Sting Ray Quiz 178
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Sting Ray Quiz 178

..Everton and Pompey

1. Name the Everton player who scored in the famous Wimbledon game and also played for Portsmouth ?

2. Two current Everton players have played for Portsmouth - who are they ?

3. Which Everton great managed Portsmouth twice ?

4. Which Portugese international has played for both Everton and Pompey ?

5. Which player, who Everton signed in 1979 had the following clubs...Chelsea, Fort Lauderdale, Everton, Swansea, Portsmouth ?

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 178 on Wednesday 12/05/10

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 177 - Adrian Heath

1.  Stoke City and Burnley
2.  Kevin Brock
3.  Everton, Man City and Aston Villa
4.  £700,000
5.  Espanol for £600,000

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