Credit Where It's Due
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Only 3 games into the new 2012/13 season and I'm sure Evertonians far and wide will be pleased with the additions David Moyes has made to bolster his squad.

As the transfer window has now closed until January we saw 6 players brought in and only two left through the exit door of any note in Jack Rodwell and Tim Cahill.

Our club has got to be said looking a lot healthier in terms of a serious challenge on a top four spot come May. Yes we know an Investor has been on the wanted list for some time in which Bill Kenwright is fully aware and has been heavily criticised for by fans for the lack of trying and holding back the club claiming fan groups and fanzines alike but deep down this man is what we are, AN EVERTONIAN!

So as things are starting to take shape albeit three games in I think it's time we as fans acknowledge the support our Chairman has done by backing the manager with the players he has sanctioned.

Mr Kenwright took the club from the clutches of Peter Johnson as Everton were then in a dismal state and was warmly applauded by the whole of Goodison on the Boxing Day when we played Sunderland as he took to his seat in the Directors box.

So for me personally together with all Evertonians we should give credit where it's due and fully support the man who like us wants "Only the best is good enough"


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Comments about Credit Where It's Due
Some people seem to think money grows on trees, like the blue union. In reality they've only got two things to say, the directors are stealing money from the club and they're hiding it in operating costs and we should appoint an interim board of directors. With the first one the annual accounts tell a different story, but if the blue union have EVIDENCE that says otherwise let them produce it instead of stupid ale house comments about it, because snidey rumours and opinions don't count. No directors anywhere are going to appoint themselves off the board, so if the blue union know some REPUTABLE people who can do a better job and raise more money and who are willing to do the job then let them name them out in the open so we can investigate THEM. I think the blue union are full of shit and their own publicity. They still haven't given us details of their Bramley Moor pub outing or their so called AGM and how many attended each and how many voted. That's why I wouldn't trust any of them to go to the corner shop, bell ends all. It's THEY who have tried to split the fans, nobody else.
Tony , Stoneycroft, 5:07 PM 6/09/2012
Regarding comment #32 what the f@#k does it matter where you come from. I was born and bred in Stoke but have been attending matches home and away for 34 years, are you trying to say that us supporters living outside the city don't know what is happening at the club. whatever happened to "Evertonians are born not manufactured"
Daz C, Stoke, 10:57 PM 4/09/2012
I'd love it if Everton were winning the league and champions league every season, but seriously people: Man Utd are the richest sporting organisation in the world. But now they owe hundreds of millions of pounds to people who mortgaged the club to, er, buy the club; Liverpool are struggling to balance books like we had to ten years earlier; Chelski are in a nice position, but are still only being LOANED cash by Abramovich; Sitteh seem to have it sorted but a) they won the lottery. There aren't oil billionaires desperate to own football clubs just falling out of trees right now, and b) how far is their situation reliant on the continued interest of their owner? Have they a business plan? What happens when the billionaires walk away?; Spurs are desperately trying to offload players Redknapp landed them with (some are very good, but still have to go); Arsenal's fans are furious they seem not to buy expensive enough players; Newcastle are doing well by buying good players few others seem to be picking up on - and so are we. Kenwright isn't perfect, and has taken criticism - some justified - for that, but in him and Moyes we've a management team which has seen us finish 6th, 5th, 5th, 8th, 7th in the last five years. We've reached one cup final and three semi-finals in the same period. No, it's not 84-89, but at the same time it's not 90-94, or 97-2003 either, is it? We're good, and we'll keep building. As someone else said, Kenwright's taken a kicking when things haven't been perfect, so allow him some credit when we get things right, too...
Rory O'Keeffe, Brighton, 7:12 PM 4/09/2012
I think he's done well to keep us afloat all this time. I mean, what do some of you want, the "Mutton dressed as lamb" type like Liverpool seem to attract. He's genuine and doesn't hide from us or make excuses for lack of transfer activity in an "open letter". He tells us there aren't massive resources. He's trusted the manager through every up and down. Remember 2004? We finished 17th with 39 points, our worst points haul in living memory, but he kept faith with Moyes and never put him under any pressure. Be careful what you wish for! At least he gives a fuck about the club! He dived in and saved Everton when the club was on it's knees. Before he took over and appointed Moyes, we had finished in the top half once since 1991. We have finished in the bottom half once since 2004, and now we would bemoan finishing 8th, or even 7th. Seriously, do you want a Carson Yeung or George Gillett type to come to "Restore the glory days?" Only to be exposed as a crook or a liar and leave you all wishing you had backed Bill? The man deserves credit, respect and gratitude from us. I wish him a very happy birthday!
Warren, North Sea, 6:01 PM 4/09/2012
The likes of bu I'd imagine are the same people involved in keioc who have so far suceeded in hindering rather than helping Everton. I still can't get over the kirkby stadium debacle no doubt the decision was influenced by these people. The amount of additional revenue and potential investment that we could have had is unthinkable so when they start spouting off about bk maybe they should take a long hard look at themselves!
simon, london, 5:47 PM 4/09/2012
I am not a BU supporter nor am I a BU Hater. I think the BU have served a pourpose though, I'm not so sure we would of seen this level of transfer activity over the last couple of windows if the BU hadnt of caused a fuss and pointed out a few facts about the way our club is run. But Bill took the shit when it wasnt going well so its only fair that he gets some credit now, them along with DM.
Robbie , Analfield, 3:13 PM 4/09/2012
This is all so ridiculous and fickle it is untrue. So we win 2 games and all of a sudden somebody needs to have a pop at the BU. To summarise, the manager once again has done a good job in the transfer market and yes, of course they are a team, so the board must take some credit for that too. However, let's not simply forget all of the mistakes, lies and manipulation of the last 5 years. Like it or not, Kenwright was found out last year to be a bit of a chancer, who did not have much idea (if any) of how to take the club forward. We are a sell to buy club and I do not mind that at all. But let's not start lavishing praise on somebody simple because the manager has finally been allowed to spend some of the money he recouped on players sales, that's just idiocy! Reading some of this tripe has has made me further realise that some Evertonians are only concerned about us finishing above our neighbours, that's the level of expectancy they have been driven to since this board has been in place. FICKLE!
Thomas, Lancashire, 2:24 PM 4/09/2012
We're skint but proud. We own our own ground and were run by Evertonians. We dont have any bandwagon jumping glory hunters well maybe in time when the trophy room is used again there will be. Some you cant help that but we will know everyone of us who is a true blue and at the front of that true blue queue is Bill and Dave who i cant praise and thank highly enough.
Ian , Huyton, 2:17 PM 4/09/2012
Bill's an easy target for when the shit hit's the fan! (Pun intended!) But the real issue(IMO) is with the other members of the board who never do anything (Like Ever!) to improve the club in any shape or form! Bill has done a great job in "A" Recruiting Moyes in the 1st place! "B" Not throwing an official "whitey" like those across the park every time something goes wrong standing by Moyes! And "C" Giving him full control of the footy side of things! My only gripe is, he can be a little naive! when it comes to business adventures!
Doug, Liverpool, 1:43 PM 4/09/2012
I've always said "Be careful what you wish for". You only have to look across the park, Old Trafford, Leeds, Portsmouth, Blackburn etc, etc. Football is no longer a sport for these people, it's a business. Whne they invest in your club there becomes a point where they want there money back. The more they invest the more they want back. Because there hasn't been much investment in our club our debts have been comparatively small, therfore we haven't had to pay too much back. I call that sound business sense. There has had to be a balancing act for our club to survive and I believe that the current board has done a very good job. There has not been as much investment in players as we would have liked, but there have been reasons for that and that reason has been for the clubs survival. As Howard Kendall said, we had to sell Rooney for the club to survive. And survive we have by the skin of our teeth. Things are on the up, so embrace it rather than dismiss it.
Childer, Bebington, 1:13 PM 4/09/2012
Blimey no one is perfect. The problem when you are actually running something is that your decisions are there to be shot to pieces with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight whereas moaning from the sidelines is dead easy. If BK is such a useless business man why don't they guys at the BU and their supporters do what he did and start with nowt build up a multi million pound business and buy the club off him. It will be even easier for them because they are so clever and he is crap. Don't hide behind "Look all we are saying is..........." just do it or stop freakin' moaning. You are, however, entitled to your opinion but that doesn't stop it being shit.
Phil, Cambridge, 1:04 PM 4/09/2012
Reguarding no 32. How come most of the fans on here supporting Kenwright dont live in the city? Sad comment! What has that got to do with the debate, We are all Evertonians. Some go to the games some don't. We are the best fans in the country. Lets stick together and back Kenwright and Moyes. Like the original artical we are all EVERTONIANS
Dave,, Widnes, 12:09 PM 4/09/2012
Sometimes I struggle to afford my bills at home or put fuel in the car. I may even come up with a few pie in the sky plans on how to make more money that never materialise. This doesn't make me a shit dad or husband, it just means at our house we have to live within our means - that's what BK has had to do for years now. People need to respect BK for what he has done. He is open to criticism, like the rest of us. The bloke puts more time into Everton than anything else behind the scenes trying to make things better all the time. The two criticisms I have to agree with is commercially, we have had icons from China, USA and Australia at our club since BK has been at the helm and we have never capatalised on any of those players' status in their home countries financially. The other is why have we sold our kit right s to Kitbag? They will be making a killing off this Nike deal!
Brian, Chester, 11:49 AM 4/09/2012
I'm an Evertonian not a Bunion supporter of their self glorification and self important 'press releases' and 'announcements' never mind the clown and cakes and the fella with a loudspeaker. I wouldn't give the Bunion house room. As for Kenwright and Elstone they're alright and do their best but are shit at pr and communications and deserve some criticism like anybody else. I get sick at the thought of anybody in that Bunion mob having anything to do with the club, all they do is wait around for us to have a run of bad results and then they come out from under their stones to whinge.
Macca, Huyton, 10:23 AM 4/09/2012
Totally agree. Well Done Blue Bill i heard corrie paid him top doller to appear the other month and blood brothers is always a sucess at the empire
Nogz, Work, 9:42 AM 4/09/2012
We've had one good summer in 6 years. Lets not lose perspective. The man screwed up Kings Dock, and while the Blue Union have lost a lot of respect in my eyes, they at least exposed him for what he is: A poor Chairman. The Kitbag deal puts us miles behind our PL rivals he spouted pure lies about Chris Samuelson and the Fortress sports fund. Most people stick up for Bill just cos he's an Evertonian. Baffles me. I dont care if you sat in the Boys' Pen and watched Dave Hickson Bill!! He's a liar, and a worm. If he was a foreign owner, the Bill supporters would be kicking off.
John, Walton, 8:24 AM 4/09/2012
Bill, like all of us would in his position, has put his heart and soul into the club. Sometimes that hasnt been good enough, but he has given us everything he has and more and BU and other cretons need to crawl back from the rock under which they were formed and simply go away. It is not supporting your club to protest against men at the top who are trying to do the best for the club (as they see it) You have put all the millions up like he has. Three games in, a better match day squad and 6 points out of a home game to United and two always potentially tricky away games, if you arent happy with that you are a special breed of fool COYB
Mike, Kensington, 7:50 AM 4/09/2012
I don't want to say i told you so, but i have backed BK from day one and still do. i think it would be better if sites such as this stopped showing the nonsense that some put up, not being Dickensian and i know all about free speech but it really is irksome reading the drivel that finds its way onto sites. Misinformation and probably a lot of 'my dad says' really is pointless. I do not have a bad word to say about the man. Just remember back to the Johnson years whose legacy is a DVD called the great escapes. Let these people get on with their jobs, they know what they are doing and have the best interest of the club in mind and at heart. Take a look at the attitude of the squad, the management team, the people who visit Goodison. re: Ian Holloway last year and 'proper club'. Nobody has a bad word to say about the club or the people playing for it or managing it or administering it other than 200 dicks who put up a website and called themselves a union. There is a club a mile away who have gone down the route these people want. Go there and watch them, they have everything you want and lots of little groups like yourselves. Join together make a really big one just stay away. Well done to all at Everton this summer. Fair play scheme kicks in in 2014. Just sit tight. Platini is a big fan of what everton do and how the club runs citing us many times as a model. Everything goes full circle and football will too. Everton are just fine and dandy thank you. Well done Bill.
Mike, Liverpool, 7:05 AM 4/09/2012
I'm fucking sick of this two bob discussion. Blue Union....NO PROPER EVERTONIAN BELIEVES IN WHAT YOU STAND FOR. And Blue Kipper...this post smacks of shit stirring, you must have seen this whole boring debacle as soon as you posted this "Let's all toss Bill off" nonsense. Zzzz....
Luke, IoM, 12:51 AM 4/09/2012
Who out of any of us would give the club up if we ever got the chance to own it? I know I wouldn't without a struggle. Bill's achvied what most of us can only dream of, actually owning the club he adres, and between him and David Moyes, I think they've done an extremely good job, especially in these difficult times. Wy don't all the doom mongers actally aim there anger at some of the other share holders for a change rather than at Bill Kenwright, after all, som of them are vastly more wealthy than Bill! COYB's - IMWT - NSNO1878
Marek, Stoke-on-Trent, 12:49 AM 4/09/2012
To all the 'tunnel visioned Bill haters', I can imagine you guys are the sort of people who smile at everybody in work or down at your local and then when their back is turned, rip them to pieces ! So, according to you lot, BK should loosen the purse strings or find an investor who will do the same (in other words spend money that we haven't got) ! Then, when the shit hits the fan and we end up like Leeds, Portsmouth, Rangers et al, you lot will either cry into your 'glass half empty' or 'start the protest marches (AGAIN) ! I think me and thousands of 'TRUE' Evertonians are happy we were born blue, because that means we all have an identity, a bond, a reason and a passion for OUR amazing, historical and unique football club ! Well done Bill Kenwright, your a better man than me and THANKYOU !! IMWT !!
gazzaroo, woolton, 11:50 PM 3/09/2012
A lot of people go on about not settling for second best but until a Sheikh decides to buy us then a top 6 finish is what we should be content with. I've moaned about Kenwright countless times but he has really supported Moyes this summer. Baines and Felli are still here and Moyes has been given the finances to rebuild the team a bit. Good article. Credit where it's due!
Seamus, Litherland, 11:44 PM 3/09/2012
For those of you who wonder I am not in the BU. I do not support BU. I support EFC - home and away. I pay my hard earned cash to support my team as I have for 50 years. I was as delighted as any of us when BK helped rescue us from Johnson. Whilst BK is an Evertonian do I trust him after all these years? No I don't and don't tust the Board either. I am as entitled to my views as anyone else. I do not need to do what many of the above personal insults suggest - I support the team and the manager not the temporary custodians of our club who cannot act with transparency and integrity, Everyone is entitled to their opinions - many of you don't like mine - tough
Bud, Wallasey, 11:36 PM 3/09/2012
Barring the fortress fund lies, the kings dock ring fenced money, banned agms, kirby, goodison safety certificate lies, the increased debt and sale of assets I think he's a great fella. There is no bigger blue than Bill and he stood in the boys pen, so let's cut him some slack! People give moyes all the credit for working miracles on a ridiculous net spend! Who put him there??? Bill, that's who. Gotta be careful for what we wish for we could get an abromovich or mansour.
Pete, Wirral, 10:31 PM 3/09/2012
Cant believe the sense being talked,for the last two years the forum wasn't Blue Kipper it was Blue Union. Taken into context of the financial environment Bill is a steady hand and Moyes is unbelievable!
Steve, Bootle, 10:29 PM 3/09/2012
I bet most of the people giving Kenwright crap cant balance their houseold books..its hard in this climate..we are looking good and the club value is on the pitch and not the stock market like Manure.
colin , Liverpool, 10:27 PM 3/09/2012
If all of you who have participated in this debate are true Evertonians, then I think some of you should return from cuckoo land, and comeback into the real world. In my opinion, a lot of Everton's woes go as far back as 1985; after Heysel, we were banned from European competitions; as a result of this the Trevor Stevens, Gary Stevens etc left. Then the Premiership came along in the early 90s, and we missed the boat; ever since then, we've never been in the same league as Arsenal, Man U (Blackburn for a year bankrolled to win Premier in 1995), and then in later years Chelsea and Man City, with their billions. For the rest of us, it's really about survival, and nothing more. Bill Kenwright has, in that context, done a brilliant job, and should be given all the praise for keeping our club afloat. We have not become a Portsmouth, or a Rangers, but have survived. What would help us to realistically challenge for the league, is an Evertonian benefactor prepared to invest billions; alas, that isn't likely to happen. I don't even want to think what the alternative to Bill Kenwright is, because it would probably mean we wouldn't be in the Premier League, never mind the top ten. Well done Bill, Moysey, and everybody involved in keeping us more than afloat.
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 10:27 PM 3/09/2012
So a question for all you moaners....would you rather have Bill Kenwright ( a genuine Evertonian ) or some unknown Indian Turkey farmers??? India a 'hot bed' of the beautiful game, just be careful what you wish for. I rest my case
Dave the Blue, Rainford, 10:23 PM 3/09/2012
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr R Elstone a few months back and he spoke honestly to me which i will not divulge the full story but be sure in the knowledge that Evertons best interest is all that he and Bill are interested in. They work tirelessly to get the RIGHT (not just any) investment, you can look across the park, down on the south coast, up the road at Blackburn or even across the peninines to the lily whites to see the wrong way of doing things. And lets be fair, football clubs LOSE money apart from the biggest 2 or 3. Would you invest in something that loses money?? I think not. Lets now talk facts....Everton are playing it very clever if you ask me and biding their time whilst maintaining a good squad, albeit occasionally inconsistent, to make a good crack at getting back in Europe. I shall explain further below. Everton lost a potential massive windfall when the Tesco/Kirby stadium bid failed which is long gone especially now the blue nose Sir Terry Leahey is no longer their CEO. That was millions of pounds that would have gone towards the stadium that are lost forever. There are a lot of people responsible for that failing which im sure some readers on here will claim to be "proud of that success", i would think about that one. That money was of the variety that only the richest of the rich would be unsurprised to find down the back of the sofa. Let me move onto the future. How many of you on here are aware that the 2013-2016 seasons will now bring a £3 billion television deal with BT and Sky. This represents a 70% increase on the current deal (check it out, it is real). On that deal, each club got 13.8m a year, i reckon with some basic maths that i did, means our TV revenue from next season will be about £44m a season for those right alone. That’s £30m more to easily wipe out the debt within the space of a year and put the club back on an even keel. Furthermore, with the financial fair play coming into play soon (come on Mr Platini, save football from the oil barons) things should really change for the better of Everton. Everyone who has been complaining that the board have only spent what we have been earning will be very very glad that we have got the man at the helm. And finally, lets reminisce....think back to the days of the lovely Mr Peter Johnson. Lets imagine if he was still at the helm now and where we would have been today.....brrrr....i shudder to even imagine so lets not.
Al, Liverpool, 10:19 PM 3/09/2012
How come most of the fans on here Supporting kenwright don't live in the city.
Paul, Childwall, 10:17 PM 3/09/2012
It saddens me that Kenwright has split the fans and he has never addressed this point. The continuing hiatus of an Everton FC AGM for me is a man who's scared to answer his critics!
Yousif, London, 10:17 PM 3/09/2012
Bill is doing a great job with the money available, as for the confused comment about £24m being missing just look at the accounts it very clear that all the money is going into back into the club.
JJ, Ashton, 10:11 PM 3/09/2012
I think he's done a reasonable job in the circumstances. Nothing fantastic but definitely not deserving some of the shit that gets thrown his way. He's never claimed once to have top dollar to put into the club he bought when nobody else wanted to. Nobody else wants to buy us now either or you would have heard about it in five minutes especially if it was a hostile bid. I don't think anybody reputable will buy us anyway until we have a new stadium. IMHO we'd be in a new ground now at the Kings Dock if Paul Gregg hadn't pushed a deal that meant he had control over everything that could have bankrupted the club any time he chose. Kirkby got turned down by the Labour minister as a political sop to neighbouring authorities and for no other reason, so now we are stuck at outdated Goodison for ten maybe twenty years and no prospect of ever competing with the revenues of stadiums with larger capacities. Suddenly that extra revenue doesn't look small anymore. Since we can't generate any additional revenues we can't afford even to do anything with the existing ground even if it was economically viable to do it, which it isn't. We can only just afford the players we have never mind afford better ones AND get a new ground. Despite all that Moyes and Kenwright have worked well together to get what we have and survive against the odds, and if they hadn't done so we'd be in League One now. We are now at the limit of wages ratio at 70% as it stands, the wonder is the banks continue to back us and that requires fast talking from Kenwright and Elstone. Kenwright was honest enough to say all that in emotional language during the interview with the BU, and then they went and betrayed him after he trusted them. It was a despicable thing to do and IMHO it's why the majority of Evertonians don't trust the BU. It isn't as though there was anything new in what he said, it's all in the annual accounts and been repeated time and again over the years for anybody to read. Yes we're in a bad financial position (I think this years accounts will be awful) but so is all the game in Europe. We just about scrape by like almost everybody else but we manage it better than most. Like everybody else it could all go tits up tomorrow. I don't think Kenwright is any sort of messiah but I do think he does a reasonable job and so does Elstone in the day to day administration. It could be better but it could be an awful lot worse. That's why I support Everton and not the BU and those who spat their hate at Kenwright through the railings. The situation is far from ideal and that kind of action doesn't help, it makes matters worse.
Spectator, Crosby, 9:31 PM 3/09/2012
I don't understand why us Evertonians feel compelled to reply to the comment trolls (yes, I'm talking about Bud in comment #4, Paul #7 & #26, Phil #16 and Jay #23, to name but a few). This is exactly what they want, to engage in meaningless bickering where the only purpose is to derail the discussion and keep you wasting your energy on something that doesn't matter. At. All. You are not going to win them over by replying and some of these people (note: I'm not necessarily referring to the people I mentioned above) are Liverpool supporters in disguise who feel our discussion forums should be same the whining cesspool that their discussion forum currently is (and rightly so, given the last few years of Cesspool FC history). My point is this: Don't feed the trolls. Ignore their comments and move on. If you do, so will they (eventually).
Finnur Breki, Kopavogur, Iceland, 9:28 PM 3/09/2012
I'm happy with the signings and sales we have made this year, both January and the Summer windows. The funny thing is we have sold in the past to appease the banks (allegedly), this season we have balanced the books with some sales and a host of signings. I have criticized Kenwright in the past and wanted to not renew my season ticket in protest (but couldn't), But credit where it's due - good summer and a good start. Keep it up. I'm a happy far !!!
Paul G, Wirral, 9:05 PM 3/09/2012
I'm not Blue Union or a Doom Monger but I want better for our club. Kenwright has fooled too many for too long and once again provided a net negative spend to our manager in the window. Great job by Moyes in his dealings but not thanks to Kenwright whatsoever. Over the park they have wasted a spend of +£28m, have wiped out their debt and they want the Yanks out ffs.
Paul, Offshore, 9:00 PM 3/09/2012
We don't know as yet how dire our financial status is. It's a general consensus that it's not sustainable and we will have to sell to the whales and keep testing our managers acumen with the buy low sell high strategy. It's a system that has served us well thus far. What I can stress, and this is important to us blues, is that of the four big teams in the north of England we are the only one that isn't a franchise or a medium for foreign riches in their future policy. We have the same identity, the same fans, the same ground and the same ethos we have always had. That my friends gives us the moral high ground in any debate. I see the same faces from Merseyside at the away games year after year. We know who we are. This is still the Everton I and my forefathers love. Do the others still say the same? Some fans can force a sale and claim victory. This can be pyrrhic, a win at too high a cost. At the moment let us all bask in our deserved victories. Be content.
Jon G, Merseyside., 8:59 PM 3/09/2012
Any Evertonian with two brain cells to rub together will agree with that email
Colin, Liverpool, 8:59 PM 3/09/2012
I really cant believe how gullible some supporters are. Bill's lies and deceipt of fellow Evertonians is well documented. He inherited a net asset position which he has turned into serious liabilities. He cant explain were 24 million of the clubs income is going to and if he had got his way with Kirkby the club would have been destroeyed forever. And some people want t praise him!!!!!!!!
Jay Harris, Liverpool, 8:58 PM 3/09/2012
Unlike the blue union my view doesn't change depending results. if we had lost the first three games of the season I'd still be saying Bill has done a great job
Tim, Liverpool, 8:57 PM 3/09/2012
Couldn't agree more, Well done Bill, The Blue clowns and the rest of the moaners who claim to to be Evertonians must be sick at the progress that we are making.
Peter B, Walton , 8:55 PM 3/09/2012
Well said, Bally's white boots. crawl back under ur stone Blue Union.
Phil, Liverpool, 8:55 PM 3/09/2012
What kind of pisspot disscussion is this?? Kenwright has kept a club with no money afloat for an extraordinary amount of time, a lot of ex prem teams have fell through the leagues, yet we are still up there competing..... Leeds, Coventry, Portsmouth, Charlton, to name a few, have all fell foul of the "Skint but still Overspending" trap and we havent. What a F**king discrace to bang on about the geezer who has provided you with PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL throughout the time he has been with us. Stay home at the weekend and dont bother supporting a team with ambition !! or if you are really fed up go accross the park and have a laugh at Buck Rodgers and his bunch slogging it out in the fields of analfield road. COYB
baz, warwick, 8:50 PM 3/09/2012
Totally sick of the Blue Union doom mongers coming out the woodwork again, how you can give him any criticism this summer is beyond me. An as for this so called 'march' there was about 50 morons there, the rest of us where just going the match COS THATS THE WAY
Gary, Runcorn, 8:50 PM 3/09/2012
First of all I have to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I also respect everyone's opinion. Having said that how about all you so called Blues paying Bill Kenwright some respect. This man has put his money were his mouth is, when it has come to trying to bank role Everton Football Club on a shoe string budget. Yes he is a millionaire, but in football nowadays you need to a multi-billionaire to compete at the highest level. I wonder if all the moaners would have stepped in and saved us from ruin and obscurity in division 2 (in old money). If they would have been millionaires would they have used their own personal wealth to save a club that they claim to worship? Bill Kenwright bleeds blue blood, in my opinion he deserves all the credit we should collectively give him. Yes he has made mistakes, who doesn't. As "Bally's White Boots" says, he is what we are an EVERTONIAN.........the moaners should take a good look at themselves and remember the Blue Kipper anthem......."Call Yerself An Evertonian"
Kevin, Waterloo, 8:40 PM 3/09/2012
Bill is the worse chairman in efc history, he's a liar and a cheat and still some blues applaud him, I dont get it,wake up ffs
phil, wigan, 8:34 PM 3/09/2012
I think the turnaround in the squad shows what Moyes can do when he is given sufficient funds, yes there has been the odd clanger but most buys/wheeler dealing recently has been superb. Behind the scenes the Chairman has been active in negotations, and also thanks to him we are where we are now with the best squad since Moyes took over, and our our debts although a problem are manageable and not in the mess like across the park
LES, PHUKET, 8:33 PM 3/09/2012
Bud , Bud , Bud , dear me , nobodys interested in you lot any more , most of us werent interested in the first place . Go back and sit in a dark room rocking in the corner , we are doing very nicely without you , see ya
Gary, Liverpool, 8:26 PM 3/09/2012
Glad to see Bill getting a bit of credit for a change !!! At the end of the day he wants what we all want. Just look across the park at that shambles they are have got themselves into and be careful what we wish for. Anyway well done to all at the best club in the world. COYB - IMWT
BUD, Are you a Blue union member by any chance? Sounds like it. Bunch of CLOWNS
Blue boy, Rainford, 8:18 PM 3/09/2012
How fickle some fans can be, this time last season he was the biggest hate figure at the club and now because we have won two games he is our hero. How we soon forget the marches, the insults thrown at him and the release of confidential comments Bill Kenwright made to a so called fans group which I believe compounded our poor start to the season. I hope those so called true blues remember who they are.
Colin Kirby, Liverpool, 8:16 PM 3/09/2012
The rest of the football world are currently talking about one team on Merseyside being skint, poorly run and in a bit of lumber - and it aint us!!!!! Well done to all at EFC for doing the best bit of dealing ive ever seen in one tranfer window for not a lot of cash. Happy days
Fat Gaz, St.Helens, 8:14 PM 3/09/2012
Bud, sorry you and the other moaners will never be satisfied regardless. When are you and the like, going to start smelling the roses? Every year we get a little closer to where we want to be. We are a proper club, one to be proud of for many many reasons. Not a flash Harry operation that I for one wouldn't have brainwashed my children to watch. Just stop whining and enjoy the season unfold without constantly getting on Bills back.
Nick o, Bath, 8:13 PM 3/09/2012
are you kiddin with this? moyes sold a player we didnt use... to bring in fresh faces bill has us in god knows how much debt, you do know felli will be sold in january or the summer.... so bask bill whilst you can we still need rid of him
matty, huyton, 8:13 PM 3/09/2012
This has got to be a joke. Can't believe anybody is taken in by Kenwright. His only business plan has been to sell off all our assets to keep himself in the boardroom. So much so that now he has to sell a key player each year to stay afloat. Sorry lads but that isn't sustainable and the sooner he cvlears off the better.
Paul, Offshore, 8:11 PM 3/09/2012
Credit where credit is due, cut the guy some slack.
Jay Brady, Gullane, 8:06 PM 3/09/2012
Wind your neck in Bud. Have you got any birthday cake left
JOHN, DOVER, 8:04 PM 3/09/2012
This piece is embarassing, snivelling, boot licking, - cue ripple of applause at mug shot on big screen.
Bud, Wallasey, 8:01 PM 3/09/2012
When you look at the mess the redshite are in, it makes you wonder what a job Bill has done. WELL DONE BILL
Jeff, WALTON, 8:00 PM 3/09/2012
We just need a stadium now Bill
pillo, here, 7:56 PM 3/09/2012
He's not everybodys cup of tea, but you have to say Bill has stuck to his guns and the club will are benefiting
Jonar, Aintree, 7:55 PM 3/09/2012
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