Sting Ray Quiz 169
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Sting Ray Quiz 169

1.  What was Hull's previous ground called ?  

2.  Who is Everton's current number 16 ?

3.  Name 3 of Hull's current squad who have at been on Everton's books ?

4.  Against who did Jack Rodwell make his European debut making him the youngest Everton player to do so ?

5.  Of who did Jim Baxter say "I've heard he likes a few pints, loves to stay out late and chase the birds and gives a bit of lip in training. In my book he has all the ingredients of a good footballer" ?

Answers: Wed (10/03/10)

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 168

1.  AJ (2)  and Mikel Arteta
2.  Andy Gray
3.  Alan Ball
4.  Bayern Munich
5.   4   - FA Cup final and 3 league games v Shite (won), v Coventry (lost) and v Luton (lost).


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