Jelavic To Become An Everton Legend
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What a buy Nikica Jelavic has been. His goals last season from January onwards saved our season.

And even though his scoring has dipped I think his overall play has been smashing. He is brave and his work rate is phenomenal. He is just doesn't stop.

I don't think there is a Premiership striker who would have scored that winner against Spurs. To have that reaction in the 93rd minute to a miss timed overhead kick from Velios was really unbelievable.

I also think the return of Gibson and Mirallas will help Jelavic get more goals. He makes runs that not everyone sees and with especially Gibson back you can see the goals will start to flow big time.

Great credit must go to David Moyes for pulling this fella from Rangers at a bargain price. I know we have been brought up on great strikers over the years at Everton and I'm certain if he stays he will join the list of legends.     

Franny Edwards.

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Comments about Jelavic To Become An Everton Legend
I think a lot of Evertonians are looking at Jela this season and saying 'he's not been at his best' or 'he's having a dip in form' but the fact is we are less than half way through the season and he has about 6 league goals, if he keeps up his current ratio he will get about 15+, which is a good return. If he is getting 15+ in a bad season then imagine his good seasons.
Bored , Work, 2:47 PM 13/12/2012
Absolutely. He is class and now we have our best team available, Gibson especially, he will start putting them away again. We've not played to his strengths and Felli has been our focal point but now with teams worrying about Felli Gibson can put the balls in where Jellyfish wants them and he'll start putting them away with one touch and wheel away towards the fans in celebration like we love.
Mark, Manchester, 1:09 PM 13/12/2012
He's brilliant, never stops working despite things not being brilliant for him recently. To my mind, he's had to come too deep too often for the ball recently, or it's been played to his chest or head and he loses the ball too often when it arrives this way. Put it in front of him, or give him a ball he can turn onto and there's no better instinctive finisher. I hope he stays for years, love him to bits.
Paul, West Yorkshire, 1:09 PM 13/12/2012
The days of us generating legends are gone as unfortunately they dont stay around long enough before we have to sell them on for them to become legends elsewhere.
Dave, Town, 1:01 PM 13/12/2012
great player, great goal...but what made the difference was his reaction to his colleagues on the bench when he came off the field...if i didnt know better, i would say this lad was born blue and grew up on gwladys street. so, before the recent doom mongers start again...look at your players and how they react to the manager, eachother and the club. this is all down to Bill Kenwright and David Moyes... i wouldn't change a thing, stick your billionaire oily's up your arse.
mike, lpool, 12:59 PM 13/12/2012
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