All Call Y'self An Evertonian
285 Five Reasons Why I Became an Evertonian

I'm a rookie Evertonian. A greenhorn. A new kid on the Toffee block. I'm 39 years old and I'm the typical American sports fan who grew up watching the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. This past summer I was introduced to the Premier League. Within a week I was hooked, for ...Read More
284. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Toffees

A bit long, but this has been quite a process over the last month. Credit to Ryan for inspiring me to write about it!Growing up in Peru, my first exposure to ...Read More
283. Touring In Europe

I've been touring with a musician for 2 and a half months across 17 countries from England to Greece. I've been spreading the Blue Gospel throughout the Balkans including Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia.   I'm now in Belgium for the last gig. At 10pm tonight i will be driving from...Read More
282. Lee Walsh

So you have taken the kids on holiday at half term to Dubai - as you do! The Mrs and kids are asleep on the A380 Airbus, so you sneak off upstairs for a cheeky bevvy, start talking to the only other bloke in the free bar at 3am and he turns out to be a Toffeeman! Lee Walsh works i...Read More
281. J. Keoghan

'Father Christmas doesn't deliver to Liverpudlians.' My mum's matter-of-fact declaration, delivered to my five-year-old self on a cold December evening thirty years ago has been running through my mind of late. My own son's interest in the beautiful game is beginning to build and it won't...Read More
280. Danny McGovern

I saw my first game at Goodison with my grandad in 1946 versus Huddersfield Town. I moved to Canada in 1987 after watching the greatest Everton side ever. I worry about the future but still hope that something will happen. So much history can not die.  Danny McGovern, Aurora,...Read More
279. Dave Whitehill

I come from a family of Brummies - my great, great grandfather, John  Devey, captained Aston Villa at the end of the 19th century and played cricket for Warwickshire - but I just happened to have been born in Mossley Hill, as my dad (plus family) moved up to Southport to take up a new job....Read More
278. Bob Latchford Goals Made Me Blue

I wasn't really interested in football as a really young kid, but then at the age of 6 my dad took me to Goodison. It was 26-11-1977, Everton v Coventry, where a certain Bob Latchford scored a hat-trick and the blues ran out 6-0 winners.  I was hooked for life. From that moment on ...Read More
277. Tim Corbyn

Being born in a small non-league town called Worcester, there was very little local football to really get into. We have always been brushed off as not being part of the West Mids, so I had no interest in Villa or Brum. When I was 7, my best friend was redshite and I was a nobody....Read More
276. Bolton Or Everton A Big Choice

On my 5th birthday my dad got me the Everton strip! Don't know why because all my family are Bolton Wanderers season ticket holders! I'm Everton and they must have dropped my brother on his head when he was a baby cos he supports? correct. Redshite!! Anyway I wore that strip,...Read More
Call Y'self An Evertonian? 275. John from Ayrshire

Just returned from the Fulham game.  488 mile round trip from Scotland. I'm 54 and have been an Everton fan all my life.  Loved the day despite last minute changes from Sat to Sun and having to re-arrange hotel bookings.  Spent the day in the pubs with all you ...Read More
249. Jonathan Williams

I was born 12th May 1984, ring any bells. It was the day Everton beat Watford 2-0 in the FA cup final. 11 minutes past 1, 1 hour and 49 before kick off. My dad, a then season ticket holder had 2 tickets for wembley, and 2 train tickets for himself and a friend. My old dear was taken in on the thu...Read More
248. Jon London

Both of my parents grew up in Norris Green, I grew up in Billinge, near Wigan. Mum was from a large family of reds and I have loads of red cousins but one of my earliest memories is, sometime in the late seventies asking my Dad what team he supported. "Everton lad" he said ...Read More
273. Eric Stevenson

I was born in liverpool in 1956. and I have supported the club ever since. I have seen them play when they where called the school of science, and could do no wrong. I've seen them at rock bottom when they seemed to be able to do no right. And still throughout all...Read More
272. Padraig Falvey

I was born in 1978 in county Kerry Ireland to a family of Red Shite supporters!! When I was 7 my school teacher was a Blue Nose and he convinced me that was the way to go!!!! Still love watching the Mersey side Derby with my dad even if we don't come ou...Read More
271. Clive Govender

I was born in '84 - yeah a glory supporter, but hell...I was only 8 then and blue was my favourite colour - but 24 years on and colour has nothing to do with the choice of who I support (even though ROYAL BLUE is indeed such an awesome sight) ...Read More
247. Margie

I was born and raised a 'red' by a pair of armchair 'reds'. In fact my whole family were particularly stupid. I felt so alone and lived under a cloud feeling I didn't belong. It always felt wrong somehow; who in their right mind would follow the shite? I felt uncl...Read More
246. Jon Jarvis

My first game was at White Hart lane around about March 1971. Alan Whittle scored the winner and as you all know, we went on to win the title with the "Holy trinity" of Ball, Harvey and Kendall. Living in Kent all my life ( some bugger has to keep the Frogs away) ...Read More
245. Michael Tracey

My old man is a Tottenham fan born in London. My family have no connection to Merseyside or the North of England at all. I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. and have been an Evertonian all my life. My dad or mum can't explain it. I have had ups ...Read More
244. Vishal Poorundersing

I'm from Melrose, Mauritius. Born 1978, I support Everton since my childhood. Actually it began like that, my three elder brothers chose each a team ( Manure, Redshite and Arse) and they told to take Everton. For me it was Ok and like that we played dai...Read More
243. Henrik Nygren

I live in Halmstad, Sweden (Freddie Ljungberg's hometown and a nest of Gunners fans). My dad use to support Arsenal but use to watch "SuperSaturday" on Swedish television in the 70's. He saw Bobby Latchford and the royal blue shirt and that was it. Mayb...Read More
242. Francis Dadez ( aka Evertondadi)

Born in 1960, my first TV game was the World Cup Final 1966. I'd support England and since that date I like (or love !) the English football. The first time I heard the name Everton was in 1970 with the Championship win. Later that year I'd seen the Eur...Read More
241. Gopal Suppiah

Hi Guys I'm 33 now, name is Gopal. I'm from Singapore. Well when I was 10 years old. I was playing football in a basketball court. And I use to play with people much older than me. So after I scored with an header, one of the older guy...Read More