Sting Ray Quiz 175
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Sting Ray Quiz 175

The Keepers

1. How many caps did Gordon West get for England ?

2.  Who did George Wood join when he left Everton in 1980 ?

3.  Which club did Neville Southall join on-loan early in his Everton career ?

4.  In the 65/66 Inter Cities Fairs Cup tie v Nurembrrg who became Everton's first ever substitute in a European cup tie?

5.  Who after West, Mimms and Southall was Evertons 4th keeper to keep clean sheets for over 10 hours ?

Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 175 on the 21/04/10


Answers to Sting Ray Quiz 174

1.   New York/New Jersey Metrostars
2.   New England Revolution
3.   Preston NE
4.   Sunderland and HUll
5.   Motherwell

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