Moyes Never Dared
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Chris Smith has a view on Moyesy:

"In March 2002, it began with a desperate 2-1 victory against Fulham at Goodison Park. 11 years and 517 games on, David Moyes' Everton career ends with a disappointing 2-1 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. With the outpouring of well-wishing for the departing manager largely poured out by now, fans were left to behold a performance which bore the wastefulness and frustration that has characterised Everton's initially promising season.

Bearded, Spanish teddy bear Juan Mata benefited from the sort of woeful howler Jan Mucha's impact appeared to have ironed out of Tim Howard's game to give Chelsea a seventh minute lead. In the blink of an eye however, Goodison folk devil Steven Naismith profited from an equally calamitous David Luiz mistake to play a nifty one-two with Victor Anichebe and finish neatly past Petr Cech.

The goal was the least Everton deserved but unforgivably all they added as the afternoon degenerated into the sort of promising-build-up-rubbish-finish annoyance that has cost the Toffees Europe this year. And so it proved again as sympathy-magnet turned born-again goalscorer Fernando Torres forced Naismith, Steven Pienaar and poor old Nikica Jelavic to rue missed chances as he walloped home to seal victory in the second half.

Starting Naismith, whilst on the surface a decision that rewarded Everton with a goal, was a poor selection. The time and space he occupied in front of Chelsea's back four was cut out for a genuine no. 10, and if a meaningless, end of season game isn't the match to give Ross Barkley that role, then I don't know when is. Victory would have affected Everton's league position the same way defeat would ie not at all.  In terms of Everton's league position, this was as dead as dead rubbers get, and yet Moyes' 'game-changing' substitutions again displayed the tactical reservation that has blighted his Goodison career.

Negative as ever

Despite the fact Everton were easily passing through their opponents with short, quick one-twos, Moyes withdrew Naismith and Anichebe for Nikica Jelavic and Jonny Heitinga giving the Dutchman Marouane Fellaini's defensive-midfield role and pushing the Belgian further forward. Everton at once sacrificed their intricate approach for direct punts into the box, allowing Chelsea to impose their own passing game and take control. Consequently, Everton got deeper, deliveries became less accurate, Chelsea were able to clear, push out and eventually nick the winner. To preserve a meaningless draw for Christ's sake.

A win would have secured Moyes' best ever Premier League points haul. As it is, Everton finish sixth, 10 points off the Champions League, nine the Europa. Miles away. Poignantly, Moyes' Everton reign ends in the fashion which defines the limitations of his tenure. Another loss for the scrap book of misery that documents 45 games without a single league win away at Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Mention the words worked wonders and shoestring budget all you like, but that record is appalling. It exposes an inferiority complex which, once transmitted to the players, has forced them to accept escaping with a point is not only an accomplishment but an aim. He who dares wins in the Premier League. Moyes never dared. That sits well with no Evertonian. Whilst most Blues accept replacing Moyes is an enormously difficult task, any incoming manager should be aware fans would be receptive to anybody who shows more bottle in these fixtures."


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Comments about Moyes Never Dared
It is very easy to find faults with Davy Moyes,but I bet we do not finish as high as 6th next season.Maybe 2 years of Martinez and you will realise what a great manager he was for us.
milom j, wirral, 12:49 AM 13/07/2013
There's one thing you can guarantee. If Moyesy had 'taken risks' and LOST and we had been RELEGATED, the same people who attack him would then attack him for 'taking too many risks.' Fucking idiots the lot of them, and that's why they aren't in control of anything to do with football. They'll do the same thing to the next manager, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that...........................................
Tony, Stoneycroft, 7:44 AM 25/05/2013
Some good points here from those firmly in the pro Moyes camp. But I feel that maybe they are missing the most salient issue. His failure to win us a trophy, derby matches,and other 'crunch games' was not down to resources,size of the club,or players available. Moyes transmitted fear,caution, and overt respect for the opposition. Psychologically we started these vital games with doubt,circumspection,and a fatality to lose. We dont 'hate Moye's' we just see him for what he was, flawed. Those of us with maybe a more objective view of Moyes's tenure, refuse to join in the Kenwright hyperbole of seeing Moye's as 'A legend' or 'One of Everton's most successful managers'. He simply is neither of these things in our eyes.
Lennie, West Kirby., 1:44 PM 24/05/2013
As an Everton fan it is fans with attitudes like the one in this article who make being an Everton fan embarassing at times. Bigger (and dare I say some even better) clubs have fought relegation or even been relegated. Think Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham. For Moyes to have not only avoided relegation when he inherited such a poor squad, but to regularly fight at the top half of the table shows a fantastic achievement. Really, how many of us could have picked out such obscure players for small fees? Arteta, Cahill and Pienaar for a combined fee of c.£6.5m? He did a marvelous job with such limited resources and those who criticise any part of his management tenure must seriously not remember the disastrous 90s.
Jamie, Walton, 5:15 PM 23/05/2013
Its worth noting while Moyes didnt win away to those teams his first home victory against United was Everton's first victory over them home or away league or cup for 10 years, so its hardly like we were trouncing those teams before Moyes was in charge.
Bored, Work, 12:55 PM 23/05/2013
Some responders to this article seem to bandy the phrase "Moyes haters" around far too easily. Most of the negatives I have ever heard about Moyes do not border on hatred, more frustration at his negativity. I share this view. Many commentators, myself included, have given credit to Moyes for the job he's done. He has transformed the club from the sorry mess he inherited to one on the verge of the elite once again. He's reinvigorated the club, given us a new lease of life, provided a better structure, a new platform from which to launch, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the man to finish the job. Why not you may ask? Well, despite all the positives, there are negatives that some of us believe have hindered his ability to be more successful. His negative tactics, his curse of sticking to tried and tested favourites who are under-performing whilst youth patiently waits in the wings (untested), and an inability to take a calculated gamble to win a game. This latter point seems to draw the conclusions that by doing so we'd be in a relegation scrap. Please! What total bollocks. Most of us are talking about games where we've surrendered 2 or even 3 points because of an inability to take such a gamble, so if we're squandering points from such games, I'm not sure your arguments concerning a relegation stack have much credence! You can't lose more than 3 points in any one game. As for all the shit that we can't be expected to win at the top clubs with the finances that we've had. Again, what a load of shit! Moyes has built a good squad, albeit one lacking depth. So, it's the belief and tactics that have prevented successes at these grounds. I've been to many of these games and we don't play with the same desire, tempo and belief as we do in home games or against other sides away from home. This can only come from the manager and the coaches. Lesser sides have been to Arsenal, United, Liverpool, Chelsea in the last 11 years and won. So, I don't accept this easy excuse that it's down to investment. Time will tell as to whether we were too harsh on Moyes but I believe he took us to a platform that allows the next guy - if he's good enough - to take us on again. Moyes was good, but he's not great. Lowered expectations are a dangerous thing
Newty, London, 8:08 PM 22/05/2013
History to date will list Catterick and Kendall as Everton's most successful managers. Those of us old enough, will measure Moyes,and his legacy against this standard. He made some fantastic signings,and the quality of football did improve, especially over the last 2 seasons. His biggest faults,detailed passim, were his failure to win us a trophy, and the consistent 'falling at the final hurdle'. No Evertonian should ever forgive Moye's for that infamous team selection at analfield,the season before last,pure contempt for our history and the fans. Listening to the final 45 minutes of the Chelski game on radio Murkeyside last Sunday,summed him up perfectly, try to hang on to the draw,backs to the wall,and pray. Just not good enough...........
Lennie, West Kirby., 6:19 PM 22/05/2013
"He who dares wins in the premier league" A few Leeds fans may disagree. All the Moyes haters will become the Haters of the new manager when we finish Mid-table next year. They also probably want Martinez in, A guy who in 5 years could not coach a team how to defend causing relegation battles for 5 years. Moyes has done outstanding in the transfer market, that is the reason we have done so well since he arrived. Baines, Jagielka, Distin, and Coleman is one of the best Defenses in the prem. How much did that back four cost. Credit to Moyes.
JB, USA, 3:10 PM 22/05/2013
@ rhodris-dad, rhyl: The Moyes haters were never going to be fair. I'd rather watch my club be the "best of the rest" than watch relegation battles because the manager takes too big a risk. 3 points from Utd, 4 from City, 2 from Arsenal and 4 from Tott'ham -There's not many who had so good a time against the Super Rich 5
Chizzy, Chatteris, 2:08 PM 22/05/2013
I agree with this article to a certain extent. Undoubtedly Moyes has vastly improved us as a team, to the degree that expectation amongst supporters has been raised to expecting a European place and challenging for cups - this is beyond debate, and Moyes should be thanked for that. However, having got us into the position to win a cup or get into Europe, for some reason the team has consistently bottled it when it matters. Unfortunately, that comes from the manager. The manager must make the players believe they can go somewhere and win. They must believe they can win a cup, and the tactics must allow for this to happen. So, in summary, Moyes did very well given the club's circumstances, however having got us to the brink of success on a few occasions, never had the guile to get us across that final hurdle. This is plainly evident every time we play Liverpool - Moyes allowed the players to see themselves as the underdog every time, thus giving Liverpool the continued psychological edge. No matter how poor Liverpool were, we'd never beat them. So near for Moyes, but so far. A perceived lack of money can't be blamed for bottling it against Fiorentina, Liverpool (several times), Chelsea in the Cup Final, not turning up against Wigan this year or not winning at LFC, Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal in 11 years, when a team is realistically expecting European qualification and a cup. Why Moyes couldn't take that final step...only he can answer. Finally, he had a terrible track record of nurturing young talent. How many promising young players have we signed (granted, for modest fees), only to never hear of them again or find them doing well for another club having been released by Everton?!
Sam, Cheshire, 1:57 PM 22/05/2013
Isnt it strange that Man utd, who would probably have chance of getting most of the top managers in Europe, havent also seen the light and agree with the football geniuses who think Moyes is unambitious, negative and tactically clueless ? A six year contract ? Oh dear what have they done ! Moyes will no doubt make mistakes at Utd (who doesnt ) but I think sadly for us he will show what a good manager he is and how far he could have taken us with a bit more money to spend.
Jonesy, St Helens, 1:53 PM 22/05/2013
Bang out of order this. We would have been relegated years ago if anyone (we could afford) other than Moyesie had been manager.
Paul, Warrington, 1:07 PM 22/05/2013
If anyone wants to know why Evertonians have a reputation as the biggest moaners in the Premier League they need only read this article. Not a scrap of understanding in it.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:37 PM 22/05/2013
exiled blue: 'With as many (or even greater?) restrictions Royle won at Anfield and the FA Cup' Not as many restrictions at all: Royle managed us when money was nowhere near the problem it was for all of Moyes' time here. Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea and our failure to win there is a little depressing, I agree. But let's be fair: City won the league and became the world's richest club in that time, Spurs (and us) qualified for the Champions League, and several other sides have finished above some (certainly one) of the rather cherry-picked list of those teams. Honestly, you can argue Moyes was too negative (he was, though only rarely) and I fully agree that not having won a trophy is disappointing (I can even accept 'unacceptable' though I fear that rather ignores the realities of the modern game), but let's not rewrite the past here: our League record under Moyes is better than under any manager since Harvey took over, we reached semi-finals and (one FA Cup) final, we made an impact in Europe for the first time since winning the CWC (albeit the Heysel ban plays a role in that, too) and Moyes achieved this with far less cash than any of his predecessors AND in an environment where the richest few clubs continued to get richer. He may not have been the greatest manager we ever had, but he was certainly a very great deal better than anything else in almost 30 years. Genuinely, let's not try to rewrite history just because we didn't agree with every single decision he ever made. I had to put up with Harvey (who is a man I greatly admire and I'm sad he couldn't have done better as manager), Walker, Royle and Smith and I can assure you we were a far far far worse side under them, despite the fact Moyes inherited the results of their - and our owners' - mismanagement and mistakes. We should be thanking him for what he did, not asking why he didn't win 11 consecutive league titles...
Rory O'Keeffe, England, 12:10 PM 22/05/2013
Don't want to sound too harsh on Jela but, he had 3 good chances to score after he came on!(6 more goals from him, in drawn games, & we'd be in Europe) Big Vic was creating nothing in the 2nd half:POSITIVE sub. Moving your top scorer forward from midfield: POSITIVE. All this shit about him not winning at "top teams" grounds for 11 years not fair. Yes he has not won in the last few years when he has had a decent team, fair criticism. When he took over, we were lucky to win 1 away game a SEASON! July 1st he becomes just another manc to hate like shrek but bitter blues belong on that OTHER site. Moyes is not above criticism but let it be fair!
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:07 PM 22/05/2013
I think that we have to strike a balance, when we have opinions of Moyes. Positives, are some good signings and consistency. Negatives are some dodgy signings and tactical gaffs. My regrets have been the ruination of some strikers playing as the lone striker and chasing down the opposition defenders. This must have a debilitating affect on them, and they lose the 'real purpose' of what they are in the team for! To score goals. Evidence of this are:- Beattie, Yakubu, and more recently Jelavic. We don't want to see our team as a bottom 6 side, but by the same token we would like to be up there challenging for Europe and trophies. I can't see things getting any better on 'shoe string' budgets, and a lack o ambition by the current board, coupled with the need for a new stadium. It's obvious, that to keep pace or even challenge for Europe, that we need a 'respectable' new financial backer to tae us to the next level. Good luck to the new manager. I hope he's top drawer, and ambitious!
Mal, St.Helens, 11:18 AM 22/05/2013
Agreed, 45 games without a win at 4 venues appalling. Having said that it will change pretty soon when he gets his first game for the scum. Good riddance moyes and lets get a manager in who actually wants to win at these grounds.
Markblue3, Huyton, 10:59 AM 22/05/2013
I suppose it depends on your perspective. Would you prefer the odd away win against the sky four and be in a relegation battle. Or, annoying as it is, no wins against these teams and be in the top half. I suspect were going to find out.
matt williams, chester, 10:27 AM 22/05/2013
he's gone now.. its history and doesn't matter...move on! please god, no more David Moyes posts, he did a great job, we thanked him and he has left.
bitter, liverpool, 9:48 AM 22/05/2013
When I saw the sub heading "Negative as Ever" I thought it about summed up this piece of drivel.
Watching Brief, Cyberspace, 9:37 AM 22/05/2013
A well written appraisal and i agree that many times we have not gone at a team only to concede late.
Alan, Hinckley, 8:53 AM 22/05/2013
Good points and ones many feel about Moyes - good but limited - and a fair balance between the plaudits, verging on the sycophantic and those whose bile ridden criticisms are way over the top. Worth remembering that with as many (or even greater?) restrictions Royle won at Anfield and the FA cup.
exiled blue, Croydon, 8:50 AM 22/05/2013
What about the 3 sitters that Jelavic missed? The subs gave us chance to win the game. If Jelly had taken those we would have. He can't hit a barn door and has been well and truly rumbled
petefairy, endor, 8:36 AM 22/05/2013
Well said that man, a truly excellent summary of David Moyes' tenure.
Marco, Suffolk, 8:34 AM 22/05/2013
Spot on, I have a lot of respect for Moyes and I wish him well (but not at the expense of Everton). However, he has an inherent fear and too much respect for the top clubs - with the exception of Man City. Why Man City? They disrespected Moyes and he reciprocated that straight back to them on the football pitch, proving that the current squad is more than capable of beating the top teams in the Prem - if they believe. Moyes didn't believe we were a top team under his reign and that filtered through to the big games. The real shame is that we are good enough, easily on par with Tottenham and Arsenal, not too far off Chelsea and Man City. I don't think anyone is near to Man Utd, but Moyes was happy to finish one step ahead of our neighbours - something that is seen by many as a success because we haven't spent as much dosh. Not something I would measure success by.
Mark James, Leeds, 8:32 AM 22/05/2013
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