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I live in Halmstad, Sweden (Freddie Ljungberg's hometown and a nest of Gunners fans). My dad use to support Arsenal but use to watch "SuperSaturday" on Swedish television in the 70's. He saw Bobby Latchford and the royal blue shirt and that was it. Maybe a gloryhunter? I don't care. I was raised and Everton was the only team. We bought the little magician, Anders Limpar after some scrappy years. But no signs of improvement. I have went threw a tough 90-decade with majority of United and Arsenal supporters. But finally I can see a team with players i'm proud of. First time I visited Goodison was the 20th of April 2005. Bought my Everton-shirt hours before the match. Decided to take Duncan Ferguson's number 10 on my back and guess what, he scored and Rooney got noseblood. We beat United for the first time in 10 years and Goodison was rocking!

Two years later I decided to take the plane to London and White Hart Lane. We hadnt beat Tottenham away in 20 years but what the hell? I would see Big Ben and maybe we could get a point? Kilbane off with just 30 minutes gone. 60 minutes later and 3000 travling fans was dreaming, I sat in an ocean of Spurs fans, and I controlled my feelings when we scored the first one. But after the second I was jumping up and down before the security guard told me "could you please stop chearing(?)". 2-0 we played brilliantly. 2 games, 6 points and 3-0. This Christmas me, my dad and my brother will travel to Liverpool to see Arsenal and Bolton at home. Cant really wait. Lets just hope it will continue.

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