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The Blue Year in Review - The tale of Phil Spector

Well then another year draws to a close and 2009 was as big for Bluekipper as it was for the Blues. I shall keep it brief but month by month I shall try and get over our highlights of another unique and crazy year in the world of Bluekipper, hair and all. January...Read More
Don't Change Z-Cars

We at Blue Kipper are all in favour of adapting to the times. But sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. Saturday was just such an occasion. The club broadcast a new version of "Z Cars" as the players came onto the field. And let's not mince words: th...Read More
The Everton Collection Charitable Trust

The Everton Collection Charitable Trust was launched on 14th July 2005. Over 12 months ago. At that launch it was agreed to raise £800,000 for the collection. Considering it is valued by Christies at £1.2million, The Trust will get it for £600,000 cheaper than it sh...Read More