249. Jonathan Williams
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I was born 12th May 1984, ring any bells. It was the day Everton beat Watford 2-0 in the FA cup final. 11 minutes past 1, 1 hour and 49 before kick off. My dad, a then season ticket holder had 2 tickets for wembley, and 2 train tickets for himself and a friend. My old dear was taken in on the thursday to my dads relief or so he thought. Yes Geoff she is in Labour he will be born today or Friday, "don't worry we will be going to Wembley".

Famous last words, 3 days in labour and he missed the game. Straight after i was born he went home left the old dear in the hospital, bought a crate, took out the phone line and watched the game. He woke up the next day, put the phone line in, just as nan called to see how my mum was getting on and to see if there was any news!!! "oh yeah she had a boy he said" as if it was nothing.

Nan was fuming, the next time he visited the irate mothering-in-law she got him in the kitchen and put a bread knife to his throat, safe to safe from that moment on he never crossed her again. And that's how i became a blue. Every birthday my old man reminds me of that day he missed the final but hey he was in rotterdam, and he went in 95. I am 23 years of age and still haven't seen the blues at wembley. Blue Kipper an awesome site, and the UEFA trips have been awesome, just a shame about Italy.

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