Fancy A Date?
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I'm sure since the fixtures were released on Monday, like me I've gone over them a thousand times. What do you look for first, the Merseyside Derby perhaps, the Christmas period or the last game of the season?

They are very hard to indulge at first but I like to see our first game and then make sure they don't inconvenience family birthdays because you know what it's like "You're not going to Chelsea on my birthday, you love Everton more than me"? Yes you get the picture but all in all we play 38 league games.

Manchester United the league runners up don't faze me one bit, a great time to play them in fact, we have nothing to fear as we have to face them sooner or later anyway and as all you optimistic blues are in agreement. Let THEM worry about us!

Paul Lambert the newly appointed Villain will be hoping to make a good impression in front of the Holte Enders the week after in their first home game but we have the ability to get a result.

Newly promoted Southampton come to Goodison at the back end of September after a 7 year absence as Nigel Adkins faces a tough 10 month ahead and my prediction for the first Premiership casualty to face the sack.

Enter October; our first visit to the Capital and to the large scale Subbuteo ground Loftus Road where ex Evertonian Andy Johnson will face his old team mates. Then as we are all familiar, Brendan Rodgers will have his first taste of a Merseyside Derby and hopefully we can win one for a change.

We face another set of new boys (Reading) at the Madejski stadium in November then eleven days later our first midweek league game of the campaign where Mikel Arteta treads the familiar soil as the Gunners come to Town.

A hectic December month in store as we travel to the Ethiad to face newly crowned Champions Man City with Chelsea finishing the calendar year off at Goodison.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Newcastle United New Years day will be a trek and a half then comes the FA Cup 3rd round with our dreams of another Wembley trip in our thoughts.

February, we travel to the Theatre of dreams and a new location for the travelling fans, the top tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand, what a treat that will be especially if you haven't a head for heights like me!!

March, we have a tough double with Arsenal (a) and Man City (h) back to back, I'm sure we would settle for another Darron Gibson thunderbolt wouldn't we?

We travel to Tottenham on the day of the Grand National meeting maybe the Spurs will have found a replacement manager by then, never an easy place to go but one of my favourite grounds.

The final hurdle and the beach towels are being packed away with all the sun creams as we face the last three games of the season. Not an easy time with two games away from home with West Ham sandwiched in between of Liverpool and Chelsea.

The West Ham game is FA Cup Final day so I know given the chance where I would rather be on that day but hey who knows and let's hope for the best.

Where we will end up in the table is anyone's guess but if we can start the season the way we finish it who says a Champions League place is not beyond our reach.

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Why always us who have to trek all the way to the North East on New Years Day ? Why not Manure or Shittee for a change or is that expecting to much ?
TD, Isle of Mull, 9:34 AM 25/06/2012
No change to the away section at Old Trafford next season United have shelved that idea for another 12 months
Mash, Cheadle, 6:07 PM 24/06/2012
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