The Old Lady - Is She Being Let Down?
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Firstly I should set out where I'm coming from on this. I've been supporting Everton all my life (I'm 58 now) and saw my first game live against Chelsea in 1968. I can remember the 66 cup final but only from watching it on the telly. Season ticket holder through much of the 70's (Carlise away and at home still makes me feel physically sick...) before work took me away in 1978. I've lived in Cambridgeshire for the last 30 years. I probably get to no more than 6 home matches a season these days and a few away but watch all the matches on tv. So probably sadly I'd have to admit that I'm more of a fan than an actual supporter these days but no lessening in my devotion to the wonderful Blues.


What worries me is the atmosphere at Goodison these days when I go to a game. Since all seaters came in atmosphere at most grounds has gradually eroded but at the last few games I've been to (including the Villa game) even though we were comfortable winners there was hardly any singing apart from the Villa fans and generally (and I was guilty of this myself) we just tend to sit there and watch the pretty patterns played out by Roberto's team. The fact that he has introduced a style that is very patient and only comes to life when an opening has been worked just doesn't lend itself to the fans getting really behind the team through singing. I should say I was and still am a big fan of Moyes. I think without his work we'd have still been in the doldrums over the last 10 years and Davie's approach was a bit more "up and at em" and encouraged a more raucous approach from the fans. Equally I'm delighted to now have Roberto as our boss and I think his style is good and will take us on to another level particularly in Europe but sadly I cant see it bringing back the old days of great atmosphere and singing. Maybe this is the price we have to pay for this style? I should say (and again this is probably true of most teams) whenever I get to an away game, the singing and atmosphere with the away fans is magnificent. It always has been a great away support for Everton but part of me wishes we still had matches at Goodison like we had in the 70s when the Gwladys were in full voice and if the Park End weren't doing it they'd get it with both barrels from the Street End as well!


The Goodison crowd will always be up for the big games against the usual suspects but how do we get Goodison back to the bear pit it has been in the past for the routine matches - for the sort of games that Alan Brazill still talks about on Talksport as the most hostile, noisy intimidating ground he ever played at?


So...the irrelevant rantings of an old (ish) man who should get up to speed with the real world and realise things have changed? Or a legitimate concern that we can do something about? I'd hate for Goodison (or if we have to move - a new Goodison) to lose what I still remember as one of the most formative emotions in my life - that presence the Old Lady had of a raucous bear pit of a place with huge support for the lads in blue and an intimidating effect on any opposition that dared to think it could step on to that pitch and take us on...


COYB!!! Gerard Ryan

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Comments about The Old Lady - Is She Being Let Down?
Robertos syle of play is a big factor, its such a slow build up sometimes that it can cause frustration and almost like being at a theatre waiting for something exciting to happen, when we counter attack quickly like v Arsenal last season 3-0 its a cracking atmosphere. Moyes style, although not as pretty, was sometimes alot more exciting!!! I have been to both a Barcelona home game and a Dortmund home game, at Barcelona the slow build up play created a library type atmosphere and at Dortmund the quick attacking and high energy play created a manic, ear drum bursting atmosphere.
Chris Fisher, Kirkdale, 12:18 PM 21/11/2014
Agreed, however I'd add there's to many people waiting for a mistake. Look at Naismith when he 1st came people couldn't wait to jump on the lads back. Atmosphere is all about the opposition (so a Derby or "Top 4") or the performance. Unfortunately we play a slow and steady possession game, so it's difficult to get the crowd going. Think there are new songs coming through, Coleman, School of Science, Eto'o. I'd leave the organised signing to the Reclaim the Kop boys, but some mild changes to increase singing is always good
Luke, London, 11:57 AM 20/11/2014
Tony , maybe i was a little over the top but will stand by the majority of what i say ! 80 percent of the park end go the game and sit in silence thinking they could manage a team playing at the top end of the table. The other 20 percent watch the corner of the bullens ! I also stand by the fact they think they are too cool to sing or even wear their colours to the game !
fred, runcorn, 10:17 PM 19/11/2014
Crowd volume is relative to success. When we were scrapping at the bottom the crowd cheered every header, tackle, throw in etc to get the best out of our quite shocking players. Now we're more stable in the league and pushing for honours we don't see the need to cheer and shout at everything as the players don't particularly need that crowd spark to produce a moment of genius. So we either become league strugglers or re-introduce standing
Neil, Aigburth, 8:35 PM 19/11/2014
well said Tony (12). I wasn't tying to have ago at anyone particularly and certainly not the Park End (Daz 7). Just commenting on how the atmosphere has changed over the years. I think Andy (8) you're probably right. Just the way it is. Trouble is even if we weren't playing well in the "old" days, you could always rely on Reidy or Physco (or before that Micky Lyons or Jimmy Gabriel to kick someone to get the crowd going but you cant even do that now without risking getting sent off although to be fair to Phil Neville he gave it a go against Ronaldo! Anyway I'll be there on Saturday against the Hammers so hopefully they will donate their usual 3 points to us and we can all tell them in full voice where they an shove their bubbles! COYB!!!
gerard, Huntingdon, 7:08 PM 19/11/2014
Fred what are you on! Having a pop at your comrades ain't on lad. Park End is what it is... and I suspect because of the acoustics when the gladwys St singing you can't hear. .. cos they do sing honest. To be fair I've thought the same about the gladwys St but stopped before I made a knob of myself by going public. A mazing how you've managed to stereotype several thousand fans in one foul swoop. You must be a real fan eh? Not like us too cool experts. Has a season ticket holder in the park end snagged your bird or something? Chill out lad... we're all blues and the finest fans on the planet
Tony, wavertree, liverpool, 6:00 PM 19/11/2014
the park end is full of baldy fat fucks who think theyre too cool for singing and been there and done it. cos theyve watched Everton for 30 years they know more about football than the manager. if you really want to study the game and sit in silence then go sit in the bullens or main stand and view formations properly, but then again they do make much more noise up there ! ive said it before about the park end ! they need to get behind the team instead of any singing being directed towards the away fans !
fred, runcorn, 11:02 AM 19/11/2014
To correct an error in posting 5 that has already been published under Caps . The point I should have made is that being more community based than our corporate rivals we should follow the example of "rebel" clubs like St Pauli were going to the game is akin to going to a concert . Even in the most expensive seats the atmosphere is great . Likewise at Borusia Dortmund Germanys best supported team has a strong club / fan identity . Connect with the issues that affect most young people and the economically disadvantaged ( most who follow Everton will find they fit somewhere ) then the volume will go to "11" .
Paul, Wirral , 11:10 PM 18/11/2014
Agreed !!!! mostly
Billy , winsford, 7:15 PM 18/11/2014
Sorry mate its a sign of the times everywhere is the same its all seater stadiums even the likes of Newcastle fans are very quiet at home but noisy away.I watch / support Aberdeen cos it's my local team and they had possibly the first all seater in uk and the atmosphere at most games is poor in fact you can hear the sweetie wrappers (ask joey Harper) but away from home its noisy.
andy, Aberdeen, 6:55 PM 18/11/2014
Gerard good points made mate,and Tommo your bang on as well pal,but let's not just blame the park end(not coz it's where mine n me kids seat's are) but I think we all only sing when the gwladys start it off,and let's be fair that the usual rendition of "if ya know yer history" is only half sang and ends like everyone's forgot the words well it's embarrassing at times,it looks well when smaller clubs have lots more songs to sing than our usual ditties. Any budding songwriter's out there,coz we defo could do with some new one's.
daz.m, st.helens, 6:02 PM 18/11/2014
When the place is quiet,you can hear a pin drop from the top balcony,when it's on fire,there's no place like it,real personal in your face fervour,no ground can replicate.Everton have always had amazing away support for as far as i can remember,at home,if it's not one of the big time charlie teams coming to town,well Russ Abbot wont be singing about "An Atmosphere"sometimes it feels like the worlds biggest gathering for a seance.We have i feel always suffered from that age old adage"the sense of doom"we are the masters of self dread"eg both Crystal Palace home games,contained that air of cosy,but expect the inevitable,like Phil Collins,invariably sang about it "Coming in the Air Tonight"so unfortunately this middle aged Evertonian smells it to.That massive rug being pulled from under me,as the home crowd suffer big scale laryngitis.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:35 PM 18/11/2014
Number of caps won by Ball , Labone and Wilson was in the greatest era of English international football so not comparing like with like. Most of the recent 100 cap holders are more noted for their anonymity at big tournaments. Rooney only looking a great player in 2004. Jagielka, Osman and Unsworth would not have been first choice in are best teams so in another era would not have got near to an England cap . Alan Ball and Ray Wilson would probably be in most knowledgeable football fans best England Team . Beckham , Gerrard , Lampard , Rooney & Cole represent what is most valued by the X factor / sky generation of football consumer . A world cups more noted for the WAG / minor celebrity entourage.
Paul, Wiral, 2:35 PM 18/11/2014
Totally agree
David Lamb, LIVERPOOL, 2:34 PM 18/11/2014
We need something to sing about. We need to win something. Too many false dawns. A derby win, safety and a run in the cup. That's been our lot for nearly 20 years. There will be a full house v the hamsters. Why? Because we believe this dawn might deliver success and we generally like our football style. Passion on and off the pitch is another matter.
Ivor, G St, 2:27 PM 18/11/2014
The fans get up for it when there's something to get up for. This season its' been like watching netball matches.
Macca, Huyton, 2:10 PM 18/11/2014
Could not agree more. The Everton travelling support have been fantastic but at home woeful. The park end is a disgrace. I think 5000 Evertonians sit in that SINGLE TIERED stand mostly in silence. Villa fans asked the question right next to the park end, IS THIS A LIBRARY. It might as well be. Went to Lille recently and they pumped music into the stand to prompt fans to sing. The park end needs help.
Tommo, Walton Vale, 1:56 PM 18/11/2014
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