Time For A Change, Vic?
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E-MAIL From Blue Echo

The word is out that Victor Anichebe is a target for Wigan Athletic's Roberto Martinez.

Everton over the years have been forced to sell before they can buy and with Pieanaar being the number one target, will David Moyes persuade the 24 year old Nigerian that his opportunities are a better off at the DW stadium in order to bolster his own squad?        

Anichebe has been at Everton from a very early age and is often compared to Emile Heskey with his physique being very similar. Victor has a very strong body which can cause defenders problems as his pace is of a good standard too but fails to use this to his advantage which is a pity.

He could technically be a very good lone striker with his attributes but personally I think his chance has not been taken which will always leave him behind on the pecking order and nobody can deny that he does not give 100%.

The loyal Evertonians have been waiting for the time that THIS will be his season but never seems to take off. He will never budge the likes of Jelavic from the striker's role so he maybe better off at another club.

 He also seems as of late to be cursed with injury restricting him to the bench but when called upon has been effective with some late goals away at West Brom, Aston Villa and Wigan Athletic last season respectively.

Like all blues we will always support the players that wear the royal blue jersey and irrespective of the outcome we only want the best for our club.

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Comments about Time For A Change, Vic?
Completely agree that he is built like a bull and doesn't use this to his advantage. However, "Nobody can argue that he does not give 100%". PLEASE....... How can he be giving 100% when sitting on the pitch pounding the ground, after being dumped on his backside AGAIN!! Has the ability, but lacks application, time for a change.
Steve Taylor, Wirral, 1:14 PM 23/06/2012
But how much would we get, 2mil? 3? I doubt his sale would be enough to bring in Pienaar. Still, personally I wouldn't be bothered if he left since at best he was a bit part player. Although, of course, he'd come back to Goodison and score against us!
GD, Liverpool, 10:43 AM 23/06/2012
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