Call Y'self An Evertonian? 275. John from Ayrshire
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Just returned from the Fulham game.  488 mile round trip from Scotland.

I'm 54 and have been an Everton fan all my life.  Loved the day despite last minute changes from Sat to Sun and having to re-arrange hotel bookings. 

Spent the day in the pubs with all you Everton fans and was royally entertained.  Don't get down very often but what a day.  Here's to a better start next year and who knows what we can do.
John from Ayrshire (and my mate Tom from Airdrie)

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Comments about Call Y'self An Evertonian? 275. John from Ayrshire
Here, here.
Aidan, Blackpool, 2:52 PM 27/04/2010
i fly from oslo every week to anfield. i love watching mr capital of culture gerrard and below average players like kuyt but i love liverpool more coz of slow yard dogs such as jamie carragher. just to let you all know yes i am 1 of them wankers in the kop with my scarf upside down above my head singing you will never walk alone in broken english
lars benitez, norway, 2:49 PM 27/04/2010
Just had a great weekend at fulham game 500 mile round trip.I am 48 fan since 1967, i brought my wife mum-in-law and father in law who are in late 70's never been to a football match before and they loved it. We were well looked after by the stewards in lower park end as my father in law cannot walk far. I come up a few times throughout the season but it never seems enough
Dave, Benfleet Essex, 12:51 PM 27/04/2010
welcome back any time pal
ste, huyton, 12:01 PM 27/04/2010
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