Super Brat a Blue
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Tennis God John McEnroe is now a Blue. The ex Super Brat was on Merseyside to compete in a pre Wimbledon tennis Tourney, and whilst here he pledged his allegiance to the mighty Blues.

Mac is keeping an eye on the USA team in the World Cup and in particular Tim Howard who as we know had a stormer against England.

John was presented with an Everton shirt, and also with one of Tim Howard's Everton goalkeeping jerseys, which he was seen to be wearing  later around Calderstones Park.

Let's hope some of Super Brat's winning ways rub off on the Mighty Blues this coming season.

Well played Mac, welcome to the greatest football club on the planet.

John says: "I'm no expert but he seems like one of the best goalies in the world.

He had a great game against England and made some huge saves. We are happy to have him!"

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McEnroe in a Blue Shirt "You Cannot Be Serious"
WHATSOURNAME, Liverpool, 10:14 PM 15/07/2010
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