Phil Neville Is The Man For Me
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E- Mail from Blue Peter

I have listened to all the possibilities for our next manager and most of them have something about them to do a decent job at our great club. But whoever is chosen will be the luckiest man alive.

Who deserves to be that lucky man? Well I think Phil Neville is that man. Yes he is inexperienced but he has been the captain of the club for the last seven or eight seasons at the club. He will know the working of the club and most importantly he has the respect of all the players in the squad. You could see that as he walked out on Sunday to take his bow.

Bill Kenwright knows him and if there is such a thing, Phil would be an easy choice. He could get help from the likes of Alan Stubbs and Duncan Ferguson on the side lines.

Also he is very impressive in front of the cameras and always seems to say the right thing.

I have looked at the odds and @ 16/1 he is worth a few bob.

The one thing for certain Phil Neville is going places in the game. So why shouldn't Bill take advantage and get him before somebody else does.

Is Phil the man for you?

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Comments about Phil Neville Is The Man For Me
All these people saying he loves the club, he's a legend etc etc, that is not enough to give him control of our club! If we're just looking for a legend we've got bigger and better ones than Phil Neville and plenty who were better players! Being a great pro doesn't mean you'll be a good manager, plenty have been found out at the top level such as Roy Keane, Alan Shearer or even ex-Everton legends such as Ratcliffe. We need someone with experience and i'd like to see someone who plays a more positive attacking style as I feel we have the players for it.
Michael, Walton, 1:54 PM 17/05/2013
Jose would be good choice but dont think he has the bottle to show if he is the special one without pots of money to back him up
Dave, Wigan, 10:28 PM 16/05/2013
Martinez has just taken a team down - is that the man with the right credentials??? I would say not. I know he won an FA cup too but so did Portsmouth not long ago and we weren't all clambering for their manager. Phil Neville is the absolute made man - cost nothing in compensation, knows the club and the constraints he needs to work under, has been talked up by Moyes all season and has relationships with the Champions ex manager and the Champions new manager, has won medals domestically and in europe and has vast experience - much more than Martinez. - He is the ideal choice for Kenwright to make, everyone must see that - all the talk of Laudrup and Martinez etc. is still a gamble - Are we guarnteed anything with anyone? No, not really. Phil Neville is the prime candidate I'm afraid - I know some people won't like that but I'd say give him a go.
Dave, At Work, 12:28 PM 16/05/2013
I don't understand the naysayers when it comes to Phil Neville. We have a strong core team at the moment, I think it's essential that we keep it settled and evolve it. What represents the biggest risk is someone coming in from outside and starting from scratch. Phil clearly has the respect of the dressing room and he has been captain for a number of years. Looking at the alternatives I feel Phil is a safe pair of hands. 100% the right choice for me.
Pip, Wirral, 7:11 AM 16/05/2013
Having been managed by Sir Whisky Nose and Moysey (two of the best managers) i think Nev would be perfect for the job. He's played in the champions league, managed our club for 8ish years, knows our club inside out. I'm sure Nev would do things a little differently than Moyes having developed at manure (winners attitude, AKA two up top). I'd throw him in at the deep end. Rather him than 3+year relegation candidate Martinez anyway..
wilwam, chester, 11:44 PM 15/05/2013
Yes, with no experience as a manager it looks like a big gamble, but he's a bright fella who come across really well. He knows the current squad intimately, has their respect and let's face it, it's not going to change that much over the next couple of years - during his bedding in period. He's been through a bit of shit over the years (e.g. giving that that pen away for England) and never once bottled it and met everything head-on. I've never thought of him as a particularly outstanding player, but at Everton, as our captain, his influence has been massive. So, compared to the other names that are being bandied around, particularly fuckin Martinez, is it that much of a gamble? I'd love him to get the job!
Trebnik, Ormskirk, 7:36 PM 15/05/2013
Theres too much sentimental shite getting talked on these pages.Neville big dunc stubbs etc.They are stepping up from training the youth teams to pitting their witts against experienced managers.My preference is martinez as hes available and knows what its all about.This would be a disaster going down this route of sentiment.
mark, north wales, 4:40 PM 15/05/2013
Would not go with Neville. Time for a few fresh faces I think. Lots of stigma around the ex-pros like Moyes, Stubbs, Weir, Neville etc all being defenders and our style of football matching theirs. Maybe we should go for an ex-pro who was an attacking midfielder/forward (not big dunc just yet). Vitor Pereira, Michael Laudrup, Gus Poyet, Franco Zoa - all names of managers who play more offensively.
alpha1, England, 1:37 PM 15/05/2013
How about Stuart McCall, just been voted SPL Manager of the year, finished second behind Celtic in the league and has European experience at Champions and Europa League level. Also a big plus, an ex Blue who knows the club.
Elblue, IOM, 1:18 PM 15/05/2013
'Skipper' Phil will do me. I've weighed up all the other suspects, and they all look suspect to me. NSNO.
Colin Evans., Gloucester (WCB)., 12:48 PM 15/05/2013
In any kind of business, if you work under a manager for seven years then the style of management would definitely rub off, so to say that Phil Neville has no experience of management is not entirely correct. I would possibly give him a chance with Steve Round (assuming that Steve is going to stay). This would lead to the minimum disruption going forward. David Moyes chose to play Phil on occasions where it was his pitch leadership that was required, I believe this to be significant. I wonder if David has made any recommendations yet? I would have thought so. Lastly the advantage of his relationship with David Moyes and Alex Ferguson cannot be underestimated. We all watch and wait with interest!
Graeme, Devon Blue, 12:17 PM 15/05/2013
Phill neville lacks experiance but he loves the club and he knows the players well, however he doesnt have any experiance in buying and bringing players in with the amount of money we have, I think Martin Jol is a good shout he has a good record at spurs, ajax and hamburg, although he isnt doing well at fulham(because of players sold) dempsey demblele and he knows how to spend his money (berbatov)
Db, Liverpool, 11:59 AM 15/05/2013
Phil Neville is the ideal candidate in my view. He loves the Club, knows the squad and will have learnt from Sir Alex and David Moyes over the years.He is a born leader....well worth a punt! COYB
Tony, Altrincham, 11:51 AM 15/05/2013
Definitely the one for me. Has everything going for him except experience. Go on Fizzer you know you want to.
Lucky Lady, Wirral, 10:48 AM 15/05/2013
Phil Neville has been a good pro for Everton who has great diginity but these are hardly the only qualities needed to take us forward. Lots of former Everton legends have these in great abundance. We need someone with proven managerial ability who can develop our football club given the financial constraints, who can work the transfer market wisely, win a trophy and not remain tied to the reins of Man United. Laudrup and Martinez seem to be best candidates. Although the former I suspect has greater ambitions than managing Everton at present.
Bluehawklord, Wirral, 10:17 AM 15/05/2013
Phil Nev all day long, this man is special and has that football glint in his eye. Stubbs or the big man as his number 2 but involve them both. Moyes going could be the catalyst for a very special time at Everton, and bring the young lads through now, we have some amazing young players, if your good enough you are old enough!
bitter, liverpool, 8:40 AM 15/05/2013
I just want BK to weigh it all up and appoint the person he, and any advisors he's got, think will make us a better team.Give the a guy a break, I think he's in mourning, sort of, and just needs to get his shit together before he puts his thoughts to who should take this vital position. Note, I would like to stress vital.Not fantasy,or speculative,or fun.
Win, Stafford, 5:28 AM 15/05/2013
How about Zola as a shout?
Ricey, Birkenhead, 11:52 PM 14/05/2013
I was previously shouting Bilics name about for manager but after saturday Neville has shown he loves this club. Thats what we need not some fly be night manager whos only concern is his huge salary. Go Phil id take a gamble, its his destiny.
rick, plymouth, 11:52 PM 14/05/2013
Would love him to work alongside someone (laudrup is best but Martinez a good second). Just on his own i fear a Middlesbrough-like slide south as they had with Gareth Southgate in charge too early, as well as the Shearer one at Newcastle. Give it a few years under Laudrup/Martinez, then when they move on he can step in.
Rob Leigh, maidenhead, 11:11 PM 14/05/2013
Agree with Shane 4 Neville along with Irvine with be a good choice. Promote from within , someone who has the respect of the players , someone who knows the players , someone who knows the regime , someone who knows what is reqd to move the team on. Bit of a risk I know , but did anyone watch Wigan tonight , defending was awful, is that what we want?
bluenoseronnie, Londonderry, 10:51 PM 14/05/2013
Definitely a potential coach for the future, considering Moyes played him week in week out to organise the lads on the pitch this season rather than trying out any of our yoof. It may be a tad too much too soon for him, but really there are not that many steady candidates knocking about who are either proven winners or proven premiership experience. We do need to sort it out as soon as the final whistle blows on Sunday before everyone worthy gets snapped up.
Az, Wavo, 10:37 PM 14/05/2013
How about Phil and their Gary as an assistant? Might be fun on derby day,winding the RS up big time. Please, not Martinez,Lennon or Hughes.
robbie o, everton, 10:17 PM 14/05/2013
I think Phil or big dunc could do well compared to some of the names being mentioned. I'd rather see Irvine brought in as assistant tho a bit of experience and a top quality coach.
shane, wales, 10:01 PM 14/05/2013
I agree with your choice, I think he could do a good job. He has the respect of the other players and existing coaching staff. I also understand he's spent a lot of time working with Moyes and round. The only thing that may count against him is his ability to attract the right kind of player that's required to progress. The very worst that could happen is we stagnate for a season whilst pip builds his own contacts and network of scouts up. It's not a big a gamble as some other names that have been linked to us may be.
Bridges EFC, Newport, 9:02 PM 14/05/2013
could not agree more...........................
rocky, speke, 8:47 PM 14/05/2013
Too much of a gamble for me. Well respected and a top bloke the players will respect, but that doesn't qualify you for keeping a club with no money in the top 6. He is yet to prove himself in management, players like Stuart Pearce, Gareth Southgate, Roy Keane were all well respected players but got found out in management. If we promote from within Big Dunc would be my choice with Stubbsy by his side. Dunc is just as unproven, but who would you be more scared of playing badly under, Phil or Big Dunc??
Col, London, 8:40 PM 14/05/2013
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