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Mark P Sadler, author of the novel 'Blood on His Hands', is an ardent Evertonian.

Mark emigrated to the States to attend university in 1975 and has now settled down and resides in Tucson, Arizona. He first became interested in Everton as a ten year old child in 1966. Being a short, curly red-headed boy, Alan Ball soon became his childhood hero and Sadler has followed the Toffees ever since.

To this day if the game is not shown on Saturday morning TV he is up at 5am, sitting in front of his computer watching the game unfold in print, and of course wearing the latest Everton shirt.

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Thanks to my friend Paddy Houghton in posting this on Blue Kipper. Paddy was the first person in England to buy a copy of Blood on His Hands - thanks again pal
Mark P Sadler, Tucson AZ, 1:20 AM 30/03/2011
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