Was Pienaar Stupid?
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I've got to be honest I went off my head at Steven Pienaar when he got his marching orders. It was an absolute nap he was going to get a second booking the way he was playing.

For such an experienced player to go chasing a fella like Bosingswa, knowing he would go down like a bag of shite once he had the chance. I'm not saying it was a yellow card but you could tell it was coming.

Ten seconds before that incident the QPR fans were baying for blood when he clattered into someone going for a header. Surely Peanuts knew he had to keep away from making any challenges for a period of time.

I think he let the lads down for the rest of that game and probably cost us two points. And because of his stupid play we are missing our most creative player against our lovely neighbours. Not good

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Comments about Was Pienaar Stupid?
As much as I've got mad love for the guy it was the boss who cost us the points not Nuts! But I dare say he had much options!
Doug, Liverpool, 5:58 PM 24/10/2012
Richy Styles, it cant be appealed cos it was a second yellow not a straight red. Stupid rule but thats how our lovely governing body works unfortunately. Also, theoretically speaking if it had been a straight red and we appealled they can do worse than say no, they can increase the suspension if they feel the foul was bad enough or the appeal was unjust - again a stupid rule but thats the FA for you.
Hibbo , Rezzies, 11:23 AM 24/10/2012
Re: I think he let the lads down for the rest of that game and probably cost us two points) The truth of the matter is we didnt get going in the first half, and it wasn't much better in the second, I watched the game which included QPR (apparently Moyes never saw them) and if thats a team heading for relegation I`ll eat my hat, they were up for it! And our lads looked half the side we have been in recent weeks because Fella was`nt on the pitch... The ref didnt help, he was also the Ref ay the West Brom Game away this season, didnt do well there either...Now I find out we are not appealing against that Red card! Everyone knows it wasn't by now! So why not appeal it? they can Only say No!
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 5:52 AM 24/10/2012
Taken him off. Hindsight a great thing.
gaz, deeside, 7:58 PM 22/10/2012
Itwas always going to be a tough game, conditions,small pitch and they are fighting for their lives, so no suprises.In terms of the first half we had no shape for the first 30 minutes. We must no not dwell in self pity and pp ref; who should be sentdownthe leagues until he learns his trade. The RS next, we must focus and take the positvesand bury them with a show of strength and passion -even without Peanuts . Its a blow but not mortal but the midfield will need boostn as were getn over run at times. Lets focus on winnin and lookn after ourselves..
El Cid, Offshore, 7:34 PM 22/10/2012
Should not let sending off distract from the main reason we did not win was the strange team selection and negative tactics we adopted against the bottom team in the division .
bluehawklord, Wirral, 7:28 PM 22/10/2012
A sending off for 2 yellows can't be rescinded. It's a stupid rule, but a rule nontheless. It's very easy to look back with hindsight and say that Pienaar should have been subbed off to prevent the 2nd yellow, but he is our most creative player and had Moyesy taken him off and we'd gone on to lose, everyone would have gone back to calling him negative. Fickle
Grongy, Salford, 6:12 PM 22/10/2012
Got to agree with jason a point away with ten men is ok but i fear the worst against the shite time and time again we show them far too much respect as if we was playing the liverpool of the 80s. Also some terrible choices made by moyes on sunday victor is not an everton player neville is not a midfielder and osman is too lightweight slow and cannot shoot our midfield is bare bones at the minute just hope moyes doesnt show them any respect and hand them the initiative we have beaten all the top teams in this league yet cannot get a result against them scumbags why??????
Dan, Liverpool, 4:34 PM 22/10/2012
First thing you can not appeal,next thing as dave has said you cannot blame pienaar for doing his job that was to track back if you watch it again he does"nt even try to tackle. The ref played along with the crowd, result a sending off. The same would have happend at goodison to an opposing player. Another poor decision by a poor ref.
JOHN , Crosby, 4:28 PM 22/10/2012
Totally agree. No it was not worthy of a second yellow card but he was on thin ice anyway. 2 earlier tackles he had been given the benifit of the doubt so he was asking for a second yellow the moment he "cliped" Bosingwa. Moyes should have subbed him. Its not good he misses the derby. Hopefully Fellaini and Gibbo will be back and hopefully Phil Neville never plays in central midfield ever ever again
Nogz, Work, 3:49 PM 22/10/2012
If he hadn't chased back like that and Bosingwa swung a cross in unmarked and they scored you would chastise Peanuts for not tracking back. You are just looking for a scapegoat and an excuse to have a go. Try supporting the team rather than having a go at them. Graeme, Walton, I think with it being a second yellow rather than a red we cannot appeal, although if what James, Walton says about the ref having the option to rescind then you would hope he would view the replay and do the right thing. I'm not sure if he can rescind the card or not, I just know that only a straight red can be appealed and not a second yellow (which is a stupid rule in itself)
Hibbo, Rezzies, 2:32 PM 22/10/2012
I blame the skin head,havnt seen him have a decent game since the haircut. Grow it back lad fast!
brucey, litherland, 12:20 PM 22/10/2012
Stupidist comment I've ever seen on this site! How do you deserve to be sent off for running behind someone? That's all he did. He didn't make a challenge and that cheat Boswinga went down like he had been shot after kicking the top of Peanuts' leg. So far we have had 2 good goals not given against the Barcodes, 2 blatant penalties not given against Wigan and the worst sending off I've ever seen against QPR. If things do even themselves out we are going to win the league at this rate. Anyone know who the ref is on Sunday yet?
Iain , Bramhall, 11:59 AM 22/10/2012
Why don't we appeal!!!
Graeme, Walton, 11:40 AM 22/10/2012
How can anyone justify that being a yellow card? Referee just gave in to the crowds pressure, never would of happened if we were at Goodison. Stevie was tracking back and working hard like he does every game so no one can blame him. He didn't even put his leg out to challenge him, blatently obvious for anyone to see that Bosingwa brings his leg back and hits Peanut. Lets be honest, it wasn't one of our best performances this year and a point against a team battling for survival isn't the worst thing in the world. Reference the derby this weekend, lets just not respect a team who are sitting in the bottom half of the league and have no strikers! Liverpool are a pile of shit and it destroys me to see Everton paying them respect on the pitch, we've hands down got a better team / squad.
Jason Farnsworth, Portsmouth, 11:06 AM 22/10/2012
The ref was shit, its got nothing to do with Pienaar, QPR are a dirty niggly little team and they were getting away with all kinds of shit, Pienaar was just standing up and getting stuck in and was then sent off for not tackling one of their players!
Chris Fisher, Kirkdale, 10:57 AM 22/10/2012
Can we appeal against the red card as it was 2 yellows? Also Felli and Gibson will be back next week.
Mark , Widnes , 10:20 AM 22/10/2012
Rory, remembering some of the bad decisions Moss gave against us at WBA I will be amazed if he has the decency to say "I got it wrong ."
Barry, Middleton, 9:46 AM 22/10/2012
Our Peanuts is INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES for the second one- he never touched the guy. The Ref reacted too quickly and unfairly. Let's hope the club appeals.The ref was making mistakes throughout the game. We should have had a penalty.
Mice Take The Elevator, Ross-on-Wye, 9:40 AM 22/10/2012
Poor refereeing decison. A touch of naievety from Pienaar. Should have been subbed after the lunge on Bosngwa 5 minutes earlier. One hopes Everton look for the red card to be rescinded.
John, Wirral, 9:34 AM 22/10/2012
That is the primary reason why I don't like Pienaar as a player (not a very popular view, but there you are). Great skills and vision yes. But he has periods when he behaves like a total idiot. Hothead, he can't control his temper when he is frustrated. Not his first red card for stupidity in Everton shirt... I agree both yellows were unbelievably soft, but I remember one rule drilled into me by my dad (former ref) - NEVER give a referee pretext to book you, keep it cool. With such fussy ref there was enough for Pienaar to see at least 2 red cards, and he wasn't booked for challenge which definitively warranted yellow card, shortly before sending off. Of course crowd response also influenced 'man in the middle', they were screaming for blood every time QPR player went down. IMHO we played much better after Pienaar went off. Team started to think and move the ball around instead 'give it to Bainesy, he will pass to Pienaar and cross' mantra. Before Pienaar red card I didn't knew that Coleman was on the pitch! After red, some of our attack started coming on the right flank - but in all honesty Seamus was our weakest link yesterday and he was really tired at the end.
Michal, Poland, 9:07 AM 22/10/2012
I think the ref can rescind the yellow if he reviews the incident so that's our only hope. I hope Moss comes out and does the sensible thing. Doubt it though.
James, Walton, 8:55 AM 22/10/2012
He actually nearly got a second yellow just before that for a stupid challenge on Bosingwa a minute before. Moyes should have got him off then
Mick, L1, 10:42 PM 21/10/2012
No way did Pienaar cost us the game ,the crowd got him sent off.If only 2 or 3 others play like him we would win most games.We need to have 11 players playing well ,not 5 or 6.
John, Dovecot, 10:19 PM 21/10/2012
It was one stupid twat of a decision. Now we won't have a midfield for the derby. Fellaini, Gibson, Pienaar all out. These three were the pillar our good start was built on. Nobody else can carry the game and take the initiative the way they do and Osman always vanishes when it comes to a need to fight. Never seen Osman have a good game in a Derby yet, or any other hard game for that matter, so he can be wrote off. Mirallas is a good player but he's not hard and Coleman loses his nerves too easy. I hate to say it but I think we'll get smegged next week :o(
Macca, Huyton, 10:15 PM 21/10/2012
Blue Peter, I think you've got this wrong. First time I saw this, I thought like you - which is why I can see how the referee messed it up. But the first replay - and all others - show he didn't do anything. The guy raised his leg to play the ball, hit Pienaar and went down. He didn't dive, but Pienaar certainly didn't foul him. Bad decision, though understandable. I just hope the ban's overturned...
Rory, Brighton, 10:01 PM 21/10/2012
Don't like criticising Moysies , but have to agree with David thought it would have been wise to Bring Pienaar off especially after him clattering the QPR player immediately after being booked, it was a sending off waiting to happen.
bluenoseronnie, Londonderry, 10:01 PM 21/10/2012
Disagree, He never touched the fella, you can't blame him for chasing back. If anything Moyse should have seen that coming and brought him off.
David, Walton, 9:36 PM 21/10/2012
Bollocks , what was he meant to do not follow his man , yeh he had a few fouls which may be classed as persistent but that was not a foul , at the end of the day we have to be happy with a point . Another decision goes against us probably going to continue against the shite !!!
Mike , E. Port, 9:36 PM 21/10/2012
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