278. Bob Latchford Goals Made Me Blue
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I wasn't really interested in football as a really young kid, but then at the age of 6 my dad took me to Goodison. It was 26-11-1977, Everton v Coventry, where a certain Bob Latchford scored a hat-trick and the blues ran out 6-0 winners.  I was hooked for life. From that moment on i have lived a blue life.  As soon as i was able to get a part time job I earned enough cash to get me to the game. I witnessed the highs of the mid 80's to the lows of perennial relagation battlers of the 90's, through the relative sucess of the Moyes era.

I am now a share holder (2 shares) since the sad passing of my dad and have moved to New Zealand where I fly the Everton flag even more ferociously than before. I have an Everton shrine in the house complete with signed shirts, posters and Everton Carpet!  I organise a 6-a-side team called Toffees NZ to play in a summer league. I flew home to the UK at Christmas and took a weeks unpaid leave so I could make it back for the Derby and currently booking flights to Brisbane to watch the blues pre-season match in July.

Call my self an Evertonian?  I am proud to be one and thankfull I was shown the light at an early age! Martin Bartholomew

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should speak to some evertonians going over and get a friendly 6 side going toffees uk v toffees nz get moyes to ref it , all in the name of everton fc keep the faith, and the flag flying high up the effin toffees i reckon blue kipper would like the pictures of the game lavos bet 5-4 toffess uk total admiration for you mate once a blue always a blue
craig , ormskirk, 8:28 AM 22/05/2010
'Call Myself an Evertonian',,,,i should say!!! My story starts at a very early age in the 60's. I was watching a program on the telly(in black and white),,and a feature about Everton and the redshite was screened. At this point , my three elder sisters asked my to pick a team to support,,,and i picked the team in white shorts!! This was Everton,,,and my whole family support the shite. They went nuts ,,,and i got a bit of a slapping ...(i was about 4 years old at that time). 'YOU WILL SUPPORT LIVERPOOL' was the cry,,,but i stuck to my choice. What made things worse is the fact that my mothers cousin is 'Ron Yeats',,,the then captain of the shite. So i saw Everton loose the 1968 cup final and win the 1969/70 championship,,,but had to wait until the 1971/72 season before i went to my first game. I watched as Everton thash Southampton,,8-0,,on a very wintery day , and i was hooked !!! I then had to wait till the 1984 cup final to see my beloved blues lift another trophy,,,,all those years of sticking to my guns,,and taking tons of shit from my family as the redshite won everything in sight. Yer,,,i call myself an Evertonian. P.S,,,, The number 1 record when i was born was,,, 'You'll never walk alone',,,,i'm going to be sick!!
Jim Crampton, Liverpool, 3:20 PM 21/05/2010
Nice story lad! My father is english and a true blue, he's that pationate that he had maked me a proper Everton Fan!!! Unfortunately, as I live in Fance, I can't go often to the match... Never mind, I'm 200% behind them! And I do call myself an Evertonian too Steffen Rimmer
steffen, France, 6:25 PM 20/05/2010
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