Sir Paul McCartney
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It's official, in case you were unsure, the Scouse knight Sir Paul McCartney is an Evertonian.

Apparently first confirmed in the Observer Sport Monthly, details can also be found in Neil Roberts recently released book, 'Blues & Beatles'.

Macca said:
'Here's the deal.'

'My father was born in Everton, my family are officially Evertonians - so if it comes to a derby match or an FA Cup Final between the two, I would have to support Everton. But after a concert at Wembley Arena I got a bit of friendship with Kenny Dogleash who had been to the gig. And I thought, 'You know what?' I am just going to support them both because it is all Liverpool and I don't have that Catholic Protestant thing. So I did have to get a special dispensation from The Pope to do this but that's it, too bad.'

'They are both great teams. But if it comes to the crunch, I'm Evertonian.'

We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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Comments about Sir Paul McCartney
Never mind about Macca, what about Ron Sexsmith?. He's so brilliant that he just has to be a Toffee, even though he's Canadian and knows little about football....
Lennie, West Kirby..., 9:20 PM 4/09/2012
Nice one, Sir Paul, nice one. Just goes to show All You Need is Love :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 12:13 PM 23/02/2012
Dear Prudence and contributors, thanks for the posts. It's been a hard days night, however I thought that we could work this out, together as Evertonians. We should all come together and, as I have said to Mr Moyes 'don't let me down'. I do think about this club eight days a week, and I do know that we need help! and trust me, I am no day tripper, but a lifelong Evertonian. Sometimes our seasons are like a helter skelter, however I've got a feeling that it won't be long (from me to you) until (hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby, Sgt Pepper) I can get back to Goodison Park in my yellow submarine. Take care, peace (ebony and ivory, frog march, Venus and Mars) and LOVE! Oh, my new album, Kisses on the Bottom, is out now, priced £11.99.
Sir Paul, Back in the USSR, 12:18 AM 23/02/2012
Hate this idea of being born a blue/red etc. You are brought up supporting the team your Dad or guardian who follows footy, supports. It's called conditioning. My kids will be encouraged to support the Blues because I'm a mad Evertonian. But to say you are BORN and that it's actually it's in your DNA that you are an Evertonian is shite.
Dr Hyperbole, Costa del Garston, 9:14 PM 22/02/2012
Wow, 2 unlikeable things on this thread. 1) Aaron, check yourself in to the local phychiatric unit in Bristol. It maybe accepted down there but, I have never heard such shit, get them drugs out your system. 2)Paul Mcartney, what a cock, how old and how long has it took him, to talk football ? Publicity ? - Just STFU and lie on an LA beach somewhere.
Alan, Hinckley, 8:38 PM 22/02/2012
I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU`VE BEEN DRINKING DOWN IN BRISTOL AARON BUT IT`S NOT DOING YOU ANY GOOD? WAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS SAYING YOU SUPPORT EVERTON F.C. and the shite. Go to next derby v the shite at anns-norwegian-field and watch the shite spewing out the kop looking for trouble. In fact it might be a good idea if you went and stood outside the shite end and shook a few hands with your BLUE and red scarf on and see how you get on. HAVEN'T YOU HEARD, YOU'RE BORN BLUE ETC?
TERRY , WALTON, 4:53 PM 22/02/2012
I agree with him, I like supporting Liverpool and Everton, because either way I have something to look forward too, apart from when both teams lose of course!
Arron Red and Blue, Bristol, 3:03 PM 22/02/2012
@ Grongy, it shows how much Macca knows about football. He's talking out his arse. There's never been a religious divide between the clubs and there never will be. I wish the Protestants and Catholics would fuck off out of it and leave the rest of us to enjoy the game. Can't stand religion or anything to do with it, everywhere it goes it causes trouble. You only have to look at the Irish.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 2:44 PM 22/02/2012
Cant believe people are slating Paul Mc...he's a legend!
Adam, L12, 2:35 PM 22/02/2012
Think he's got himself confused with the Old Firm there. Two teams from one Methodist Sunday school team. If you know your history, Paul..... I've only been going to Goodison since 1990 - has there ever been a religious sectarian element between the clubs?
Grongy, Salford, 2:32 PM 22/02/2012
Let's be honest, why should he put his money into Everton? It's his money. He could give us 300 million and once that's gone like all football fans you will want more, then end up hating him. Get a grip. You're making us sound like begging tramps.
Ste, Liverpool, 1:03 PM 22/02/2012
Catholic/ Protestant? What's he talking about? I totally agree with Steve and Tommo. He's a complete tosser. I would not want him to have anything to do with Everton.
Pat S, Southport, 10:37 AM 22/02/2012
Why does everyone bang on about McCartney buying Everton, he's not a billionaire, in fact I saw that he's worth £300m, which I'm sure none of us would turn our nose at, but it's not that much in terms of football, and what clue has he got about running a football club?
Jim, Everton, 9:11 AM 22/02/2012
He's still an absolute tool! To be honest, I was a bit gutted to hear he's a blue.
Tommo 79, Aberdeen, 9:01 AM 22/02/2012
Stick to dying your hair, pulling mad gurning faces in every pic, doing the outdated peace sign and try to write something half decent since the late 70's. Wouldn't want him associated with the club. Stick to chilling out in Beverly Hills. Ringo and Paul only refer to footy when they want a bit of media, during the times when they're trying to plug something. They could care less about our sport.
Steve, Croxteth, 10:39 PM 21/02/2012
In his own words..."I don't care too much for money...money can't buy me love!! Well Macca, it can certainly buy you the best club in the world! You can't take your mega millions with you, so time to buy the club you love! Blue Bill should get on the phone to him straight away!
Arthur, Family Enclosure, 7:26 PM 21/02/2012
Now that he's given up smoking cannabis, maybe he could put the money he's saved into the club? While he's at it, he could also contact his billionaire friends and get them to buy Everton! His daughter Stella could design the shirts plus he could write a song for us all to sing at the match!
Scouser, Merseyside, 6:35 PM 21/02/2012
Good shout
Toffee Barnet, Old Boys Pen, 6:11 PM 21/02/2012
Put some money into our club then.
Stef , Old Swan., 5:24 PM 21/02/2012
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