Sting Ray Quiz 167
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Sting Ray Quiz 167

1. Before 2009 when Was The Last Time Everton played at Wembley?
2. In the above game, who was the opposition and what was the occasion?
3. Who is Everton's longest serving manager?
4. In the Championship winning side of 1969/70, who was Everton's leading scorer?
5. Name the player? Made his debut winning 5-0 at home on boxing day. Played 30 games for Everton scoring 10 goals. He played over 30 games as substitute. He was transferred back to his old club in the 90's. Name the player?

Answers: Wed

1. August 1995
2. Blackburn - Charity Shield - Vinny Samways
3. Harry Catterick
4. Joe Royle - 23 Goals
5. Joe Max Moore

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