Sting Ray Quiz 185
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..come on you blues..
..come on you blues..
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Sting Ray Quiz 185

...FA Cup...

1.  Who was Everton's substitute keeper for the 1995 FA Cup Final ?

2.  In the 2009 semi final penalty shootout, which 3 players missed in total ?

3.  Who were the blues shirt sponsors for the 1984 Final v Watford ?

4.  From 1984 onwards, who were the 1st team to beat the blues other than at Wembey ?

5.  What happened to Everton in both of the first 2 years that they entered the FA Cup competition ?

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 185 on Wednesday 03/11/10

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 183.

1.  Graeme Sharp
2.  Pick any of Jackson, Stuart, Amokacki or Rideout as all got 2
3.  Saha with 2
4.  Trevor Steven
5.  Joe Royle


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