Is he the Moyesiah?
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So, what a week for two of English Footballs heavy weights. In truth, it all felt rather predictable if not surreal. Predictable in the sense that many Evertonians have long suggested Moyes may one day take over from Sir Alex Ferguson but surreal in so much as he's become part of the furniture at Goodison, after an eleven year trophy less managerial spell that is almost unheard of in the modern day game.

Back in 1986 when Alex Ferguson - as he simply was back then - took over the Manchester United hot seat, the football landscape was very different. Putting aside the European ban, this was a different era of football and of football dominance, one in which I was still in my informative years and my own childhood expectations were that the great club I supported would always be winning silverware.

Everton had come narrowly close to completing a unique treble the year before, winning the 1985 League title, a fiercely competitive European Cup Winners' Cup (defeating German powerhouse Bayern Munich in an epic semi final along the way), and were only denied the treble when medallion rattler Ron Atkinson's Manchester United beat Everton 1-0 after extra time in the FA Cup Final, only days after the European final. But, as I say, it was a different time; Everton had played 63 games that season using little more than 15 or 16 players and the FA Cup Final, especially extra-time, took it's toll on what had been an epic season. It makes a slight mockery of the best looked after footballers we've ever seen complaining about too many games when they're in a squad of 30 players. Everton had been so dominant in 1985, they won the league title by - at that time - a record points margin and included a complete 5-0 demolition of Manchester United at Goodison Park. A year later, Alex Ferguson took charge of United and started his quest towards breaking up the Merseyside footballing monopoly. The decade finished with the Merseyside giants as the top two clubs in English league history, Liverpool winning the last of their 18 league titles and Everton having won the last of our 9 in 1987.

That tide started to turn at the beginning of the next decade. Ferguson's first trophy was the FA Cup in 1990, followed by his first league title in 1993, and we all know the story from there.

So, does Moyes have what it takes to carry on the incredible job Ferguson has done?
It's truly a tough question. I think, with Ferguson still in the background, he has a much bigger helping hand than most in the game. He's going into a club that runs like a well oiled machine, one with a winning mentality, and one that has money to invest in world class players. That's not easy to balls up, but the weight of expectation and the long shadow cast by Ferguson will take some adjustment for any new manager coming in, no matter how tough their mentality. In that regard, Moyes is a solid choice. He has a steely resolve, commitment and strong work ethic, which will no doubt see him through. I would be surprised with the facilities, players and funds available to him, if he were to win nothing over the course of the next two years, but I don't expect him to be a raving success. If he is to win the United fans over, he is going to have to drastically change the footballing philosophies he demonstrated at Everton. Some may say, and Moyes may argue this himself, that he had to adopt certain footballing strategies as an approach to dealing with the restrained conditions he and his team were working under at Everton. However, I know plenty of Blues who share my opinion that he just didn't have that winning mentality, too often playing it safe rather than gambling and sticking his neck out when it mattered. He who dares wins, so said Del Boy via the SAS.

So, how is the mood amongst Evertonians? It's difficult to fully judge. I obviously know a lot of Evertonians having grown up in Liverpool, traveling home and away with the club extensively down the years. We all communicate with one another very regularly on all things Everton, and no less so than this week. The age of social media also means I can pick up threads of feeling from other Everton fans I don't know personally via platforms such as Twitter, and the mood is not - as supporters of other teams may think - despondent. Sure, there are a large proportion of Blues (most likely the lion share) who are disappointed, but there are a fair few that are, should I even say, delighted to hear Moyes is moving on. My seventy-four year old Father was no doubt dancing around the living room on Thursday. I don't know yet because I've not called him but my Brother - equally nonplus about the news - advised me the'Arl Fella had said, "I hope he falls flat on his face at United". A few years back, after more than a decade of total commitment, Dad and I both gave up our season tickets because we were tired of coming away from games constantly complaining about the same thing week in week out, disgruntled with the style of football Everton were playing, and the ludicrous team selections and substitutions by the Manager. Don't get me wrong, the results were far better than they had been through the darker days of Walter Smith, but it was not entertainment, more a sense of duty to our club, a duty to invest where our board was failing miserably and turn up no matter what. After more than a decade, especially with me now living away from the City, it became a little too wearisome. This was largely a response to Moyes despite the "good job" he had done in stabilising Everton and taking us away from being perennial relegation strugglers, back to a more palatable league position in the top five to eight teams.

For those of us who watch Everton week in week out and have done so for a very long time, there are common themes of disgruntlement in regards to David Moyes and his managerial style. There appears to be a self-perpetuating belief that he gives youth a go but when you truly analyse it, there are many occasions where he could have given youth more of a chance. Wayne Rooney was actually a very spectacular example of that. Looking back, it's easy to be critical because you also have to remember Moyes was a young manager, still feeling his way, a relative unknown, and was dealing with a Prodigious young talent for probably the first time, but many of us at the time felt he was underplaying Rooney and this argument seemed to bare fruit when Rooney joined United and scored a spectacular hat-trick on his European debut. There are more recent examples this season when a young Ross Barkley never seemed to get a chance, farmed out on loan, before coming back and playing very well in away games at Spurs and Arsenal, only to be unceremoniously dropped as soon as one of Moyes' old favourites become fit and available again. Duffy, Vellios, and Oviedo are other examples of potential young talents who have not had a look in, when first teamers like Heitinga, Neville, Osman and Jelavic have been going through the motions. That's not to say some youngsters haven't blossomed under Moyes, Seamus Coleman being an excellent example, but they are - in my view - far fewer than maybe there could have been. When you see the ability from a player such as Barkley, you wonder why he's not been given a longer run.
Then there are his negative tactics and late, late substitutions. I've lost count of the number of games where I've screamed myself hoarse seeing a change in the pattern of play, desperate for the manager to stem the tide, yet it only ever seemed to happen after we conceded the inevitable goal. Of course, by then, it's often been too late. Everton have drawn more games in the Premier league this season than any other team (15), and many of them have been from winning positions, where a vital substitution was not made until too late. Some may think I'm crazy given our resources and squad, but we should have comfortably qualified for Champions League football this season given some of the points squandered. I may sound like a loon from across the park with that statement ("Liverpool Logic"), but Blues will know there have been many points surrendered this season that were avoidable had it been for some more gutsy managerial decision making. There are very fine margins in football and the great managers demonstrate balls.

I've not even started on the many occasions Moyes bottled the big games, when lesser teams (albeit many have been relegated since) have won trophies and also gone to Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and United, and won; something Moyes was never able to achieve in eleven years. Quite astonishing.

I've had good debate with fellow Blues about Moyes down the years and respect what others believe about him. We're all welcome to our own opinions. I'm a little harsher in my summary than my Best Man for example, but much more balanced than my Dad. My own view is clearly in the minority amongst the football journalists and experts, but my belief is that he's a good manager, not a great manager. I think he's a top guy with many great qualities, so I have a great deal of respect for him as a man, as a professional and as someone who always had Everton's best interests at heart, but I've felt for some time that he had taken Everton as far as he was able and it was time for something fresh to see if we could push on to that next level. Careful what you wish for maybe but that's not what made Everton great in the past.

Only time will tell whether Moyes was a great, or just a good solid manager. I wish him well, but having developed a strong dislike for Manchester United at the age of eight when they stopped us from doing that treble I mentioned earlier, I don't wish him that well. Onwards Evertonians.  Alan Newton

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Comments about Is he the Moyesiah?
Wigan got relegated,the season before they finished 17th,and the same the season before that. I fear for are future,Martinez is a false prophet as Malcolm Allison was for Man City if you can remember that far back.He was also loved by the press,and fans loved him because of his attacking play.He destroyed Man City,I fear for my beloved Everton.
milm j, wirral, 12:58 AM 13/07/2013
Moyes did a good job at Everton but great manages win trophies.
rocky, speke, 6:32 PM 13/05/2013
'Alan Newton' sounds more like the mysterious Joe Beardwood of this parish.
Accountant, Manchester, 1:13 PM 13/05/2013
Any chance that Alan's next missive will include the financial pro and cons of Moye' move? I was mortified that this one didn't have his usual break down of assets and likely pecuniary advantages of following Alan's prescription for monetary stability.
Win, Stafford, 12:49 PM 13/05/2013
Get Martinez ? He gets relegated on Tuesday night, are you people for real?
Bitter, Liverpool, 10:01 PM 12/05/2013
He's not the Moyesiah, he's a very naughty boy!
Syd Barret, Space, 7:28 PM 12/05/2013
Richard 16, i am an Everton supporter unlike you i have the right to comment on what i see fit, have you watched any of Moyes`s tactically inept games for one Wigan at home in fa cup, Leeds away in league cup, Wembley second half to name a few. There is nothing wrong where i live in Runcorn unlike the shanty town you live in.
Fred, Runcorn, 1:03 PM 12/05/2013
Listen Moyes has gone and we need to get over it, the manure wasted no time in appointing him so we need to do the same, whoever it is get them in quick or we will end up on the transfer merrygoround that the end of season always brings we need to establish quickly what players are staying and who wants to leave then we will know who is faithful to EFC or to Moyes get the money for them and bring in quality replacements before the rest of the so called elite clubs jump in first, Bill needs to get as much funds or investment he can so the new manager can get the players we need to sustain or even improve our position in the premiership who knows we may even win a trophy, so we need to look forward and fuck the past. Most of all we need to move heaven and earth to keep Barkley because he is the player to build our next team around don't forget we have got some great youngsters coming through,my glass is definitely half full "hears to the future COYB
bullens boy, the terrace, 12:35 PM 12/05/2013
Willy, Willy, Willy, you old wind bag. What's wrong with us desiring better? You seem content with the status quo. Alan - great article. I didn't fully agree with the Moyes out brigade but you may have swayed me a little. Certainly in this last couple of years. You do seem to give him some credit and its a very balanced piece despite the side you do clearly come down on. You also hint that this has been his best side and yet we've still come up short "we should comfortably have qualified for champions league". I have to say, I agree. We were playing some blistering football before Christmas and then massively fell away. New signings or not, I put that down to motivation which is the job of the manager and coaching staff. He had youth options to freshen things up and try something different but didn't do it. I don't subscribe to all this "they're tired malarkey". Look at Baines ... He's been immense most of the season and continued to perform at very high levels in EVERY game, so why do the rest of them with their huge salaries peak and trough so much?
Billy Bunter, London, 11:48 AM 12/05/2013
Fred - #11 - you deserve to live in Runcorn. What gives you the right to call Moyes "tactically inept"? Do you understand football better than Alex Ferguson?
Richard, Cape Town, 11:37 AM 12/05/2013
Andy Dunn on Everton: Why the sisters of Mersey have bigger issues than mourning the loss of the Moyesiah 12 May 2013 07:30 Football on Merseyside is arriving at a watershed where it could be left even further behind the nation's elite clubs, unless action is taken now Changing of the guard: But Everton must evolve to close the gap on the top clubs Outside the ramshackle edifice that is Goodison Park, a plaque details milestones of Everton’s rich history. A founder member of the Football League, the first club to play 100 seasons in the top flight. The first club to break the £100,000 transfer mark in an all-British deal when Alan Ball joined from Blackpool in 1966. and so on up to today first club to be managed by a manager of a rival club ...... says it all
Andy Dunn, peoples club, 10:49 AM 12/05/2013
Good well written piece, echoing my thoughts on the Moyesiah's departure. I too am not despondent about him leaving and wish him well as he undoubtedly stabilised our great club, albeit at a cost of entertainment due to his 'defence first' policy. The key to my future mood will depend on who we get as his replacement and I have been dismayed at some of the names being touted for the job. Hopefully the Board (aka Blue Bill) will have listened to the fans and will appoint someone who will take us to the next level, playing attractive football and being less worried about the opposition. Over to you Bill.....
Allan, Warrington, 9:48 AM 12/05/2013
Interesting that no comments made for this post despite my knowing posts have been sent - funny that! (Ronnie - Its Hilarious! We've had hundred's of comments over the last week - It takes a bit of time. Ed) Don't forget lads, today's the day skysports celebrate Alex Ferguson the old united manager, whilst the new united manger picks the Everton team to play West Ham - you can't make this stuff up
Ronnie Jones, Bebington, 9:37 AM 12/05/2013
Alan,Alan,Alan! If following Everton makes you so unhappy why don't you consider taking up golf or fishing.Of course it could be that seeing the negative in everything is your bag,if so,go to mate,you're really quite good at it.r
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 8:55 AM 12/05/2013
Very truthful thoughts there Alan, which i agree with you 100%. He got the best out of players most of the time but was tactically inept. I won`t go on as it will sound like i`m have a go at him. He keep us in the top flight of which i`m grateful but the trophy cupboard is bare.
Fred, Runcorn, 7:04 AM 12/05/2013
Spot on Mate! Totally unbias and accurate view. Get Martinez. Wigan play great football, creat plenty of chances, don't convert and leak at the back. Sounds familiar! Get Stubbs as his assitant to sort out the defencive side and we'll go places.
Phil Daniels, Perth Australia, 3:16 AM 12/05/2013
Nice Article Fully agree !!!! (may have not spelt anyting wright had a few )
Lawrence Kelly, Uttoxeter , 12:32 AM 12/05/2013
Well put Allen,i think Davids work ethic will be hard to beet as a manager of our great club,i also think he got the very best out off our players(that does frighten me for the future manager).One thing i noticed watching the cup final today was how Wigan always kept 2 forwards high up the field from corners or free kicks. It makes so much commonsense to me. I think our older midfielders have the professional experience but look slow at times,one thing young Ross has is pace,you could tell how much he was missed when he was subbed.I hope the new manager has Davids work ethic and motivation but also so much more,am i asking for to much?
Fino, Nantwich, 11:25 PM 11/05/2013
Tremendous article. I've been a fan of Moyes, and defended him for 10 years. Only this last season have I doubted him...and when you look back, he has been good for our club, but not great. The lack of conviction is blinding. We have not progressed since he signed his last contrct, just before the 2009 cup final. And we have more flair in todays team with the same stability at the back. Thanks Moyesy, but time to move on. Martinez for me...if we can prise him away from europe bound, FA cup winners Wigan!!!
Michael, Liverpool, 11:12 PM 11/05/2013
He really should NOT be there for the West Ham game.
bert, town, 10:25 PM 11/05/2013
Yeah what a flop that David Moyes has been....yer divvy Alan. Be a long time before we get a manager as good mate.
Darryll Dooham, The boys pen, 9:41 PM 11/05/2013
Haha what a funny family, some Evertonians actually don't get it. We have no money to spend and the managers we've been linked with have no track record of consistant premiership top half finishes, what does that equal an were will we finish?? Yes we haven't won at Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool an utd but we've beat them all a few times over the years and out of 114 points, it's only 12 points. I just don't like people dismissing what moyes has done as mediocre, Please check evertons league finishes from the premier league an see how far we've come. Don't ever take for granted finishing in the top 7....
Paul, L16, 9:30 PM 11/05/2013
After seeing the FA Cup final I would be happy to see Martinez as our next Manager. Not because of what I saw on the pitch - although that was impressive with limited resources - but for seeing his captain carry a severely handicapped kid on at the start and for seeing the superb relationship he has with his players and staff. To me, he looks like a good man and that is what we need at our great club.
Richard, Cape Town, 8:54 PM 11/05/2013
Maybe time to go foreign. If we want to go bold. Phil Neville has a winning mentality,medals, a winner.
Holty, Crosby, 8:54 PM 11/05/2013
My main worry would be your father blowing a hip or something.. One thing is for sure, DM will have money, and sir Alex in the background, like a bad starwars movie, Moyles has been serduced by the darkside, can we blame him, honestly no, but I must say there has been moments of bewilderment, even last week playing the kopshites, and we looked scared.. Today I watched Wigan (no fear) yes they might go down, but today, I found myself jumping of the sofa when they scored.. I want Martinez and he can bring Mcmanaman with him, but seriously we where born from football science, somewhere along the line I feel we lost that.. Moyles I wish you all the glory, but if are billionaire comes along.. Watch out!! Cause not a sleeping giant, merely napping...
Big nev, Sandhurst, 8:52 PM 11/05/2013
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