244. Vishal Poorundersing
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I'm from Melrose, Mauritius. Born 1978, I support Everton since my childhood. Actually it began like that, my three elder brothers chose each a team ( Manure, Redshite and Arse) and they told to take Everton. For me it was Ok and like that we played daily. As we say we are chosen, so really in my case I have been chosen. Since then, I remained an Everton Fans, however my three brothers turned to Manure. My first TV match was the FA Cup final against the Red Shite, ya we loose it 3-2. Then it continues for me like this. I started buying stickers and collecting the Everton Team. Sticking them everywhere in books, copybooks. My favourite player became Kevin Sheedy, and I also supported EIRE in the world cup. I still remember the 4 - 1 victory against tottenham in the FA cup semi final, and the final was simply a dream for me. One hour after the match it was still unbelievable for me that we won the FA cup. Here in Mauritius we don't have many Everton Fans. Most are either Manure or Redshite supporters. Many laugh at me when I say that i'm an Everton supporter, I become nervous but then i realised that they chose a team whereas I am chosen to be an Everton Fan. My next plan is to set up an Everton Supporters Club here in Mauritius. Surely after that we will have a tour to Goodison Park. Glory to Everton, Once a Blue Always a Blue.

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I've got the same history like you Vishal...well done
Vins, Mauritius, 1:21 PM 23/12/2010
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