Don't Change Z-Cars
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We at Blue Kipper are all in favour of adapting to the times. But sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. Saturday was just such an occasion. The club broadcast a new version of "Z Cars" as the players came onto the field. And let's not mince words: the new version was terrible. We don't want it. We want the old one back. NOW!

One of the best moments of a match day, and quite often THE best moment is when the players run out at Goodison Park to "Z-Cars" thundering out over the loud speakers. It is a call to arms. Fans stop talking to their mates in unison, mesmerised by the the Johnny Todd drum roll. We all look up from our programmes and pies ready to cheer our boys onto the sacred turf.

The announcer usually times it to perfection. Just as the drum roll finishes, the music gets into its stride, the cymbals crash, and the players appear. The crowd erupts at the sight of the Royal Blue Jerseys. You've heard it before, but the hairs on the back of your neck ALWAYS stand on end. Some grown men even get emotional when they hear it. This is what going to watch Everton is all about. "Z-Cars" is OUR TUNE.

Now the club has put this new version of Z-Cars on as the players run out at Goodison Park. On Saturday there were three players on the pitch before we got to the first cymbals. And anyway it was a mediocre remix. Stick it on a new Everton compilation along with your lone piper. We the fans demand The original version back when our team run out against Leeds.


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