285 Five Reasons Why I Became an Evertonian
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I'm a rookie Evertonian. A greenhorn. A new kid on the Toffee block.

I'm 39 years old and I'm the typical American sports fan who grew up watching the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. This past summer I was introduced to the Premier League. Within a week I was hooked, for many reasons too long to get into.

After being exposed to this fantastic league, I took the time to filter through all twenty clubs with a fine tooth comb, looking for a club I could invest my time, money, energy and fan-hood in.

I immediately eliminated any club that had won a Premier League title in the past decade, so therefore Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal were gone. I wasn't interested in the 'bandwagon' or 'glory hunter' label. Then, I eliminated any club that consistently flirted with relegation. Simply wasn't interested in the 'yo-yo' effect of relegation and promotion.

Basically I was left with a half dozen or so clubs who found themselves somewhat consistently in the middle bracket of the Premier League table.

So, for what it's worth, here are the reasons for making Everton my absolute favorite club.

1) The History.

136 years of it. The first club to play 100 seasons in the Top Flight, 59 consecutive seasons of NOT being relegated, 9 League titles, 5 FA Cups and a slew of runner-up seasons, the Toffees have an incredibly rich history to partake of. Fire up the ole' Google machine and dig in.

2) Goodison Park.

Growing up in New England, I'm a sucker for old, iconic ballparks - attending Fenway Park (built in 1914) and the old Yankee Stadium (built in 1923). Goodison Park, aka "The Grand Old Lady", was built in 1892 and has a rare air of mystique and aura about it. To know that the all-time great legends of Everton have set foot on the hallowed grounds of Goodison - Dixie Dean, Neville Southall, Kevin Ratcliffe, Alan Ball, and many more - makes me want to, one day, make a sports pilgrimage there.

3) Liverpool.

The Reds. Now, wait a second, before you curse me through your phone/tablet/computer, let me explain. I wanted to root for a club that had a major, intense, historic, arch rival. The Blues vs the Reds in the annual Merseyside Derby sealed the deal for me. I'm learning everyday to distain all things red. And yes, as all Evertonians would wholeheartedly agree with, I would "rather walk alone". Lol.

4) Passionate Fan Base.

What more of a compliment can I give Evertonians than this: they are one heck of adedicated, loyal, committed bunch. Even though Everton has gone almost TWENTY YEARS without any significant hardware (last important hardware was the '95 FA Cup) they STILL root hard and passionately for their boys. #COYB {Come OYouBlues!)

5) The Everton Motto.

"Nil satis nisi optimum" {#NSNO} which is translated: "Nothing but the best is good enough."

This Latin phrase is perfectly displayed at the bottom of the classic blue Everton logo. As a die hard fan, isn't THIS what you want to see in your team? Nothing more, nothing less. Just leave it all out on the field. Everton players need only look at the top left of their jersey: the motto is there to remind them of what fans expect...every...single...match.

So, with these 5 reasons, I've essentially been bitten by the Everton bug.

I'm extremely happy to be part of the Toffee fan base, and look forward to many exciting years of rooting for such a classy club. #ETID {Everton Till I Die)

Erik Kowalker. Portland, Oregon, Winter, 2014

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Comments about 285 Five Reasons Why I Became an Evertonian
welcome to paradise Eric
jimmy mcc, bootle, 4:41 PM 11/01/2015
Fantastic!!!!. This guy has got things right. Welcome to the Royal Blue world of Everton.
James Crampton, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, 1:09 PM 10/01/2015
From one Eric to another welcome mate has a lot of downs but the ups are awesome!!
Ezza, Derby, 12:21 PM 8/01/2015
eliminated any club that consistently flirted with relegation ha well you wouldn't of followed us in the 90s then and tbf those days were some of the most exciting games i had the privilege to see live
jack, work, 11:01 AM 8/01/2015
You did not choose Erik...you were chosen. Remember, those who know need no explanation, those that don't just don't matter!
Rob, Liverpool, 9:56 AM 8/01/2015
Welcome to the family Eric...forever Blue
ken.t, Anglesey , 11:47 PM 7/01/2015
Welcome Erik to the best football club in the world. Could be a bumpy ride though!
woody, bedworth, 10:47 PM 7/01/2015
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