get linked with a player that I don't know much about I try and check him out. First stop is usually a quick peek at Wikipedia, followed by a look at Youtube, then, more importantly, I look for the selling team's equivalent of Bluekipper to find out what their fans think of him. In the case of Darron Gibson I'd actually seen him play a few times and score a couple of spectacular goals, but hadn't really seen him stand out in a game as a player of note. When I checked out the United websites and letters pages it seems like I wasn't the only one. You always hope that you will see a couple of people who don't want him to leave, someone who thinks he is on the verge of breakthrough to a permanent first team position given the chance, and possibly a major part of the future success of Manchester United. I'm sorry to say that for Darron this wasn't the case, and the vast majority of Scum fans are happy to see him leave. Several of them even offered to drive him to Goodison, and some claimed that getting a fee for him was one of Fergie's greatest achievements during his reign at Old Trafford. Now I'm not one to prejudge, but does that sound like a good signing to you ?

I've said before that we must have money to spend, no matter how little that might be, and Moysie has just proved that. However, even a blind man can see that our priority was to buy a goalscorer, and to use every penny available to do it. In our squad we've got players who can fill every other position, do every other job on the pitch, albeit only to a certain standard, but when it comes to actually putting the ball in the opposition net on a regular basis there is absolutely no one. No one. Even when Jags got injured and people started saying we should look for a defender I still believed we had enough cover, especially with Duffy having gained vital playing time while out on loan, so still, spend everything we've got, plus anything you can raise from selling a player or two, and buy the striker we need. No matter what we paid for Gibson, be it the reported £1.5 million or £1.50 this was money taken from our goalscorer fund, money we just couldn't spare.

I believe Moysie has made a really big call with this signing. He has added to the pressure he already looks like he's under himself, but the pressure Gibson will find himself under to perform to the highest level possible from the first minute he is on the pitch is massive.

One of my biggest problems about the signing is where he will actually fit into the team. Gibson is a central midfielder and while I would rather see him in there ahead of either of the recent awful and negative pairing of Neville and Heitinga I don't believe he should be playing before Fellaini and Rodwell, our best centre midfield pairing when fit, (please don't let his signing lead to the sale of either of these players). Does this mean he has come to Goodison to be an Everton squad member, rather than a Manchester United squad member? Hardly a step up for an ambitious player.

Perhaps there is some truth to the rumour that this is all still part of the Rooney deal. To boost the fee we got maybe we agreed to show an interest in any fringe player that Fergie wanted to get rid of in the hope of starting a bidding war for them. It's happened recently when our name was mentioned in the same breath as both Wes Brown and John O'Shea but, luckily, Sunderland came in with real bids and took them away from us. This time it hasn't quite worked out and we seem to have gotten our fingers burned by spending money we can ill afford on a player we didn't really need.

I don't know Darron Gibson but he's a Blue now and I hope whenever and wherever he plays he turns out to be a fantastic success. He wouldn't have been my choice but every time he pulls on the blue shirt he will have my total support, as has every other player lucky enough to represent us, (and yes, that includes shite such as Brett Angell and even Claus Thomsen).

I believe most of our fans are pretty fair-minded and hope they will join me in giving him every chance to prove that he can become the player that Moysie obviously believes he can be, and he doesn't become the latest target of the mindless boo boys who add nothing to the Everton cause.



Comments about Moyesys Gamble
I agree with Gio, totally. The money spent on Gibson should have gone on a striker. We have plenty of midfield players. Fellaini, Rodwell, Osman, Billy, Neville, Gueye, Barkley, Heitinga, Neville, Coleman, Drenthe, Cahill and Moyesy has just addded McFadden and Donovan. But upfront we have a few young strikers Vellios and McAleny who have looked like they MAY be good in the future. But Saha (1 premier league goal all season), Annichebe now on his 6th return from injury, and Stracqulursi - firecracker my arse, Everton are woefully short. One big gamble to put that money on Gibson when a striker is needed. I hope you still have one lined up Moyesy or we are in deep trouble.
Tony Benno, Bootle, 7:41 AM 17/01/2012
GIO, what are you on? Seriously, cut down a bit lad. He was the best player on the pitch against Villa (and not fit) and Buddle 'may well' bang them in on-loan! what Striker fund are you talking about? there is NO money, it went on Gibbo who IS a good signing! Who listens what any red teams' fans say?
Andy, Boston, 10:22 PM 16/01/2012
Gus #14 We Need a Striker Aswell! there should be more money for Moyes to spend, END OF!!!!
Macey, liverpool, 8:43 PM 16/01/2012
Moyes knows what he's doing. Since nuts and Arteta have gone we've lacked someone that can give service to the front men and Gibson could be the man to provide a bit of quality going forward. Personally I think he's brought Gibson in as Billy will be on his way shortly. Also Hugo Rodelaga is on a free in the summer so may be we've got an eye on him as an attacking option.
Chris, Liverpool, 5:26 PM 16/01/2012
I think some of you are getting the wrong end of the stick here. It is a gamble and if I'm reading right, Gio is not having a go at Gibson, but saying that the £1-£2.5m would be better put together with whatever money is left in the pot to spend on a striker.
Gus, Walton, 4:46 PM 16/01/2012
Such a negative article, it made me cringe reading that. Go and have a word with yourself.
D James, Wavertree, 1:19 PM 16/01/2012
Give the lad a chance for Gawd's sake, he's only just got here. Being optimistic, I'd like to think he can put a run together and fit into whatever pattern that Moyesy thinks is right for Everton. Previous posts have it spot on. The Mancs expectations are always sky high, due to the class of some of the players they've been able to afford. Playing in a different set up, for a different team on a regular basis may be just what the lad needs to shine. Eddieparkend COYB
Eddieparkend, Real World, 1:16 PM 16/01/2012
I think he has been bought to replace somebody else which I think for anybody with half a brain can see.
Chris , Co Durham, 1:05 PM 16/01/2012
The kopites hate him, which can’t be bad!
Doug, Merseyside, 12:50 PM 16/01/2012
The problem Gibson had was that United fans have been spoiled by having centre midfielders such as Keane, Scholes, and Robson for the last 25 years. They will miss Darren Fletcher badly for the period is away with illness and Anderson before his injury was starting to look like he will reach his potential. By not quite reaching the standards that these players have set, United fans have often turned on players. They did it when Valencia (£16million) wasn't immediately as brilliant as Ronaldo (£80million) when he replaced him. The advantage Valencia had on the wing over Gibson in the middle was that he got a run of games to prove himself because there weren't many players in his position. I've watched Gibson play for Republic of Ireland and he's always looked decent.
Grongy, Salford, 12:25 PM 16/01/2012
So what if man u fans dont like him, dont rate him, who gives a shit. We are not man united we are not fighting for titles, champions league etc we shouldnt even draw comparisons to them. We are a struggling everton side and we should be drawing comparisons to our midfield, as of late Neville, Heitinga have been an offence against football in midfield, watched the game on sat and gibson wanted it, cant wait to see the lad with a little run under his belt and we all know what moyes can do with so called average players, £500,000 or whatever it is could look like a coup at the end of the season.
Carlos, Kirkby, 11:46 AM 16/01/2012
He's here now and I for one will give him my full support. With the chance of regular football up for grabs he may well grow into the player Fergie obviously hoped he would do. Sometimes a fresh start can do wonders for players confidence. Lets give the lad a chance!
Drew , Cardiff, 9:48 AM 16/01/2012
Who knows what this deal means, part of the Rooney transfer? Perhaps, part of a deal for Barkley or Rodwell? (I hope not). But Gibson is a neat and tidy player and gives us more options in the middle. I do hope this means Rodwell can be given a 'free role' like he had for England.
Phil, California, 2:57 AM 16/01/2012
Daveytheblue #2. Yeah we looked well better in the middle, more soild and he's not used to how exactly things will work with the lads around him yet. Plus he's been out of regular footy for a bit. So this Article is a Bad Shout! Yes you can have your say but think about the repercussions. I sincerely hope he does well with no reservations after all. We Need Him To.
Macey, liverpool, 1:53 AM 16/01/2012
We need a player that has a shooting ability and he does. Not worked for him at Man Utd but has Moyes made many a bad signings? We need to get shut of Neville and hibbert and replace them with anyone!! We've got no money so let's get shut of the likes of Neville Saha who are on big wages.
Jimbo, Hunts cross , 10:33 PM 15/01/2012
Give him a fucking chance. You've practically decided he is shit before he kicked a ball
Stephen, Liverpool, 9:53 PM 15/01/2012
At Villa on sat, and that was a good performance by Gibson, some neat touches, and sliding tackles. Early days but we looked more solid in midfield. A good buy.
Daveytheblue, Widnes, 9:50 PM 15/01/2012
As a blue living in Manchester I have been getting a lot of stick over this signing from all the plastic manc fans that live around here but I'm hopeful that Gibson can do well for us. I will always back players that have heart and desire and Gibson seems like that kind of player to me. Just hope Moyes has a striker up his sleeve
Si, Manchester, 9:46 PM 15/01/2012
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