Sting Ray Quiz 172
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Sting Ray Quiz 172

Manchester Sitteh....

1. In the 1933 Cup Final victory, did Dixie score ?

2. Which ex-Everton centre forward played for Sitteh in there League Cup win of 1976..remember Tueart's Overhead kick ?!

3. Which defender did Everton sign in 1997 from Chelsea, whose previous club had been Sitteh ?

4. Who scored the last minute winner at Eastlands last season ? And we all went nuts...

5. Which striker joined Everton from Sitteh in 1979 only to leave a year later..he was sent off in an important cup tie ?

Answers: Wednesday 31/03/10

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 171

1.  £350,000
2.  Howard Kendall and Archie Styles
3.  1977 - 78
4.  NAC Breda
5.  Newport County 

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