Famous Fans - Fred Lawless
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Fred Lawless is a local playwright and more importantly an Everton season ticket holder & lifelong blue. Fred has written scripts for Brookside and Eastenders, as well as radio and theatre plays. He was born in Dingle, Liverpool, where he attended the Liverpool College of Crafts and Catering and trained as a hotel manager, working in several city centre hotels. He then became a market trader and ran a stall at the renowned Paddy's Market in Liverpool. Fred went on to found the country's first kissogram company, where he employed 30 staff. In a remarkable about-turn, he entered the TV industry, becoming a producer of Brookside following the success of Too Close to Touch, his radio play about the 1939 HMS Thetis submarine disaster in Liverpool Bay, which was widely broadcast by the BBC.

Now he dedicates his time as a  playwright. His last few shows have been at staged at the Royal Court in Liverpool including 'Slappers & Slapheads', and their Christmas show last year 'Merry Ding Dong', which was about an Evertonian living next door to a kopite and featured a song called 'Rudolph the blue-nosed reindeer'; it also had a hilarious ending which took the piss out of the redshite and the Sunderland beach ball incident. Thanks to Billy Bullens for the info.

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