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My first game was at White Hart lane around about March 1971. Alan Whittle scored the winner and as you all know, we went on to win the title with the "Holy trinity" of Ball, Harvey and Kendall. Living in Kent all my life ( some bugger has to keep the Frogs away) it has been a challenge to get to Goodison. However, I have never been less than four times in every season since, and in my glory hunting years of the mid 80's saw every home game for two seasons. Like you all I have shared in some miserable times over the decades surrounded as I am by "Gooners", Chelsea ( never ever saw a Chelsea shirt being worn down here until the Russian arrived), and the ubiquitous Mancs with cockney accents. However, through good times and bad there has always been a real buzz about being a Blue. This site keeps me informed of the true feelings of the club and it's heart, the supporters. so keep it going. Good times are around the corner, we just need to build with patience and not expect "wads" off money spent on players who just want to take the " Queens Shilling" big time for a season and about 6 games ( look at Shandy). Moyes will steer us on the right track. Great site lads.

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