Despicable Everton's Hindsight Hammering
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Copy of e-mail sent to journo Neil Moxley following a piece in Sunday People titled "Smooth Martinez comes unstick with his Toffees"


Mr Moxley


My wife came in today bemoaning the fact that she couldn't get hold of her favourite Sunday Paper. A occurrence I've long given up on for the past 15 years as the standard of intelligent journalism was slowly being eroded by the lazy "I'll think I'll make up a story with imaginary sources" crap people get fed.

If you can cram in enough bile and obvious facts to suit the piece the knob-heads who read such drivel will nod their heavy heads and grunt agreement but I read through the sports pages anyway against my better judgement.

How refreshing it was to read your 'Smooth Martinez comes unstuck with his Toffees' piece today. After fifteen years it seems the hindsight gifted sports journalists are alive and well and are still pricks who feel they need to criticise honest hard working clubs who dare to spend a club record of 28 million on a striker and not do what you lizards think they should.

No mention of the 290 million spent by Liverpool 349 million spent by City, 300 million spent by Chelsea and United etc etc over the last few years.... Don't you think it would be more apt to question why a team who can flout EUFA fair play rules and spend 32 million pounds on a centre half who had the back tore out of him on every occasion yesterday, 20 odd million on a forward who couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo, a 17 million pound winger who wouldn't know a target if a target was painted on it and the rest of the 'fantastic City team who only managed a draw with a bunch of no hopers who dare to have an honest manager who doesn't sulk and send his assistants to talk to the assembled terrarium exhibits. But Jose's untouchable... Bet he even smiled at you once didn't he, and you've treasured it ever since.

But no, you ass kiss the big guns and tell the world how wonderful they are, fighting for Champions leagues, Premierships and cups and how great they are for beating other clubs with 1% of their budget 2-0 !!!

I'd be ashamed if I were you. Look up the word journalism and ask yourself if that's what you are doing. When you should be really asking why we collectively watch and you lot praise the clubs who totally have an unfair advantage in a competition which is the very antithesis of the word. I never thought I'd say this but American sport laughs at us.

We put up with it because we love our clubs and your snide potshots at them isn't going to change that and we're not the dickheads you think we all are... The 70's are gone you dinosaur. Do your job properly and write an article on why we should have a level playing field, handicap systems and rescuing our sport from Scottish footballs sorry state.

Premier league, ( you need to look the meaning of that word up too) ....Premier Circus more like.


NB. As I write this, City have just spent another 30 million on a striker just in case they find it difficult with their current squad to beat Burnley. We wouldn't want to cheat you of all the ass licking and praise you want to give them if the only manage a draw again.


You even look like a journalist.


Not yours, but sincerely


David Roberts



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Comments about Despicable Everton's Hindsight Hammering
Good article and I agree with all below but eh! Come on, if a multi billionaire come in and promised to buy our club and present us with a treasure chest of riches with world class players arriving by the bus load would you say NO. Exactly we would snap their hands off. But still not a bad article
Markblue3, Huyton, 11:41 AM 18/01/2015
Great article David...reality of Premier League football today !!
Sue Balmer, Netherton , 9:43 PM 16/01/2015
Brilliant article well put...
Denis, Kirkby, 6:38 PM 16/01/2015
Absolutely spot on brilliant piece of writing and so true, well in mate.
Ezza, D, 11:15 AM 16/01/2015
Absolutely brilliant, spot on
John Munro, southport, 9:18 AM 16/01/2015
Excellent i love it! Well said xx
Debbie Stanley, Crosby, 11:07 PM 15/01/2015
Haha yep a good rant that David I also think we get no praise for actually doing as well as we do without the financial clout of these wonderful old English clubs sadly now in foreign hands ,we are the best of the rest the best of British haha imagine the jingoism if the Manure or the shite still had English owners . Give us some respect you red tinted bitters #COYB
Ian Clarke, Prescot, 10:23 PM 15/01/2015
Outstanding David Roberts , really enjoyed reading that.
Lovjoy, Mossley Hill, 7:58 PM 15/01/2015
Quite right about FFP being a complete nonsense and totally ineffective. Best way to make the Premier League more competitive is to follow the example of Rugby League and introduce salary capping. No doubt the top 4 on the rich list would block that idea though.
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 4:13 PM 15/01/2015
Chelsea or Man City will buy the Premier League trophy again this year and Man United will have a bought a big slice for nowt .
scousegeordie, northumberland, 4:01 PM 15/01/2015
A BRILLIANT rant I reckon many will agree with :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 1:39 PM 15/01/2015
Perhaps Mr Moxley would like to have his views printed so he could hand them out just before kick off at the lower Gwladys .....cock.
woody, bedworth, 12:34 PM 15/01/2015
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