283. Touring In Europe
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I've been touring with a musician for 2 and a half months across 17 countries from England to Greece. I've been spreading the Blue Gospel throughout the Balkans including Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia.


I'm now in Belgium for the last gig. At 10pm tonight i will be driving from Torhout in Belgium all the way to Calais to get a ferry to Dover at 1am, then driving from there to Bath to meet the family at 6am then back in the car up to Liverpool to watch the mighty Blues against spurs!


Pic is of me in Montenegro with converted Blues. Marrakai



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Well done mate. I've been doing my bit in Krakow lately.. giving out Everton badges etc. nice to hear from fellow agents!
Peter, Tuebrook, 1:07 PM 8/11/2013
Like music to my ears. Good luck mate.
BlueJim, Liverpool, 8:15 AM 6/11/2013
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