279. Dave Whitehill
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I come from a family of Brummies - my great, great grandfather, John  Devey, captained Aston Villa at the end of the 19th century and played cricket for Warwickshire - but I just happened to have been born in Mossley Hill, as my dad (plus family) moved up to Southport to take up a new job.

In 1966, at the age of nearly 3, I was, so I am told, a fledgling RS. But in that year a great thing did happen: Everton won the FA Cup and England also did quite well at something or other. So, even at that tender age, the two events must have made the decision for me (nothing to do with my brother threatening to murder me if I fell under the Shite's evil spell) and an Evertonian was born.

My school years in '70s Southport meant that I was surrounded by idiots falling under the Shankly spell, whilst the Evertonians were definitely in the minority; a great place to be, if you ask me. Needless to say, the hardest, coolest and wittiest lads were all of the Blue persuasion, with the red followers being mainly mouth-breathing half-wits living in a style-free microcosm.

Like all Blues who have followed our team for the last 30 or 40 years, I can't say it's been plain sailing all the way; from taking the champagne bottle out of Sharpy's hands in the stands at Carrow Road after the '87 Championship victory, to some seriously depressing results against the RS; from a fantastic trip to Nuremburg, to being the favoured whipping boys of ManYoo, Arse etc. in the Premiership years. 

But I wouldn't change much to be honest. I have no desire for the club to be bailed out by some sheikh, or money laundering oligarch. I now live in Sussex and the blokes stretching their new Arse/Chelss/ManYoo/Shite/Siteh shirts over their beer bellies don't fill me with hate or irritation - it's just real pity. Being an Evertonian for me is so much more than those people will ever understand or experience. The rare peaks are so much sweeter because of their infrequency but the unforgettable days, nights & weekends away at our games have been some of the best of times. I genuinely consider myself an Evertonian, in the same way that I am a European, an Englishman and an atheist; it is what I am. Being an Evertonian is not a choice.  Dave Whitehill



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Comments about 279. Dave Whitehill
nice one dave, one blue is better than a hunderd reds, labby,, wirral, but from kirkby, 3:07 PM 25/11/2010
Good words my friend. We dont choose,we are chosen
DarloDarrel, Between barcodes and kiddlesbrough, 8:07 AM 27/08/2010
'...I have no desire for the club to be bailed out by some sheikh, or money laundering oligarch...the rare peaks are so much sweeter because of their infrequency' - Spot on there mate, couldn't have put it better myself. Wouldnt swap being a Blue for anything may not be fashionable like supporting all the other shitbag clubs, but it's what makes us Blues what we are!!! ETID!!!
Noel, Leicester, 11:55 AM 26/08/2010
Dave............the bit about getting bailed out by whoever.............that is the best line in this text.........enough said...........our day will come..........without any money grabbing snide............let the other money grabbing whores get on with all that stuff.........everyone knows who I mean...................UP THE BLUES..........
Big Jim, Crosby, 12:22 AM 26/08/2010
Fantastic Dave! I had no choice in who I followed, everyone of my family except one unfortunate follow Everton and we have a big family! Best moment fo me that I clearly ememberis he 95 Final, GET IN RIDEOUT! Also, loved the penalty shoot out againt the Mancs a couple of seasons ago.
David, LA, 5:42 PM 25/08/2010
Lovely piece, Dave. Are we sure that we're not brothers because you've nailed everything I hold dear?
GD, West Derby, 5:27 PM 25/08/2010
I coulda not hava putita better meself!!!
THE BLUE KEBAB, MEKIKO, 12:20 PM 25/08/2010
Dave brilliant piece there, I'm proud to say I'm an Evertonian, I may only be 14 and only been to a handful of games, but I would never swap the experiences i've been through with Everton just to be a glory seeking redshite they're on their way down this season :) redshit - Leeds marc 2
Glen Williams, Anglesey, 11:53 AM 25/08/2010
Nice piece dave. I started going to the game in 1960, and have seen a lot of games since. And for me the best one was that life changing match for you, and probably quite a few others, at wembley in 1966. Being down there in the corner just yards from where Jimmy Gabriel ran down the clock and the corner flag was unforgettable.
Glen, Winsford, 11:50 AM 25/08/2010
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