282. Lee Walsh
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So you have taken the kids on holiday at half term to Dubai - as you do!

The Mrs and kids are asleep on the A380 Airbus, so you sneak off upstairs for a cheeky bevvy, start talking to the only other bloke in the free bar at 3am and he turns out to be a Toffeeman!

Lee Walsh works in South Korea and was flying back to take his boys, Dylan, Ewan & Lewis to see The Toffees v Spurs tomorrow! COYB

Filthy (left) & Lee

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I remember flying to Australia in 2003 and stopping off at Kuala Lumpur to change planes. I sneaked off at 6am to the airport lounge for a smoke with my son who was wearing his Everton shirt. There was only one other person in the lounge with u,s a woman aged about 40. As soon as she saw my son's shirt she shouted over in a Scouse accent, "Loving that shirt lad! I'm Stella from Walton!" It's a small world indeed.........
Terry, Widnes, 9:38 AM 4/11/2013
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