Felli Saga Is Freaking Me Out
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E-Mail From Blue Peter

The Marouane Fellaini situation is starting to freak me out. There is so much being said about him going and the next minutes he's staying then he's going. Today we get a French Newspaper (L'Equipe) saying he will be signed by Chelsea in the next 72 hours. What the hell?

Everton have not said anything the £22m buyout clause in his contract. I wonder why?

David Moyes has said he doesn't have to sell. If that's the case surely there is no buyout . If there was surely there would be a queue outside the boss's door knocking it down.

I think all Evertonians want the big man to stay and help us get into the Champions League. If we do get a top four place are we to believe that he will stay with us.

We are only 10 days into January with 21 more to go. The sooner they are over the better.   

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Comments about Felli Saga Is Freaking Me Out
Good points from "Cods Head". I can't see him going in January as most of the big teams will be looking at the Lampard situation. If we get a big bid in the summer in excess of £25 million then we would be crazy to turn it down but if we do make the top 4 the situation changes dramatically because he will want to say. The most important signing for us in January will be Moyes. The fact that Jags, Coleman and Distin are signing contracts gives me confidence that Moyes will sign too.
Chris Perez, London, 4:31 PM 13/01/2013
There'll be no bidding war for Fellaini because he's just not that good. He's blew hot and cold since he arrived. Yes he's had a decent season so far. But if one of the so called big clubs came calling it'd be folly not to accept a stupid bid for him. Believe me he wouldn't be missed. We've done alright without him when he served his recent ban didn't we.
Cods head , Walton , 9:04 PM 12/01/2013
Not a chance of the big lad moving on in January, least of all to the rent boys. How could he take instructions off a ruddy faced Spanish tramp without laughing out loud in the changies? He might go in the summer, but only if it goes tits up on the pitch, so stay positive, and we might have Europe and felly to look forward to after all!
Ashley youngs arms, Fazak, 10:05 PM 11/01/2013
Given his form since he signed the contract, £22m seems a little low to some people when compared with other fees payed over the last couple of years, especially seeing as we payed £15m for him. However, there is a good chance that the insertion of the clause was an important ingredient in getting him to sign in the first place. If it is correct that the clause is there, I'm surprised that we haven't heard from Fellaini Snr on the matter.
Grongy, Salford, 9:41 PM 11/01/2013
Ideally Fellaini stays but one thing to note is that any club who activate the buy out clause has the right to speak to Fellaini and buy him at that price. The bidding war would be for his wages. If a non champions league Team Like City or Chelsea want him. They need to bid higher. IMWT
Darren, Dubin, 10:05 AM 11/01/2013
Can we please have 1st February tomorrow?
Michal, Poland, 8:10 AM 11/01/2013
The best time for Marouane to go, for himself and us, would be in the summer. We will be in the champions league, and he will have proved himself the best midfield player in the country. This will put him in a better bargaining position when negotiating his new contract with his new club. We, on the other hand, with the transfer money, will be able to purchase class players by alluring them with European football.
Paddy, L11, 10:09 PM 10/01/2013
The usual January bull shit bingo is in full flow.We are used to this, lets see what the next 3 weeks reveal. Stoically DM and so the board state no need to sell. Its our best team for years so why the hell should we trade our crown jewels? Roll on 02.2013 and stuffin SWN et al.
El Cid, Offshore, 9:25 PM 10/01/2013
Well said Terry.U,if he goes it will be for more than £22mill thats for sure,because there are a good 3 or 4 rich clubs who want him, and when that time comes,it will start a bidding war,hopefully send his value rocketing.Can't see many blues wanting our star man to leave but the show will go on.This is EVERTON FC and no player has or will be bigger,COYB
daz.m, st.helens, 7:43 PM 10/01/2013
If he finsihes the season as strong as he started, say 16 prem goals to his name, he'll go for 25 mil plus. That's prob enough to bulk out the squad for a few points in champs league group stage. I can see it happening.
paddy, london, 7:35 PM 10/01/2013
Several things seem likely. 1. Fellaini is NOT the pure mercenary some of us feared when he joined us (unlike his Agent). He extended his contract, but wisely had a "buy out" clause. No probem with that. 2. It takes "3 to Tango" with a buy out clause. Seller, Buyer, and Player. Everton do not "need to sell" this January. Fellaini has already said he would consider staying at Everton if we get into the Champions League, and he is not looking to move in January. I for one believe him, and the Club's oficial position. If we don't get into the CL, Felli will go, and good luck to him. If we DO, he MIGHT still go, but I bet he wil be tempted to stay. Should be an interesting end to the Season!
Andy Mac, Florida, 6:41 PM 10/01/2013
alpha 1,theres not a cat in hells chance of Fellaini seeing out his contract.Everton would never let this happen as they would get nothing for him,as I"m pretty sure Fellaini well knew when making his comment!Words are cheap mate and when he does go we"ll all blame the club for letting him go,when in reality they"ll have no choice but to take the money.
philie, street end, 6:39 PM 10/01/2013
Every transfer window we get the same old roundabout of rumour and speculation. We, as fans can do SFA about the situation, either he goes or stays, either way, the club will move on. We survived the loss of Lescott, Rooney, Arteta and Peanut. Obviously we want him to stay but que serra serra
Terry.U , Gosport, Hants, 6:03 PM 10/01/2013
There may be a buy-out clause but just because a club activates it does not mean we have to sell or that the player wants to go. Fellaini has said that he is happy to see out his contract and I think there is a good chance he will. I think we have to take him at face value and listen to what he says and not what others say
alpha1, England, 5:59 PM 10/01/2013
I would wager any amount of money on a bet that it was Fellaini's Agent who disclosed the buy-out figure - for obvious reasons! Everton are not commenting, and rightly so.
Gerry, Houston, 5:57 PM 10/01/2013
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