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I was born in '84 - yeah a glory supporter, but hell...I was only 8 then and blue was my favourite colour - but 24 years on and colour has nothing to do with the choice of who I support (even though ROYAL BLUE is indeed such an awesome sight)

I must admit being born in SOUTH AFRICA robs me of the pure emotion of an English supporter - but I still hate those red shites with a passion and there are so many of them over here,including mancs,gooners and chelskis! Modern day Glory hunters - all of them,so I spose they wud never kno what it is to be a real football supporter - the kind of supporter that makes us TRU BLUES so special....even w/out that big money and many trophies lately,we still love our beloved TOFFEES! - we know our history!

It still gives me great pride to answer the 'who do I support question' - cos I know they wud not understand what it is like to support Everton,so that makes us truly unique amongst supporters of English football here in South Africa! I'm looking forward to another season where our boys push on for that European spot - it will be difficult, but I know we will get there! IN MOYES WE TRUST!

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