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It's been a long time coming. 


"Those who understand, need no explanation... Those who don't understand, don't matter."


Not for quite some time had the above line been as relevant as this time last year, when one of the biggest things that makes us who we are was treated as something corporate bosses could play with.


The crest that had represented us for 75 years was stripped of all its glory, left completely bare of the elements that we had grown to love and be proud of.  It was unrecognisable.  It was not Everton.


Amidst the understandable (and what should have been expected) uproar, we were then fed the nonsense that the crest had changed before.  Not true, or at least a very questionable choice of the word 'change'. 


Since 1938 when it was introduced, the crest of Everton Football Club had contained two laurel wreaths flanking St Rupert's tower, with club motto 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' presented in a scroll underneath.  Even in the 1970s when a simple 'EFC' adorned the club's shirt, the crest could be seen on match programmes and countless other things representing Everton.  The same is true during the 1980s, during which time kits featured just the wreaths and the tower.


The point is, when the crest was created back in 1938, it stuck.  Generations of Evertonians grew up to respect it and wear it with pride.  When something means so much to so many, why on earth would anyone even consider tampering with it?


We found ourselves asking questions like this, with a lack of legitimate answers preceding an eventual 'apology' from the club.  A subsequent vote, for which we should be very grateful to the hard work of former Director of Communications Alan Myers, ensured a return to something we had wanted all along: an Everton crest.


On a personal level, perhaps one of the most controversial consequences of this time last year was my decision not to buy anything containing the badge masquerading as our crest.  I spoke to people who completely agreed and planned to do the same, but also some who suggested I get a grip.


Both sets of fans, however, would probably have been shocked to learn that I would not attend a home game whilst what I considered to be a fake badge surrounded Goodison.  Prior to it being plastered across the ground, I had bought tickets for the pre-season friendly against Real Betis.  I didn't go, and then missed out on seeing any of Roberto Martinez's excellent first season from the stands.


Having endured my first season in which I didn't watch a game at Goodison, I sincerely hope it is my last.  I previously couldn't imagine a situation that would keep me away from watching Everton, and a lot of supporters reading this now will probably see me as extremely passionate or extremely idiotic (or both!).  Matchdays are special, but even that moment when you first see the ground in the distance didn't have the same feeling any more.  It felt like whilst everything was going so well on the pitch, an imposter with no eyes (wreaths) and no message ('Nil Satis...') was claiming the credit.


The biggest positive to come out of the whole situation is that, as we always do, Evertonians stood up for themselves.  The people responsible for the change had tried to pull a fast one on the fans, but they hadn't counted on us fighting back.  Supporters of smaller clubs may well have been powerless to act against the suits who are only interested in making a quick buck.  Not at Everton though.


There is a distinct difference to having a resemblance to an Everton crest and actually being one.  Disgracefully, the 2013/14 monstrosity could claim neither.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Time for me to get back to Goodison.  Up the Toffees. Tony Davies @TonyDefc  

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Original crest on a Royal Blue shirt must ever be the primary visual manifestation of Everton Football Club.
John T, Bristol, 9:08 AM 14/07/2014
Not going to a game because of the crest ..... Shocking....stay at home next season too as Roberto is going to grow a tash
Eco, Chester, 12:39 AM 12/07/2014
I admire your stance although I wouldn't of let the badge stop me going the match. I didn't buy any merchandise with that carbuncle on and reckon if everyone had bought the stuff perhaps we'd of not seen such a rapid about face turn around, even so that year was an eternity as getting poked in the eye goes. Now it's a contented inner sigh when I see it. So good riddance to bad marketing rubbish. Why does moving with the times mean having no taste and hope lessons are learned. COYB
Ian , Prescot , 10:47 AM 11/07/2014
"St. Rupert's tower"?! Prince Rupert [whose tower it was] was [by all accounts] a dashing, good-looking, hard-drinking, womanising, daredevil cavalry officer... not quite the CV for a saint!
njr1330, liverpool, 7:40 PM 10/07/2014
I was quick to dislike last year's crest, and was initially unconvinced by both the new manager and his signings. But you know what? They grew on me. I don't dislike the new one - although I have to say it's a bit bland, but I do wonder if this season turns out to be a mare whether anyone will be calling for the return of the "lucky crest".
Rupert Stower, Halewood, 10:13 AM 9/07/2014
Last seasons badge is exactly that,we all had a moan but our great club listened and changed it,NSNO is back and that's great in my eye's,we as Evertonians are on the verge of something special,I think we will be pleasantly surprised this season, if not I'll show my arse in Woolies window,(oh I forgot they're closed down aren't they?).COYB
daz.m, st.helens, 12:10 AM 9/07/2014
You are just hurting yourself by not going the match. No one cares whether you go or not, very childish
Alan Morris, Southport, 9:54 PM 8/07/2014
Phil Preston,don't buy the merchandise by all means,but to boycott the matches? you missed watching some sublime football.
barb, wirral, 9:48 PM 8/07/2014
Last seasons badge was more a reflection of how Nike rated us as a brand for their product . They did not regard us elite enough for a unique kit design and decent badge . The current new kit although in my view not great does reflect our heritage and is not just the job design for those regarded by the company as 3rd rate.
Paul , Wirral, 8:02 PM 8/07/2014
You need to get a grip mate. God help us if Carling change their logo .... FFS
Biffa, West Sussex, 7:01 PM 8/07/2014
I whole heartedly did not like last years badge,i am more comfortable with this years design. But please don't be that fragile were upon you take a stance were you vow to not attend any game. The depth of one's attachment to any club,even regardless of Everton, should mean a whole bigger package than some half hearted back handed design. I don't wear kits,nor have i ever done or will,but i cherish my club and represent them verbally more so than visually. If it takes a shoddy design to alienate your self from Goodison, then you will more than likely be walking a supporting tight rope all your life. Everton is not "Zoolander"
the obsructed view, liverpool, 5:01 PM 8/07/2014
Spectator #2, your comment about Dave Biggar is massively unfair and wrong. Myers was a waste of space, but Dave Biggar worked his bollocks off for Everton FC and many of the long, improved sponsorship deals the club is now enjoying are largely if not entirely down to him !!!
Andy, Warrington, 2:32 PM 8/07/2014
Before anyone else points it out I realise that for some reason I have referred to the tower as St Rupert's rather than Prince Rupert's. I don't even know if there is a St Rupert and if there is I'm pretty sure he had nothing to do with the Blues!
Tony Davies, Birkenhead, 2:29 PM 8/07/2014
Bit heavy fellas. I know what it is to be a blue from my first game aged 5 in 1967 through to last season, family aside it is the single most important aspect of my life, its my Everton. At a recent job interview i was asked to prepare a presentation about something i am passionate about unrelated to work. It was of course my Everton and after the first draft of 20 slides of facts, figures, video etc etc, i decided that i would use 1 slide with just our badge and spent 20 minutes explaining what my Everon means to me and my life. The HR director present who was a wonderful lady preceded after i had finished to tell me that she never watches football or even likes it, but she was captivated and engrossed, just as i was more than 40 years ago and still am today. The club changed the badge and agreed to immediately, no need to behave the way you guys have. i also think you really undervalue the work that BK does and his willingness to listen to supporters. enough with the bolshie shop steward stuff, look what militant did for our fair city. oh yeah. i got the job too.
bitter, Liverpool, 2:27 PM 8/07/2014
Dear Lord, protect me from people like this. If any of you who protested so vehemently about last seasons crest had any idea of the process that the club put into operation, and the process internally for it being agreed and adopted, then you might think a little outside your own world. It was not a knee jerk design, it was not five to five on Friday night decision and ultimately it was a unanimous decision. As for the poll of those against it, that poll was never substantiated as being however real and individual persons as can be argued by record merchandise sales especially replica shirts last season. Methinks it's time some folk realised that for the club to survive in the long, long term, there may need to be some give and take. Lady seasons crest was more modern and simplistic in design so as to hopefully appeal to an increasing corporate marketplace for sponsors, investors etc. This new crest will likely fail in that mission as it looks old fashioned, and irrespective of the 'tradition' argument, the club has to move with the times. Arsenal radically changed their crest and after the initial anti feelings, it now universally accepted by ? Gooners everywhere... So why can't we have a more modernised, simpler crest? I know I'll get pilloried for voicing my opinion on this, but as an Evertonian with over 44 years under my belt - first game vs Chelsea in 1970 - I think I'm entitled to an opinion.
Andy, Warrington, 2:25 PM 8/07/2014
Agree that the badge wasn't great and totally behind the campaign to get it changed. But credit must go to the club for acting quickly and putting things right when they realised albeit through fan pressure that they had f**ked up. Cant have people not going to the game though cos they dont like the badge!! whats all that about? anyway welcome back next season Tony. Hope everything is to your liking
steve, knotty ash, 1:45 PM 8/07/2014
What a lot of nonsense. The club badge has changed many times over the years and all the versions were shown on the club site at the time the new one was presented last season. I didn't like the one for last season and am glad it changed again this time but it would NEVER stop me going the game whatever shape it took, I think that's a lot of drama queen garbage and has nothing to do with supporting the club. The fans did well to organise and make sure their opinions were taken into account (and the club DID respect their views), but to act like Mr. Davies is playing the martyr too much for my taste. As for Alan Myers, he and Dave Biggar (both now gone) were responsible for promoting the new design in the first place and then telling porkies about its approval by the fans forums! But don't let facts get in the way of a martyr's pose.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:03 PM 8/07/2014
I agree that the crest was poor and not in keeping with our history and traditions, however, if your kids were marred in an accident and lost their appearance would you not go and visit them in hospital?? a supported raises their opinions and despite everything goes at supports the club. Seems to me that you've been cutting your nose to spite your face as the club had already said they'd change it. Yes they made a mistake but give them credit, they listened and fixed it (with or without your attendance).... will you go to the game if we have a new stadium built ?? get a grip and put Everton before petty morals
yozza, runcorn, 12:41 PM 8/07/2014
Well said mate. I totally agree with you. I didn't buy any merchandise with last season badge and didn't attend any matches. I can't wait t get my kit for this season and get back down to Goodison for Ossie's testimonial
Phil, Preston Brook, 12:30 PM 8/07/2014

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