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I was born and raised a 'red' by a pair of armchair 'reds'. In fact my whole family were particularly stupid. I felt so alone and lived under a cloud feeling I didn't belong. It always felt wrong somehow; who in their right mind would follow the shite? I felt unclean and lost until one day under a blue sky I met a handsome 'blue nose'. Suddenly all was well. It didn't take me long to know what I wanted to do. I had the 'operation' as my 'blue nose calls it', that removes every last shade of red, he bought me a season ticket for the Upper Gwladys St. and I still have one to this day. We even have two beautiful blue nose kids now. Who would have though that under all that shite was a happy blue? I feel so proud to be a blue and love nothing better than taking the piss out of the shite at work when they lose. Oh and can I just add "THERE'S NOBODY BETTER THAN MIKEL ARTETA. He's the best little Spaniard we know."

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