Sting Ray Quiz 165
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Stingray Quiz 165

1. When Everton won the League Championship in 1986/87, who was the Blues top scorer.
2. In the same season 1986/87 who was the only Everton player to play in all 42 league games.
3.In the famous 4-4 cup tie against the shite, played on a very cold night in February 1991 who scored Evertons 4 goals.
4.In 1983/84 Everton were involved in an other 4-4 game against Watford (a)Graeme Sharp scored 2 of the goals who scored the other 2 goals
5.The last time Everton were involved in a 4-4 draw was at home against Leeds Utd. in the Premiership in Oct.1999, who scored for the Blues.

Answers: Wed

1. Trevor Steven (14 )goals
2. Kevin Ratcliffe
3.Tony Cottee 2 Graeme Sharp 2
4.Andy Gray. Adrian Heath
5. Kevin Campbell 2 Don Hutchison David Weir.

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