The Blue Year in Review - The tale of Phil Spector
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March 09
March 09
April 09
April 09
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Well then another year draws to a close and 2009 was as big for Bluekipper as it was for the Blues. I shall keep it brief but month by month I shall try and get over our highlights of another unique and crazy year in the world of Bluekipper, hair and all.

January: The boys start off 2009 with an away draw in the FA Cup at Macclesfield. Leon bangs in the winner and Sausage makes the statement that he is not getting his hair cut till we are knocked out, a claim he grew to regret. Jogger stays the third cock in our local, after a dance off with Lard.

Blues win at The Macc and draw the shite in the next round at Analfield. A draw at the shit tip brings us back to Goodison in early Feb. Sausage now looks like Betty Boothroyd.

February: The shite are duly dispatched at Goodison thanks to a wonderful ball by Shandy van Der Meyde who stayed off the pop long enough to put a pin point cross in for Danny G Laa, the rest is history. Goodison erupts, the 5th round beckons Villa are up next.

Villa come and go as the Blues win 3-1 at the shrine, and Wembley now starts to get a bit nearer, Sausages hair keeps on growing, Kipper walks unaided for the first time this year.

March: The cup run continues, Boro visit Goodison next, another Sunday another win, my God its a Semi Final date in April with manure at Wembley.

That goes on hold for now as Bluekipper take Everton Legends Derek Temple, Joe Parkinson, Ian Snodin and the God of Gods Graeme Sharp over to Jersey for a doo, well a piss up actually. Lavo took over the camera duties for the evening, then realised he was pissed, kept falling over, and the local constabulary took him home for his own safety.

Lard had a weekend off from compering, and decided to get ratted with the boys as Jogger took the microphone duties on for the evening, he kept his calm and moved up to second cock on the Isle of Jersey. Ernie found a box to stand on to watch the said doo, and Sharpy done his best impression of Basil Fawlty on the footy pitch.

April: Wembley beckons, as 40,000 odd Blues make the trip darn sarf to Wembley for the first time in fourteen years. Sausage is now seriously frightening his neighbours children as his own family disown him. We rename him Phil Spector, and we as a group decide to let him travel down on his own to London as he is seriously now ruining our street cred.

The result is legendary, we beat the Mancs on pens and make our first Final in fourteen long hard years. Tim Howard is the hero as all Blues travel back up the M1, happy as Larry preparing for our first Final in a long time.

Jogger moves up the rankings in our local as he wins the karaoke contest for the fifth week in succession, he is now official second cock in the WBC Pub Ranking list.

May: Without doubt May was the busiest month in the BK Calendar. Most importantly a Cup Final to look forward to, but we had booked a weekend away in London the week before the Final to have a blast at Fulham. Our big Bluekipper doo was also in May as well as Bluekippers first match on the hallowed turf of Goodison;

Off to Fulham we went for a pre arranged weekend away, not knowing when we booked it, our Wembley weekend which we crave every season would actually happen. We went the full hog and got a corporate box, only to be joined by Andy 'I scored two against the shite' Johnson, and Captain Phil at the end of the game. We did something we don't normally do and got absolutely leathered, and annoyed loads of Fulham people in the evening, we won't be invited back again me thinks.

The Blues make fifth spot in the Prem with a great end to the season. Bluekipper now grace Goodison, Ernie bags the opener and celebrates in front of an empty Glwadys Street End, did he care, did he fuck. Kipper gets on the pitch for the last ten minutes unaided. Jogger who was Manager for the day minds Kippers walking frame, while Sausage kept his hair away from the sponge bag. Lard, Captain of BK gives ex Blues Matt Jackson and Joe Parkinson a piece of his mind for not taking the match serious, Parky carries on drinking his Stella on the pitch as BK draw 2-2 with Barclays Bank, Lavo is utterly superb in the sticks.

Our doo is next and Graham Stuart, Joe Parkinson, Derek Mountfield, Pat Nevin and Graeme Sharp, turn out to see The Jag presented with the Bluekipper Starman for 2009. Over 600 Blues turned up at The Olympia, fifth place was secure and the Cup Final was next, what a month.

So then on the hottest weekend of the year, we travel en masse down to Wembley once again. Another weekend away, friends coming home like it's Christmas from South Africa, Holland, New Zealand and Ormskirk, to see the Blues walk out for their First Cup Final in 14 years.

Fans get dressed up for the occasion, lovely ladies in tutu's, men in Superman outfits. We ourselves just took a shitload of ale, so that was our contribution. We travelled in our mini bus and took over Watford for the weekend. Unfortunately after King Louis raised our hopes with the quickest goal in Cup Final history, a Chelski comeback put paid to our dreams of some silverware. The Summer beckons, and at last Sausage got to the barbers, his hair off cuts fill at least 86 quilts, and 178 pillows.

June / July: It was the Summer months and we decided to have a blow.

Now what place can you relax, sit back, enjoy the sun and do nothing for a week, that's right Benidorm. The Jag decided to come with BK to aid his recuperation from injury as a load of Toffeemen descended on the party capital of Spain to celebrate our friend Tom's upcoming nuptials.

Jags had a ball, partying till the early hours and trying his hand with several of the local lady woman. We all made it home in one piece just about, but The Jag was an arm lighter, he lost his head several times, but with the aid of some super glue we had him looking like Gladstone Small again. We now needed a serious rest, but roll on August.

August / September / October: The season starts bad and gets progressively worse. A six one thumping at home to The Arse on the opening day, and a sack of injuries to contend with see's Moyesy and his boys struggling with confidence.

Knocked out of the League Cup at Spurs, we at least have our Euro jollies to contend with. Trips to Belarus and the Czech Republic are followed by a Blue invasion to Lisbon. The result was shite, but for 5,000 plus Blues it was party time.

At BK we put on our first flight of this Euro campaign and took Blues Legend Graham 'Diamond' Geezer Stuart with us to Benfica. He had a ball, drank very little, honest, and stood on a chair to be interviewed by a very less hairy Sausage.

Diamond decided to have a go at the footy in the game section outside the Stadium of Light. He did the track of cones in a record for the day of 8.1 seconds, not bad for a drunken on the day ex pro footballer. Kipper thought about having a go, but he felt the comfort of his wheel chair was a safer option. Lavo went next, and after 36 minutes the owners decided to call it a day and go home, he felt dejected and still very fat !!

November / December: November saw Boxing Night come early for Bluekipper, as we where proud to put on our 2nd ICON Night in the Adelphi Hotel for our former player, Manager and all round top bloke Joe Royle. Anyone who attended on the evening will know about the reference to Boxing Night, but hey ho we move on. Ex Blue team mates and players Joe managed all turned out in force to honour their good friend.

From the 1970's you had Roger Kenyon, Mike Bernard, John Hurst, Gordon West and Tommy Wright. From Joe's Wembley heroes of 1995, Matt Jackson, Joe Parkinson, Graham Stuart, David Unsworth and the Legend himself Dave Watson all turned up. The night went swimmingly and the 350 odd guests who turned up will remember that evening for a long long time. Thanks again Joe, you are a true Giant of the game and of Everton Football Club.

December saw a slight upturn in Everton's fortunes. We finished the year off unbeaten in five in the Premiership, sitting mid table, now with the FA Cup and Europa Cup's to look forward to.

2009 was a funny old year, back at Wembley not once but twice for the first time in 14 years. For BK as ever it was eventful as ever, and if 2010 proves half as good, bring it on.

Always remember 'We are born not manufactured, we do not choose, we are chosen, those who understand need no explanation, those who don't...........don't matter'

Happy 2010 to all from Jogger, Lard, Ernie, Kipper, Sausage and Lavo, and may all your Blue dreams come true.

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