241. Gopal Suppiah
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Hi Guys I'm 33 now, name is Gopal. I'm from Singapore. Well when I was 10 years old. I was playing football in a basketball court. And I use to play with people much older than me. So after I scored with an header, one of the older guys called me Andy Gray. So out of curiosity I wanted to find out who is Andy Gray, and who he plays for? Well Andy was playing for Everton and I became an Everton fan. Like They say Evertonians R Chosen. We do not choose.

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Well buddy Andy gray was the top scorer for everton years ago. Present times he appears has a sports commentor for Premier league. Sad thing he lasted a few seasons and he left, like they say there isnt ethernity for good things.
marcus, Spore, 9:12 AM 8/07/2010
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