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My old man is a Tottenham fan born in London. My family have no connection to Merseyside or the North of England at all. I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. and have been an Evertonian all my life. My dad or mum can't explain it. I have had ups and shitloads of downs as have have all Evertonians over the years. All my mates went for either the Shite or Manure. I have been lucky enough to go Goodison twice. Both times lost 2-1. The first time I went to Goodison the ground was absolutely Chockers and we played Middlesboro would have been start of 1996-97 season. Sat in the top left hand corner of Gwladys St. Obstructed views but I didn't care I was home. When Z cars started belting out of the speakers and the fans all rose as one I had Tears in my eyes. My love for The Blues has never waned and through the despair my love for the club has only got bigger. Its true and after reading from Evertonians all over the world I am so lucky I was chosen. Once a blue always a blue. I have an Everton crest on my arm and cant wait until we are back at the top where we belong. Currently working in Laos and waiting with anticipation for the next season. And isn't Cahill a GOOD LAD.

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