Sting Ray Quiz 170
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Sting Ray Quiz 170

In which years...

1. First club to play officially in Blue and White.

2. First club to stage an FA Cup final, Notts County v Bolton Wanderers.

3. First club to be featured in a TV game v Arsenal (pre-recorded).

4. First club to break the £100,000 transfer threshold when Alan Ball moved from Blackpool for £110,000.

5. First club to win a penalty shootout in the European Cup v Borussia Moenchengladbach.

Answers: Wed (17/03/10)

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 169

1.  Boothferry Park
2.  No-one !
3.  Anthony Garndener, Kevin Kilbane, Nick Barnaby the Bear
4.  AZ Alkmaar
5.  Duncan Ferguson

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I would like to suggest that the answers to past quizzes should be listed with the quiz, like they were before. It makes for a better reference system.
Geoff Orton, Kirkdale, 5:30 PM 19/03/2010
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