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Hi Lads, 

I have just complained officially to the BBC about Gary Lineker's ambush of David Moyes during the Euro's on sat night. That biased chappie needs taking down a peg or two. He asked 8 questions and all of them were about Davey leaving Everton & Tottenham being better than Everton.

Whether this is true or not is one thing, that fact that the bbc are letting him act as an agent for Tottenham with my licence fee is another.  I only had 1500 characters so had to be brief with the information. You can see it on You Tube.  

--------------- the complaint-------------------------------

Hi I would like to complain about the totally one sided and biased interview that Gary Lineker conducted with David Moyes. 
Gary L, asked 8 questions surrounding the speculation linking David Moyes with the vacant managers position at Tottenham Hotspurs. All these questions where biased towards Gary Lineker's favouritism of Tottenham Hotspurs above Everton. 
As an Everton Season Ticket Holder & TV Licence payer I found this line of questioning totally un acceptable. There was not one question or comment from Gary Lineker during the whole 3.57 minutes of the interview that put Everton in a positive or fair situation. 

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here are the questions asked. 

1) have Tottenham made an approach for your services
2) If they made an approach would you be interested in Tottenham 
3) If that was the case, does this that mean you will go to the Chairman and say you need money at everton?... and Tottenham have got it. 
4) Everton is a great club & the fans are very nervous but at this stage you can't sort of say or make.... (David Moyes interupts him.) 
5) But a fresh challange would appeal at some stage in your career? 
6) Do you get a sense from Everton that their ambition matches yours? 
7) I don't want to embarass you Alan but he would be a great choice for spurs wouldn't he. 
8) Do you think Bill Kenwright would give you permission to speak to spurs if they made an approach. 

This whole interview looks set up and that Gary Lineker is acting as an agent for Tottenham on National Television.


Did you see the interview? What did you think?



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Comments about Complaint To The Beeb About Our Gary
Lineker's questions were nothing to do with his so-called pro-Spurs leanings as he's said many times he's a Leicester fan first and foremost with soft spots for Tottenham and Everton,which is fair enough. I don't think Gary said anything particulary wrong to be honest,he just asked the sort of questions any journalist would have asked in that situation.
Lee, Huyton, 1:59 AM 23/06/2012
Mick Davies comment 56. This is a football forum. Take your political preaching to question time.
Jack, Chester, 11:09 AM 22/06/2012
@ Mick Davies, (comment 56) Yeah I hear you bud! But you're a long time dead too! Which is where footy comes in! You got to look at football as a 3 course meal! When we're on these forums and we're all praying that no one takes our Baines, Felli or Moyes from us, well it's like saying Grace! Then you've got your Appetiser (Pre Season & Gossip Columns) Followed by Main Course (Premier League) If you're lucky you get a couple of side dishes (Charity Shield, Carling Cup) For Pudding/Dessert, if we're lucky and we've worked real hard we can have Champions League, FA CUP Final, Euros or World Cup! Now with all this in mind, don't you think it's bad manners to talk politics at the dinner table?
Doug, Liverpool, 6:38 AM 22/06/2012
whats wrong with evertonions having a go at a fellow blue for sticking up for the club, why have ago at him ? he pays his licence fee and dosnt want to her biased pundits , good point but have to agree nothing will happen about it
ryan, liverpool, 11:16 PM 21/06/2012
The only thing I had issue with was when he started asking Alan Shearer what Moyes should be doing. Lineker seemed to be over-stressing the point. He'd already asked the once which I'm sure everybody would agree was a question that needed to be asked. Moyes put Lineker in his place though and gave the answers we all wanted to hear. For me it really put any worries that he'd leave to rest
Ste, Liverpool, 2:07 PM 21/06/2012
I'm made how people have been referring to Tottenham as 'a club with more funds' rather than a more successful club than Everton - typical London club. For that reason only, why should we be worried about Moyes being linked with them? Moyes has a proven track record of bringing top players in with a tight budget - lets face it, he's never been great in the market when he's had money to burn (Beattie & Koldrup anyone?). We should only be concerned when Moyes is linked with a club with a bit more ambition than just claiming the 4th Champions League spot.
Gary, Liverpool, 12:40 PM 21/06/2012
What a load of bollox. The country's falling apart, jobless, hopeless run by greedy hypocrites, we get riots, wars, are swamped by immigrants, the telly is shite and the Beeb just show repeats and are a mouthpiece for the establishment, and all you can complain about is a multi millionaire pundit asking a multi millionaire manager if all the rumours about his supposed move are true? I despair
Mick Davies, Merseyside, 3:36 AM 21/06/2012
Don't really see the problem, none of the questions gary lineker asked were pro spurs apart from they had more money than us which is true, he called us a great club, what more do you want. The bigger problem is that moyes wouldn't say he's definitely staying, aart from that you're looking for problems that aren't there stop being so sensitive.
Andy, Birkenhead, 2:27 AM 21/06/2012
Joe just checked there's fxxk all sense being said on spurs sites and now they're also worried about scouting now Hawwie has gone enough said
Bill , St Annes, 10:45 PM 20/06/2012
Well done Bluekipper, your'e that good a site that it seems as many Spurs fans read what's going on as us Blues. Great site keep up the good work.
Daz C, Stoke, 10:43 PM 20/06/2012
Hi All, I am not sure if 50 replies (at time of writing) is a record but it is certainly a good number. I think that proves the interview was worth my time to complain. Just wanted to add one thing. I was not complaining about Linekers questions, I was complaining about the fact that he never asked anything about Everton, such as.... Are you happy at Everton? Would you stay at Everton?... (or even more intelligent questions than that!!!) my complaint was about the im balance of the interview, the questions were added to my complaint to prove my point. For the record I want Davey to stay, I believe if he goes we are in trouble... IMHO
I am Jimbo, Home , 9:58 PM 20/06/2012
Are you going to complain to all the radio stations, sky, and all the newspapers when they were all saying moyes was going ha ha ha waste of a stamp that. Atleast it kept us evertonians informed of what was going on from the horses mouth instead of all the rumours flyin around, coz as usual the club was keepin quite, i was relieved after it as i took from it that he was goin no were.
Mark, Wirral, 8:46 PM 20/06/2012
What goingon with all the none Evertonians making coments on an Everton fan site, they need to get a life.
Joe , liverpool, 7:25 PM 20/06/2012
I hope Moyes stays, but I think the BBC had every right to ask what many were wondering about. I also think Moyes was right to make it clear he is ambitious if this is his way of getting some extra transfer funds for next season. Moyes is clearly no money grabbing mercenary, but I think he wants to have a plan for progress in place if he is going to sign a new contract with Everton. Can you blame him?
Drew, Cardiff, 6:48 PM 20/06/2012
What a whopper!! Ha complaining about that, I thought t was a very good interview and proved to me that Dave is goin no were!!
Peter, Gwladys, 6:09 PM 20/06/2012
They were questions i wanted to know the answer too. I didnt mind at all nothing Lineker Said was a lie.
Ben, L'Land, 6:05 PM 20/06/2012
This was always happening as it was fully rehearsed. Not much is left to chance on radio/tv. Briefed up to the nines Moyes new exactly what was coming. The idea that he was put on the spot is wrong. Again here comes the pre-season and Moyes is using the media to tell Bill he has to bring on the Benjamin's! Here we go...again.
Latchfordsballs, Wavertree, 3:22 PM 20/06/2012
Now matter what was asked, any Everton manager who says they love Everton would have just put Gary in his place by just saying the following... I am the current Everton Manager, I am the third longest serving manager in the country, I hope to be at Everton for as long as Sir Whiskey nose has been at Utd... And maybe a few of the trophies will come as well. But then again we are talking about Moyes!
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 3:19 PM 20/06/2012
Nobody pays any attention to Lineker, the dozy helmet.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 3:08 PM 20/06/2012
Agree with most of the comments. If he goes, he goes, lets not look for someone to blame, and even if we do, lets not blame Gary Lineker! Just doing his job.
Ronnie Mukherjee, Liverpool, 2:30 PM 20/06/2012
Vic Essex .... No bookie at all suspended betting on the new spurs boss u have been duped
Liam, Kirkby, 2:12 PM 20/06/2012
I was incensed watching that interview. Lineker has never recognised the contribution we made to his career, but even so his questioning was outrageous. I complained to the BBC immediately - futile gesture I know but at least it made me feel better. Some will say Moyesie would have known the questions in advance, but I'm not sure about this, I thought he played it pretty straight. The club should make an official complaint.
Big Dave, Bucks, 1:17 PM 20/06/2012
Lets be grateful, 3.57 minutes of air time on MOTD is more than the team get each week
SteveH, Manchester, 12:55 PM 20/06/2012
I don't see any problem with the questions at all! I'd be fuming if he hadn't asked, and he only asked so many as Moyes was diverting them and not answering. I'd expect him to try and push for an answer and would have been really annoyed if he'd just let Moyes off the hook after 1 question! As someone above said. the real issue for me was Moyes avoidance of whether he intends to stay, you can say he was fairly positive but he clearly would not say "Yes I will be staying at Everton" So yeah, calm down, stop blaming the BBC & Lineker and accept that it was his duty to ask, and I don't agree with your rubbish about all his questions portraying Spurs in a positive light, all he said was they have money, which compared to us they obviously do, most his questions were neutral and he said Everton are a great club, so what are you moaning about??
Mike, Walton, 12:45 PM 20/06/2012
Wow, so it's not only the red birds who love to play the victim. 1) There is no way that Moyles wouldn't have given his consent for the questions to be asked. 2) If he was ambushed then he could have just stated 'no comment' 3) IMHO Moyles loved it. Being linked to other jobs is good for his profile even if he's not going to take it and can even help him get a new contract or more funds for players. 4) Being a pundit on a live TV program when the story breaks.... yeah it would have been brilliant for Lineker to gloss around the issue. 5) I'd love to see the piece you wrote around how unfair it was to Spurs when Redknapp was asked question after question over a period of Months about becoming the England manager. End of the day it's a case of a manger rumoured to be a target for another voluntarily club going on TV and being asked question. I for one am shocked. If you have an issue with the fact that Lineker didn’t treat his old club as the bestest thing in the whole wide world then you’re already reached purple on the blue to red scale. Oh yes.... one last thing.... complaining to the BBC. Mug.
Marc, London, 12:17 PM 20/06/2012
I have just followed suit and complained if everyone on here complained they could not ignore them
John, Liverpool, 12:13 PM 20/06/2012
What are you lot on about, that's a bit paranoid. If you looked on twitter that night, everyone was asking Gary Lineker the same question, which was "ask Moyes is he staying/going". I certainly wanted his opinion and don't think it was unfair, also, if it was a problem, Moyes would have said I don't want o be asked that question, or I'm not going to answer it-simple. So I'd advise complaining to Moyes for answering his questions, as Lineker asked Curbishley about the job, a night or two earlier and he said he didn't want to talk about it, so get your letters in about that too.
Chris C, L18, 12:12 PM 20/06/2012
I think you are overreacting a tad, still it's what us fans do so I can't really say too much. Still if you get this upset over such things you may want to consult your doctor for regular heart checks. To be honest I don't see too much wrong with what was said, you have to take it all with a sack full of salt these days as the media are all over players and managers these days. Still as someone else mentioned they love the exposure. Finally on a side note if it makes you happy I think you don't have to worry about Moyes coming to Spurs.
Dam, Europe, 12:08 PM 20/06/2012
Lol, what a load of rubbish! Lineker asks whoever is on the show you donut. What about when he was speaking to Redknapp about the England job? Was that in the interest of Spurs? I think not!
Jimbo McPhee, Scotland, 12:05 PM 20/06/2012
Though fans' opinion is split on Moyes, I personally think he's great for Everton and don't want to see him leave, so I can understand why fans might get upset at the interview. However, I'm glad Gary asked those questions. For one, it's terribly boring to ask safe questions. More importantly, the only way we were to find out Moyes' true feelings on the issue, is for him to be slightly interrogated. We can't blind ourselves from the truth, even if it hurts!!
Steve, London, 12:03 PM 20/06/2012
There was not one question or comment from Gary Lineker during the whole 3.57 minutes of the interview that put Everton in a positive or fair situation. 4) Everton is a great club & the fans are very nervous but at this stage you can't sort of say or make.... (David Moyes interupts him.)
Dam, Europe, 11:45 AM 20/06/2012
I disagree. I don't think he was asking any questions in order to paint spurs in a better light. He was pushing for an answer from moyes and he got the answer we all wanted to hear. So what's the problem? Lineker doesn't seem to prefer spurs over everton. He probably feels equal about the two clubs as, let's be honest, he is a Leicester City fan, so why should he prefer us over them or vice versa? I may be in the minority, but I think lineker was just doing his job and I was happy with moyes' answer. So case closed.
Matt, Liverpool, 11:36 AM 20/06/2012
Is right mate, Me and me arl fella were watching and we couldnt believe it. It was just question after question which had nothing to do about Euro 2012 which is why he was on the show to talk about the euros.
Nogz, Work, 11:35 AM 20/06/2012
I made it known to Gary on twitter that his comments where very pro spurs. Gary then retweeted my comment which then got me 100's of nasty messages from fellow tweeters mostly linekar loving Leicester knobs. But also from fellow ' so called' evertonians!
Paul Cas, Wirral, 11:33 AM 20/06/2012
Well, well, well. There's a saying: 'if you go through life looking for problems, you'll find problems. If you go through life looking for perfection, you'll find perfecton. Basically, you'll see what you want to see. I just watched the interview & I saw GL complementing DM on his past achievements with limited resources and a curiosity as to whether he'd be tempted to move to a club with more funds available. Fair questions and probably the very questions most of us would have asked given he chance. In fact GL started by saying 'I've been inundated by tweets from Everton & Spurs fans'. The point of an interview is to probe and ask plenty of quesions and I saw GL ask the questions that both Everton & Spurs fans would be asking. I can't see any reason for complaint to be fair.
Mark, Cornwall, 11:29 AM 20/06/2012
Are you kidding me? Bias? This was clearly not a hijack... BBC would have asked Moyes for permission to ask the questions... that is what happens. Managers love the publicity. The fact he refused to completely rule out the job is what you should be concerned with.. not Gary
Ted, London, 11:20 AM 20/06/2012
I fully agree with you Jimbo, it was disgusting the way he tried to belittle our might blues. Let's hope AVB joins Spurs and Moyesey has his most successful season ever. COYB
Loz, Dorset, 11:16 AM 20/06/2012
The sooner people realise what a nasty piece of work Lineker is the better. He portrays a holier than thou image supported by the BBC. The truth however is somewhat different. He is a nasty vindictive man, arrogant and patronising. His day will come.
M, London, 11:11 AM 20/06/2012
I'm sorry but as a blue for just over 35 years I always forget that the big buggerlugs played for us. One season he was gone what a top hat.
Bibz, Liverpool, 11:09 AM 20/06/2012
Here's a question Linker should of asked - Are you pissed off with Evrton being shown next to last every week on MOD cos' we've got a redshite director who picks the running order?
Rhodris-dad, Rhyl, 11:05 AM 20/06/2012
not sure DM really pays any notice of GL's opinions. from what i saw he had already anticipated the questions and his answers left GL embarrasing himself. Al Shearer... great centre forward but best sometimes not to talk...
mike, lpool, 11:05 AM 20/06/2012
I think you need to get a life and/or hobby! TV licensing...... Really? It's speculation, just enjoy the football and stop do gooding! Questions can be asked freely, Moore worrying for you, Mr Moyes doesn't seem to be distancing himself! This whole article stinks of desperation and farcical conspiracies against Tottenham!
Jonny, Northants, 11:01 AM 20/06/2012
Doesn't Gary Linaker support Leicester? in which case he has no reason to be biased towards Suprs, yes he played for them but is in no way associated with them now?
Dan, Oxford, 10:51 AM 20/06/2012
Your a complete jobs worth mate. He had a chance to give an exclusive live on tv, the questions he asked aren't biased at all. His asked his questions from a tottenham point of view that's all. If he is tottenhams next manager (fingers crossed he isn't) the evertonians need answers fast more than tottenham do, so really he was doing you a favour. I know it's not nice having your manager spoke about in context to another managerial role (ie redknapp last season) but we all need answers to the media hype. Do yourself a favour a pipe down! Cheers chump
Marc, Essex, 10:47 AM 20/06/2012
A very silly complaint in my opinion. Do you really only want sanitised pre-arranged questions put to personalities on TV? At the time bookies had recently suspended all betting on Moyes becoming Tottenham manager so what did you want put to him? questions about the weather? In any case Moyes virtually ruled himself out of the job especially when he began (but stopped himself) from openly criticising the Spurs board. You should be grateful that it gave him the platform to pledge his loyalty to Everton.
Vic, Essex, 10:31 AM 20/06/2012
Shame you couldn't even get the team name right Tottenham Hotspurs? They'll think you're on a wind up.
Zab, Southport, 10:26 AM 20/06/2012
Lineker posted something on twitter shortly afterwards saying that there had been technical issues with a video not working, which was why there were so many questions fired at Moyes - it wasn't planned at all. I think he was just going to ask the first one or two. Anyway, looks like you'll be fine - it'll probably be AVB.
Dan, Worcester, 10:26 AM 20/06/2012
Spurs supporter. Agree with you, but this is simply a poor clueless BBC anchor man taking advantage of a situation unprofessionally. I think Moyes is an excellent manager, but it seems Spurs are interested in a different kind of coach and are (understandably) taking no notice of the twerp's promotional activities. For what it's worth, Levy hates this kind of behaviour and loathed Redknap doing it frequently in conversations with the Sun - it was all part of the growing dislike of 'Arry's devious style. It is a hard line to draw, making progress as a club and getting sucked into this kind of deviousness.
TommyHarmer, NELondon, 10:22 AM 20/06/2012
I think Moyes acted with the upmost respect towards Everton and remained professional throughout. It was a big story so Gary asked a few questions. It's not a secret the Moyes has been keeping Everton a float with very little transfer money. I think the BBC did a great job of asking all the questions that was floating round the media at the time and Moyes was calm and unfased. I'd say chill out man.
BrizzleSpur, Bristol, 10:16 AM 20/06/2012
Nothing any other journalist wouldn't ask during a press conference. He is after a newsworthy slip from Moyes. Remember Gary is both Spurs and Everton
David, Ascot, 10:14 AM 20/06/2012
It appeared that Lineker was under the influence of too many bags of "Smug Cockerell"flavoured crisps!
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 10:09 AM 20/06/2012
have to admit I am a Spurs fan. This Everton fan whatshisname seems to be somewhat paranoid to me. Spurs just got rid of a manager/coach that wins nothing why would Spurs want another? I am all for AVB as a new (Mouriniho like) approach to the game that the young Spurs players can adapt to and become winners.
Keith, Cyprus, 10:09 AM 20/06/2012
Well done for wasting so much of your own time. The Beeb don't give a rats arse about disgruntled football fans.
Bobbles, London, 10:04 AM 20/06/2012
As a Spurs supporter i've seen David Moyes fight his and Everton's corner a number of times and it obvious that he can and did handle these questions very well. I'm sure this interview has done him more good than it has harm and for your manager to be in demand suggests that Everton is a club that is clearly capable of finishing in the top 5, why would he want to leave that? Let's face it all clubs (including Spurs) need a kick up the bum every now and then! Respectfully submitted.
Ben, Essex, 9:59 AM 20/06/2012
Who are Tottenham Hotspurs then? I'd throw this complaint out based on it being written by some what of a moron.
Craig Grant, Northampton, 9:53 AM 20/06/2012
I have the opposite view actually. I was pleased that they did ask him about the Spurs job. I was worried that if they didn't ask him anything at all when it was the hot news topic at the time that it was maybe because he had asked them not to, hence maybe there was something in it.
Lynne , Wirral, 9:50 AM 20/06/2012
As a Tottenham Season Ticket Holder & TV Licence payer I also found this line of questioning totally un acceptable.
Chirpy, London, 9:47 AM 20/06/2012
It's Hotspur, not Hotspurs. Is it really worth your time to be sending these complaints? If Moyes wanted to go, he would go, if he doesn't, he won't. I would be very surprised if one interview with Lineker would change his mind. I'm sure if you were conducting the interview with Moyes, you wouldn't be putting in any good words for Tottenham, would you?
Ben, Southampton, 9:47 AM 20/06/2012
They were all fair questions, as the media are full of reports that Moyes was among the favourites to replace Harry Redknapp. In addition, Moyes has not ruled himself out, which is the loyal way of ruling yourself in. Lineker was merely asking questions the 99.99% of fans who don't follow Everton wanted asking.
Phil, Lincs, 9:46 AM 20/06/2012
JD, ULSTER BELFAST, 9:43 AM 20/06/2012
An agent for Spurs but Spurs have not and most likley will not be going for Moyes does not really make sense. As a tv pundit and journo its Linekars duty to ask these types of questions is it not?? If that was a non-spurs sky pundit asking exactly the same questions you probably would not have even thought about it twice apart from being satisfied with Moyes response. However gary is right Moyes would be perfect for Spurs just a shame the Tootenham board want to go in a different dirrection all together.
The Madscientist, Watford, Herts, 9:40 AM 20/06/2012
A fair complaint in my eyes, but lets be honest, who is going to take any notice whatsoever?????
Dave, Upper Gwladys, 9:39 AM 20/06/2012
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